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C.T. Dacombe  to  A. Durston
Charles Thomas
C.T. Dacombe

Son of Charles John Dacombe, and Evelyn Thomas.
Married ((06?).1935, Winchester district, Hampshire) Dorothy Justina Middleton (04.03.1916 - 1995), of Letchworth, Hertfordshire, daughter (with three brothers and one sister) of Charles Ernest Middleton (1893-1959), and Kate Annie Smart (1895-1971); two daughters, one son.
Rochford district, Essex
Wigton district, Cumberland
[age 27]
[Silloth (Causewayhead) Cemetery, Holme Low, Cumberland, section P, grave 19]
Sgt. ? [563865]
P/O (prob) 01.04.1940 [43199]
(WS) F/O 01.04.1941
01.04.1940     commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
? - 28.07.1941 instructor, No. 1 (Coastal) Operational Training Unit RAF
[Sir] John Henry
J.H. D'Albiac J.H. D'Albiac
J.H. D'Albiac J.H. D'Albiac
J.H. D'Albiac J.H. D'Albiac
J.H. D'Albiac J.H. D'Albiac
J.H. D'Albiac J.H. D'Albiac
J.H. D'Albiac J.H. D'Albiac
Son (with two brothers and one sister)of Charles William D'Albiac (1852-1906), and Rhoda Mary Paris (1860?-1923).
Married (23.08.1933) Sybil Mary Owen (27.09.1908 - ), daughter (with one brother and one sister) of Robert Henry Owen (?-1939), and Mary Elizabeth Faris (1883-); one son, three daughters.

Kew, Richmond, Surrey
Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire
P/O 01.04.1918
... ...
A/Cdre. 01.07.1939
(A) Air Vice Marshal 15.11.1940
(T) Air Vice Marshal 01.06.1941
Air Vice Marshal 15.03.1942 (retd 14.04.1947; retaining rank of Air Marshal)
(A) Air Marshal 01.06.1943?-21.01.1944
Kinght Commander of the Royal Victorian Order KCVO 01.01.1957 New Year 57
Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire KBE 01.01.1946 New Year 46
Companion of the Order of the Bath CB 24.09.1941 ?
Distinguished Service Order DSO 22.06.1916 ?
Mention in Despatches MID 02.06.1943 ?
Grand Officer, Order of the Phoenix (Greece) Phnx 2.12.1942 ?
Commander, Legion of Merit (US) LM 26.09.1944 ?
Grand Cross, Order of Oranje-Nassau (The Netherlands) OON 09.10.1945 ?
Education: Seabrook Lodge School in Kent; Framlingham College; Royal Military College, Sandhurst.
... - ... ...
10.08.1939 - 11.1940 Air Officer Commanding, RAF Palestine and Transjordan
15.11.1940 - 05.1941 Air Officer Commanding British Forces in Greece
02.05.1941 - 08.1941 Air Officer Commanding, RAF Palestine and Transjordan
08.1941 - 03.1942 Air Officer Commanding, RAF Iraq
12.03.1942 - 12.1942 Air Officer Commanding, 222 (General Reconnaissance) Group RAF
12.12.1942 - 06.1943 Air Officer Commanding, 2 Group RAF
01.06.1943 - 02.1944 Air Officer Commanding, Tactical Air Force HQ
03.02.1944 - 11.1944 Deputy Commander, Mediterranean Allied
Tactical Air Force
11.1944 - 1946 Director­General Personnel, Air Ministry
John Walter

J.W. Dallamore
Son of Maj. John Hugh Dallamore (died 1949, aged 71), and P.R. Dallamore.
Married (04.04.1940, Egypt) Margaret Morrison Reid, of Hoeys Bridge, Kenya, formerly of Edmonton, Canada, daughter of Mr & Mrs H.P. Reid.
1913 ?
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
(KIA) [age 27]
[Asmara War Cemetery, Eritrea, 3.B.10]
P/O 22.07.1936, seniority 22.04.1935 [36074]
F/O 22.01.1937, seniority 22.10.1936
(A) F/Lt. 22.07.1938
F/Lt. 22.01.1939, seniority 22.10.1938
(T) Sq.Ldr. 01.06.1940
Education: B.Sc. Mining Engineering, University of Alberta.
      joined RCAF at Camp Borden
22.07.1936     commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch)
22.07.1936     flying training, No. 9 Flying Training School (Thornaby)
22.08.1936     flying training, No. 7 Flying Training School (Peterborough)
25.10.1936     83 (Bomber) Squadron RAF (Turnhouse)
(10.1939)     113 Squadron RAF
03.1940 - 02.10.1940 Commanding Officer, 45 Squadron RAF
[Three Bleinheims of 45 Squadron from the Sudan approached Gura in an dawn attack, but were attacked short of target by six 412a Squadriglia CR.42s, which concentrated on the leading aircraft, flown by the commanding officer, Squadron Leader John Dallamore. The Blenheim (L8452) at once began to burn and Dallamore was seen to jettison his bombs; the air gunner then bailed out, but the pilot remained at his controls to allow the observer to follow suit. Before Dallamore could himself get out, the aircraft hit the ground and exploded. The observer Pilot Officer A. Sheppard was taken PoW but the wireless operator/air gunner Sergeant Myles Mackenzie was killed.]
[Sir] Leslie
L. Dalton-Morris
Married ((09?).1930, Bromley district, Kent) Marion Ellis, 2nd daughter of late A.G. Ellis, Bromley, Kent; one daughter.

Isle of Wight, Hampshire
P/O (prob) 15.09.1924 [19078]
... ...
Sq.Ldr. 01.02.1937
... ...
Gp.Capt. 01.12.1944
(T) A/Cdre. 01.10.1944
... ...
Air Marshal 01.07.1961 (retd 02.07.1963)


Education: psa.

qualified at specialist signals course
Frederick Korsten
F.K. Damant
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Guyben Castell Damant.
Married ((03?).1921, Chester district) Marjorie Edwards, of Hucknall, Nottinghamshire.
1895 ?
[age 46]
[Cranwell (St. Andrew) Churchyard, Lincolnshire, 2.A.18]
P/O ? [03206]
Sq.Ldr. 01.04.1937
W/Cdr. 01.03.1940
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 10.10.1922 Iraq 20-21
pilot, ...
Rex Donald
R.D. Daniell

Hamilton, New Zealand
Maroochydore, Queensland, Australia
P/O 08.06.1940 [43701]
(WS) F/O 08.06.1941
(WS) F/Lt. 08.06.1942
(A) Sq.Ldr. (1943)
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 08.06.1945 *
Air Force Cross AFC 01.01.1944 ?
Vliegerkruis (= Flying Cross) (The Netherlands) VK 01.01.1946 Arnhem 09.44 [Dutch Royal Decree of 31.07.45]
* This officer is a highly efficient flight commander, whose great keenness for air operations, coupled with fine qualities of courage and resolution has set a worthy example. He has participated in a very large number of sorties, including the Arnhem and the Rhine crossing airborne operation. The skill with which he executed his allotted task in these operations was an important factor in the success achieved.
12.1939 - 06.1940 served, RNZAF
08.06.1940     commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch) [short service commission]
(1945)     233 Squadron RAF
08.06.1945     transferred, Reserve of Air Force Officers (and called up for Air Force service) 
06.1945     re-transferred, RNZAF
Published: What did you do in the war, Poppa Rekka? (2005).
Rex Donald Daniell, DFC, AFC, Netherlands Flying Cross, Head Prefect Wairarapa College 1939.Rex died recently, a few days short of his 90th birthday. Rex had a distinguished war career becoming one of New Zealand‘s most decorated pilots and later becoming a co-founder of SPANZ, the airline that flew the ViewmasterDC3‘s through many of the provincial towns including Masterton. Rex was born in Hamilton on 29th October 1920, the youngest son of Frederick Charles and Helen Gordon Daniell. The family returned to Masterton in 1934 and both Rex and his brother Murray attended Masterton High School be-fore it joined with Masterton Technical School in 1936 to become Wairarapa College. His father was a member of the College Board of governors. Rex was prominent as an athlete and captained the 1st XV. He was a prefect in 1938 and Head Prefect in 1939. He enlisted in the RNZAF when war was declared and joined the RAF in 1940. He initially served in bomber command with the daylight Blenheim ‗suicide‘ 82 Squadron before transferring to Transport Command and serving in the Middle East, India and Central Africa. Rex was promoted to Squadron Leader in 1942 in charge of 117 Squadron and maintained that rank during the remainder of his RAF service. He flew supplies to General Wingate‘s Chindits in Burma and to the besieged garrison in Malta. He took part in the North Africa campaign and in the invasion of Sicily and Italy and later towed gliders as part of the D-Day invasion of Normandy. Here Rex led 24 other Dakotas of 48 Squadron each towing an Airspeed Horsa glider with 6000lb loads of troops and equipment to attack the Orne River Bridges in France. He was award the Netherlands Flying Cross for services in the combined operation at Arnhem where again gliders were used to carry troops and equipment to the target. He was invested with the DFC and AFC at Buckingham Palace by King George VI. His eleven medal group is unique and is to be returned to the College along with his logbooks.
Thomas John
T.J. Daniels (Photo courtesy of Mr Graham Daniels)
F/Sgt. ? [623157]
P/O (prob) 26.03.1943 [51890]
(WS) F/O (prob) 26.09.1943
(WS) F/Lt. 26.03.1945
Distinguished Flying Medal DFM 21.11.1941 ? [investiture 24.03.42]
(1941)     rear gunner/wireless operator, 144 Squadron RAF
26.03.1943     commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
C. Darren

Married ((09?).1928, Barnsley, West Riding of Yorkshire) Sylvia May Vaughan (29.05.1910 - 08.1995); ... children (four sons, two daughters?).
Barnsley, West Riding of  Yorkshire
Barnsley, West Riding of  Yorkshire
F/Sgt. ? [542992]
P/O (prob) 11.09.1943 [53950]
(WS) F/O 11.03.1944
(WS) F/Lt. 11.09.1945 (Emgcy List) (reld 10.02.1954; retaining rank of F/Lt.)
11.09.1943     commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
Horace Balfour
see: RAFVR officers' section  
Edward Hugh Markham
E.H.M. David
Son (with two brothers) of Lt.Col. Markham David, DSO, RE (1877-1941), and Violet Celestine 'Nona' Wauton (1863-1967).
Married 1st (09.01.1930, Kensington district, London; divorced 1935) Geraldine Fassefern Cameron Mackenzie (1907-).
Married 2nd (29.06.1937, Peterborough district, Huntingdonshire) Muriel Sanderson Robins (19.11.1901 - 27.08.1990), daughter of Frederick Sanderson Robins, and Florence Annie Edith Eleanor Robins; two daughters, one son.
Monmouth, Monmouthshire
Billingshurst, Horsham, West Sussex
P/O 21.12.1920 [16005]
F/O ?
F/Lt. 01.07.1928
Sq.Ldr. 01.08.1936
W/Cdr.. 01.07.1939
(T) Gp.Capt. 01.09.1941
Gp.Capt. 01.07.1947 (retd 29.05.1950)
Commander of the Order of the British Empire (Military Division) CBE 02.01.1950 ?
Officer of the Order of the British Empire (Military Division) OBE ? ?
Education: RAF College, Cranwell.
WW 1     served Royal Navy (Midsh. 15.08.1917)
21.12.1920     commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch) [permanent commission]
1921 - 1925 poeted to Iraq
1932 - 1934 posted to Aden
?     Adjutant of 604 (County of Middlesex) Squadron, Auxiliary Air Force
1945?     Commanding Officer, 8403 AD Wing
1948 - 1950 Station Commander, RAF Station Syerston
William Dennis
W.D. David
W.D. David
W.D. David
Married to Margaret.

nr. Cardiff

Ealing, London
P/O 04.04.1939 [40805]
F/O 03.09.1940
(WS) F/Lt. 03.09.1941
(T) Sq.Ldr. 01.01.1944
(T) Sq.Ldr. 03.03.1944 [permanent commission]
Sq.Ldr. 01.09.1945
Sq.Ldr. 30.07.1946 [permanent commission]
(A) W/Cdr. (1942)
(WS) W/Cdr. 28.04.1945-01.11.1947
W/Cdr. 01.01.1952
(A?) Gp.Capt. 1944
Gp.Capt. ? (retd 05.1967)
Commander of the Order of the British Empire CBE ? ?
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 31.05.1940 *
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 04.06.1940 **
Air Force Cross AFC ? ?
Mention in Despatches MID 11.06.1942 ?
Vitez 1981 Knightly Order of Vitez (Hungary)
* This officer has recently shot down four enemy aircraft and shown gallantry and devotion to duty compatible with the highest traditions of the service. His coolness and determination have been a very fine example to the other pilots of the squadron. He was involved in an engagement when six other aircraft of the squadron attacked over forty German aircraft in an attempt to protect Blenheim aircraft. He supported his leader \yith great courage and determination, shooting down two enemy aircraft.
** This officer continued to display a fine offensive spirit and during the past few days he has shot down three more enemy aircraft, making a total of eleven in all.
Worked in a wholesale clothing business, London.
05.1937     Reserve Flying School at Hanworth
1938     first commission
04.04.1939     commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch) [short service commission]
09.1939? - 10.1940 87 Squadron RAF
10.1940 - 11.1940 Flight Commander, 213 Squadron RAF
13.11.1940 -   Flight Commander, 152 Squadron RAF
1941 - 1943 Operational Training Units
04.04.1942     transferred to reserve (RAFO)
07.1943     Commanding Officer, 89 Squadron RAF
(1944?)     Air Corps Liaison Officer to General Sir A.F.P. Christison of the XV Indian Corps


20 victories:
1 Do 17
½ He 111
1 Bf 109
1 Ju 88
1 Ju 87
1 Ju 88
1 Bf 109
½ He 111
1 Ju 88
25.02.1947     recall to the active list [permanent commission]
1947?     Commanding Officer, RAF Station White Waltham
1948     Commanding Officer, RAF Station El Adem (desert)
1949     Commanding Officer, 324 Wing
1955 - 1956 Honorary Aide to Viscount Trenchard
1956     Air Attaché, Budapest
      Commanding Officer, RAF Station Tangmere
      Chief of Air Plans Naples
Freeman of the Cities of London and Chichester.
Published: Dennis "Hurricane" David : my autobiography (2000).
J. Davidson
Darlington, Yorkshire
Wt.Offr. ? [506257]
F/O 22.07.1943 [52524]
A/Fl.Lt. ? (retd 03.01.1946)
22.07.1943     commissioned, RAF (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
Edwin George
E.G. Davies
Son of ... Davies, and ... Silverton.
Swansea district, Glamorgan
Enfield district, Middlesex
P/O (prob) 12.09.1938 [31190]
P/O 12.09.1939
F/O 12.09.1939
(T) F/Lt. 01.12.1940
F/Lt. 27.08.1946, seniority 12.09.1942
(T) Sq.Ldr. 01.12.1941
(WS) Sq.Ldr. 02.03.1944
Sq.Ldr. 01.10.1946, seniority 01.12.1944
(T) W/Cdr. 01.07.1944-01.11.1947
W/Cdr. 01.01.1952 (retd 16.02.1959)
12.09.1938     commissioned, RAF (Equipment Branch)
      served with the RAF Delegation in Washington 1941 (under Air Vice Marshal Drowley), then to Gloucester RAF Little Risssington, to Harrogate for a short term and then to RAF Changi, Singapore; returned to Air Ministry in London and then Ministry of Supply, John Adam Street
David Henry

D.H. Davis (Photo courtesy of Mr Paul Brooker)
Son of Albert Edward Davis, and Harriette Bertha Edwards, of Smarden, Kent.
Paddington district, London
(KIA) [age 27]
[St Valery-en-Caux Franco-British Cemetery, A.8]
Cpl. ? [562061]
Sgt. ?
P/O (prob) 26.07.1940, seniority 09.05.1940 [44271]
Air Force Medal AFM 02.01.1939 ?
Mention in Despatches MID 18.02.1938 Waziristan 36
Mention in Despatches MID 17.10.1939 Waziristan / NW Frontier 37-38
26.07.1940     commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
? - 01.08.1940 observer, 59 Squadron RAF
[Blenheim IV L8792 (TR-A) failed to return from an operation over Cherbourg. Other two crew members W/Cdr. R.G.S. Morgan-Weld-Smith & Sgt. P. Pryde were killed as well.]

From: Jewish Pilots and Aircrews in the Battle of Britain / by Martin Sugarman
 (Air Ministry Roll) was Pilot Officer/Observer with 59 Squadron Coastal Command and was killed in action on 1/8/40 aged 27 years. He was son of Albert Edward and Harriette Bertha of Thorn House, Smarden in Kent and he is buried at St. Valery-en-Caux, grave A-B. His name appears in Morris and his Jewish Chaplain card states his death was notified to the JC on 5/2/41 and was published on the 14/2/41. David was a regular and had joined the RAF as LAC 562061 in 1928 and served at RAF Kohart, NW Frontier, India during the 1930’s. Mrs A E Davis (mother?) lived at 19, Haven Green, Ealing, W5 and previously at 46, West End Lane, NW6. His card shows he attended many functions for Jewish personnel between 1928-39 both at home and abroad. By 1940 he was with 59 Squadron flying missions with the BEF in France and had attended No.1 Observer School, Northcoates, near Grimsby.

Edward Simeon Colbeck
E.S.C. Davis
Sculcoates district, East Riding of Yorkshire
[Runnymede Memorial, panel 3]
Sq.Ldr. 01.10.1936 [16107]
W/Cdr. ?
Officer of the Order of the British Empire (Military Division) OBE ? ?
Air Force Cross AFC ? ?
Education: psa.
... - 21.07.1940 204 Squadron RAF
Frank Philip
F.P. Dawson
Son of ... Dawson, and ... Clarke.
Married ((12?).1946, Westminster district, London) Doreen Helen Flower; one son, two daughters.
Croydon district, London
West Suffolk Hospital
P/O (prob) 01.01.1937 [31080]
P/O 01.01.1938
F/O 01.01.1938
(T) F/Lt. 01.09.1940
(T) Sq.Ldr. 01.09.1941
Sq.Ldr. 01.12.1943
(T) W/Cdr. 01.07.1945-01.11.1947
W/Cdr. 01.07.1950 (retd 28.11.1957)
Air Force Cross (Greece) GrkAFC 29.12.1942 ?
1932 - 1937 served Honourable Artillery Company
01.01.1937     commissioned, RAF (Equipment Branch)
      served in Iraq
1939 - 1945 served in Egypt, Greece, Crete, Malta & Germany
      served in Argentina
Member, Hedingham's & District Branch, Royal British Legion, 02.11.1995.
Harry Melville Arbuthnot
H.M.A. Day H.M.A. Day
H.M.A. Day

Sarawak, North Borneo

P/O 16.06.1924 [05175]
.... ...
W/Cdr. 01.07.1939
Gp.Capt. 01.10.1946 (retd 01.07.1950)


16.06.1924     commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch)
      one of the escapees of 'The Great Escape'
Walter Reginald
W.R. Day (Photo courtesy of Mr Andrew Wilkinson)
Son of William Frederick Day, and Alice Day.
Married ((12?).1919, St George Hanover Square district, London) Florence Elizabeth Evans.
Hatfield, Hertfordshire
The National Hospital, Holborn, London
F/Sgt. ?
T/2nd Lt. (on prob.) 10.12.1917
P/O 01.04.1918 [03213]
F/Lt. ?
Sq.Ldr. 01.08.1936
(T) W/Cdr. 01.03.1940
W/Cdr. 16.12.1943 (retd 07.01.1946)
      qualified at specialist signals course
10.12.1917     commissioned, Royal Flying Corps (General List)
27.12.1930 - (03.1931) HQ Fleet Air Arm Flights, HMS Eagle (aircraft carrier)
24.04.1940     transferred, RAF (Technical Branch)
... - ... ...
Arthur Henry
"Art" / "Deac"
A.H. Deacon (Photo courtesy of Mr Brian Deacon) A.H. Deacon (Photo courtesy of Mr Brian Deacon)
A.H. Deacon, while in captivity (Photo courtesy of Mr Brian Deacon)
A.H. Deacon, while in captivity (Photo courtesy of Mr Brian Deacon)
A.H. Deacon, in captivity (Photo courtesy of Mr Brian Deacon) A.H. Deacon, while in captivity (Photo courtesy of Mr Brian Deacon)
A.H. Deacon, while in captivity (Photo courtesy of Mr Brian Deacon)
Married Geraldine O'Brien; three sons, one daughter.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
(A) P/O (prob) 15.04.1939 [41906]
P/O (prob) 06.11.1939
P/O 06.02.1940
(WS) F/O 06.11.1940
(WS) F/Lt. 06.11.1941 (reld 24.11.1944)
02.1939     went from Canada to the UK to volunteer for the RAF
15.04.1939     first commission, RAF (General Duties Branch) [short service commission]
1939 - ? No. 2 Flying Training School (Brize Norton, Oxfordshire)
(01.1940)     served at Church Fenton
? - 28.05.1940 242 Squadron RAF *
[shot down by a Messerschmitt Me-109 in his Hurricane I [N2651] while on patrol; captured]
28.05.1940 - 1944? POW (# 465) in German captivity Stalag Luft III
?     transferred to Reserve of Air Force Officers (General Duties Branch)
24.11.1944     relinquished commission on appointment to RCAF
Lived at Invernay (Saskatchewan, Canada) and went back there after the war, moved to Vancouver (B.C.) in 1954, where he owned an Esso service station ("Deacon's Service").
* served together with A.A. Greenberg & M.B. Mallet, but not completely clear whether this was in 242 Sqn or perhaps 224 Sqn.
Eric Charles
E.C. Dearth
Son of Charles Dearth, commercial traveller, and Elizabeth Mary Dearth.
Married Margaret ...; one son.
Hendon district, Greater London
Chapel-en-le-Frith district, Derbyshire
P/O 17.08.1918
Sq.Ldr. 01.10.1936
W/Cdr. ? (retd 30.07.1947; retaining rank of Gp.Capt.)
(T) Gp.Capt. 01.03.1942
      qualified at specialist engineering course
17.08.1918     commissioned, RAF (Technical Branch)
.. - ... ...
Alan Christopher
A.C. Deere A.C. Deere
A.C. Deere
A.C. Deere
A.C. Deere A.C. Deere
A.C. Deere A.C. Deere
A.C. Deere A.C. Deere
New Zealander

see also: NZ Fighter Pilots Museum

Westport, New Zealand
Aylesbury Vale, Buckinghamshire
(A) P/O (prob) 28.10.1938 [40370]
F/Lt. 28.10.1941
(WS) Sq.Ldr. 14.06.1943
(A) W/Cdr. 14.12.1942?
W/Cdr. 01.07.1951
Gp.Capt. 01.01.1958
A/Cdre. 01.07.1964 (retd 12.12.1967)
Distinguished Service Order DSO 04.06.1943 *
Officer of the Order of the British Empire OBE 01.01.1946 ?
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 14.06.1940 operations France **
 Distinguished Flying Cross (USA) DFC(US) 18.01.1944 ?
Croix de Guerre (France) CdeG ? ?
* This officer has displayed exceptional qualities of skill which have played a large part in the successes of formations he has led. His fearlessness, tenacity and unswerving devotion to duty have inspired all with whom he has flown. Wing Commander Deere has destroyed 18 enemy aircraft.
** During May, 1940, this officer has, in company with his squadron, taken part in numerous offensive patrols over Northern France, and has been engaged in seven combats often against superior numbers of the enemy. In the course of these engagements he has personally shot down five enemy aircraft and assisted in the destruction of others. On one occasion, in company with a second aircraft, he escorted a trainer aircraft to Calais Marck aerodrome, for the purpose of rescuing a squadron commander who had been shot down there. The trainer aircraft was attacked by twelve Messerschmitt log's whilst taking off at Calais, but Pilot Officer Deere, with the other pilot, immediately attacked, with the result that three enemy aircraft were shot down, and a further three severely damaged. Throughout these engagements this officer has displayed courage and determination in his attacks on the enemy.
09.1938 - 12.1940 54 Squadron
01.1941     operations room controller
07.05.1941 - 01.08.1941 Flight Commander, 602 Squadron
01.08.1941 - 01.1942 Commanding Officer, 602 Squadron
05.1942 - 08.1942 Commanding Officer, 403 Squadron
08.1942     staff duties
02.1943     temp. attached 611 Squadron
03.1943 - 09.1943 Wing Leader Biggin Hill
      145 Wing
      84 Group
1943?     transferred to RAFO
Published: Nine lives (1959).
Literature: Richard C. Smith, Al Deere : wartime fighter pilot, peacetime commander : the authorised biography (2003); Brendon Deere, Spitfire: return to flight (2010).
De La Haye,
George Edward
G.E. De La Haye (Photo courtesy of Carolyn Sewell)
P/O 15.01.1940 [33511]
... ...
F/Lt. 15.01.1944
... ...
W/Cdr. 01.01.1969 (retd 23.03.1975)
15.01.1940     commissioned, RAF (Equipment Branch [later: Supply Branch])
Frank Maynard
F.M. Denny
Married ((09?).1932, Kensington district, London) Mary K. Ahern.
Portsmouth district, Hampshire
Wakefield district, Yorkshire
P/O 31.07.1924 [16130]
Sq.Ldr. 01.04.1937
W/Cdr. ? (retd 21.12.1946; retaining rank of Gp.Capt.)
(T) Gp.Capt. 01.03.1942
Ernest Alfred
E.A. Deverill
Son of Lt.Cdr. Ernest Arthur Deverill, RN, and Alice Maude Deverill.
Married (25.07.1940) Joyce (died 1992, aged 75), daughter of Richard and Blanche Burgis of North Farm, Docking.
Gillingham, Kent
[age 27]
[Docking (St Mary) Churchyard, NW side]
(T) F/Sgt.
(1940) [565503]
P/O (prob)
08.04.1941, seniority 02.04.1941[45546]
08.04.1942, seniority 02.04.1942
(WS) F/O
08.04.1942, seniority 02.04.1942
(A) F/Lt.
(WS) F/Lt.
08.04.1943, seniority 02.04.1943
(A) Sq.Ldr.
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC
long range daylight attack on Augsburg 17.04.42 *
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC
series of bombing raids **
Air Force Cross AFC
? [posthumously]
Distinguished Flying Medal DFM
* Group citation of one award of the DSO, eight DFC’s and 10 DFM’s – On 17th April 1942 a force of twelve Lancaster heavy bombers was detailed to deliver an attack in daylight on the diesel engine factory at Augsburg in Southern Germany. To reach this highly important military target and return, a most daring flight of some 1000 miles over hostile country was necessary.  Soon after entering enemy territory and whilst flying at a very low level the force was engaged by 25 to 30 enemy fighters.  Later, the most intense and accurate anti-aircraft fire was encountered.  Despite this formidable opposition eight of the bombers succeeded in reaching the target and in delivering a successful attack on the factory.  The following officers and airmen who participated, in various capacities, as members of the aircraft crews, displayed courage, fortitude and skill of the highest order.
** Since being awarded the DFC, this officer has taken part in thirty sorties, including many attacks on targets in the Ruhr area.  In the daylight attack on the transformer station near Le Cruesot, Flight Lieutenant Deverill bombed his objective from a height of 500 feet.  He also participated in the recent raids on Milan and Genoa.  This officer has invariably endeavoured to press home his attacks with great vigour.
*** The award followed an early morning shipping strike off the Elbe Estuary, where the Hudson was attacked by three ME109’s. Deverill (at that time a Sergeant) was the navigator in the three-man crew. The gunner, Townend, was killed after shooting down one fighter and Deverill and the pilot (P/O R T Kean) were injured. Deverill helped the pilot fly the plane back to Bircham Newton. Deverill was awarded the DFM, Kean the DFC.
c. 1935/36
joined RAF as trainee apprentice, No. 1 School of Technical Training at RAF Halton

re-mustered as aircrew, undertaking pilot training and became a sergeant pilot
late 1940
206 Squadron RAF (Coastal Command)
first commission, RAF (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
pilot, 25 Operational Training Unit
pilot, 97 Squadron RAF
pilot, 1660 Heavy Conversion Unit
pilot, 97 Squadron RAF (Bourn, Cambridgeshire)
[after a successful operation against Berlin widespread very bad weather conditions and shortage of fuel prevented normal landing, and the aircraft crashed near Graveley, Cambridgeshire, killing him and six of his crew]
Hugh George David
H.G.D. Devey
(A) P/O (prob) 12.10.1936 [39306]
P/O 12.10.1937
F/O 12.05.1939
F/Lt. 03.09.1940
(T) Sq.Ldr. 01.12.1941
(WS) Sq.Ldr. 04.02.1943
(A) W/Cdr. 1942?
Sq.Ldr. 12.11.1946, seniority 01.09.1945 (retd 01.04.1958; retaining rank of W/Cdr.)
21.12.1936     commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch) [short service commission]
11.01.1937     No. 3 Flying Training School RAF (Grantham)
07.08.1937     269 (General Reconnaissance) Squadron RAF (Bircham Newton)
01.09.1938     48 (General Reconnaissance) Squadron RAF (Eastchurch)
12.10.1940     transferred to Reserve of Air Force Officers (and called up for air force service)
11.1942 - 12.1943 Commanding Officer, 233 Squadron RAF
08.1944 - 06.1946 Air Attaché, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti and Panama (also RAF Liasion to the West Indies and Windward Islands)
12.11.1946     permanent commission, RAF (General Duties Branch)
01.1947 - 03.1948 109 (Bomber) Squadron RAF (Coningsby)
04.1948     Air Staff of Air HQ Malta at RAF Luqa
(1955)     228 Squadron RAF
1956     Station Commander, RAF Llandaff
Robert Basil
F.M. Denny
Son of Allan and Violet Dewey, nephew of Mr. E.W. Dewey, of Portsmouth.
Barnet district, Greater London
(KIA) [age 19]
[Hornchurch Cemetery, A.1341]
(A) P/O (prob)
23.10.1939 [42815]
P/O (prob)
commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch) [short service commission]
pilot, 611 Squadron RAF
pilot, 603 Squadron RAF
[his Spitfire II (P7365) was shot down while on patrol by a Bf 109 of JG 51 south of Maidstone, Kent at 14:05 hrs]

1 Bf 109
[Sir] Louis Walter
L.W. Dickens L.W. Dickens
L.W. Dickens
Son of C.H. Dickens.
Married (1939) Ena Alice Bastable (died 1971); one son, one daughter.

Woolwich district, London
Meysey Hampton, nr Cirencester, Gloucestershire
P/O 19.12.1923 [16108]
Sq.Ldr. 01.02.1937
Gp.Capt. 01.10.1946 (retd 22.08.1947; retaining rank of A/Cdre.)
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC ? ?
Air Force Cross AFC ? ?
Education: Clongowes Wood College; Cranwell Cadet College.
      Bomber Sqdn, 1923-27; Flying Trng, 1927; Egypt, 1932; Personnel, Air Min., 1932-35; subseq. Flying Instructor, Cranwell
      Bomber Command, France, 1940; Flying Instructor, Canada, 1941-42; Bomber Command, 1943-44; SHAEF France, 1944-45
Member: Berkshire CC, 1952-74 (Chm., 1965-68, Co. Alderman, 1959-73); Wokingham DC, 1974- (Chm., 1974-76). DL Berks, 1966.
Thomas Charles
T.C. Dickens (Photo courtesy of Mr Eric J. Dickens) T.C. Dickens (Photo courtesy of Mr Eric J. Dickens)
Son of Thomas James Dickens (?-1959), of Torquay, Devon.
Married (1936) Joyce Muriel Adamson, daughter of James Edward Adamson, of Derby; two sons.

South Stoneham district, Hampshire
Bath district, Somerset
P/O 11.12.1926 [16243]
F/O 11.06.1928
F/Lt. 01.11.1931
Sq.Ldr. 01.04.1937
(T) W/Cdr. 01.03.1940
W/Cdr. 20.11.1942, seniority 01.04.1942
(T) Gp.Capt. 01.06.1942
Gp.Capt. 01.10.1946
(A) A/Cdre. 28.12.1950
A/Cdre. 01.01.1951 (retd 06.12.1956)
Companion of the Order of the Bath CB 09.06.1955 HM's birthday 55
Commander of the Order of the British Empire CBE 01.01.1946 New Year 46
Mention in Despatches MID 01.01.1945 ?
Education: Hymers College, Hull; RAF Cadet College, Cranwell, 1925-1926; Engineering Course, Henlow, 1931-1933; Staff College, Andover, 1938; psa.
11.12.1926     commissioned, RAF (General Duites Branch)
      served War of 1939-1945 (despatches twice):
1939 - 1940 Advanced Air Striking Force
1942 - 1943 Chief Engineer, RCAF Eastern Air Command
1944 - 1945 Bomber Command Stations
1946 - 1947 Staff of Officers' Advanced Training School
1948 - 1949 Senior Air Staff Officer, N1 (B) Group
1950     Air War College, USA
1951     Assistant Air Officer in charge of Administration, Fighter Command
1952     Imperial Defence College (idc)
1953 - 1956 Assistant Chief of Staff, Logistics (Aircent), Fontainebleau
General Manager, Hong  Kong Aircraft Engineering Co. Ltd, 1956-1961; Rolls Royce Aero Engine Division, Derby, 1962-1971.
James Edward
J.E. Dickerson (Photo courtesy of Mr David F. Boath)
Son of James Edward Dickerson, and Jessie Elizabeth Cox.
Married ((09?).1938, Ploughley & Bullingdon district, Oxfordshire) Patricia M. Murray; two sons (twins).
Hounslow, Brentford district, Middlesex

Witney district, Oxfordshire
(A) Wt.Offr. ? [512578]
(A) P/O (prob) 15.08.1941, seniority 07.07.1941 [46375]
P/O (prob) 15.10.1941
(WS) F/O (prob) 01.10.1942, seniority 07.09.1942
F/Lt. 01.11.1947, seniority 01.09.1945
? - 08.1941 No. 76 Course, Officers' School RAF
15.08.1941     commissioned, RAF (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
23.08.1948     permanent commission
09.03.1949     transferred, RAF (Equipment Branch)
15.11.1955     transferred, RAF (Equipment Branch) (Branch List)
[Sir] William Forster
W.F. Dickson W.F. Dickson
W.F. Dickson W.F. Dickson
W.F. Dickson W.F. Dickson
W.F. Dickson

... ...
W/Cdr. 01.01.1937
(T) Gp.Capt. 01.01.1940
(A) A/Cdre. 30.04.1941
(T) A/Cdre. 15.07.1941
Gp.Capt. 14.04.1942, seniority 01.01.1940
(A) Air Vice Marshal 26.06.1942
(WS) A/Cdre. 26.06.1943
(T) Air Vice Marshal 01.12.1943
Air Vice Marshal 01.04.1946
... ...
Marshal of the RAF 01.06.1954 (retd 16.07.1959)
Companion of the Order of the Bath GCB 1953 ?
Commander of the Order of the British Empire KBE 1946 ?
... - ... ...
      Imperial Defence College, 1939; Director of Plans, Air Ministry, 1941-42; commanded Nos 9
and 10 Groups in Fighter Command, 1942-43; commanded No 83 Group in TAF, 1943-44; commanded Desert Air Force, 1944; Assistant Chief of Air Staff (Policy), Air Ministry, 1945-46
... - ... ...
John Swire
J.S. Dinsdale
Christchurch, New Zealand
27.06.1939 [40999]
Distinguished Service Order DSO
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC

joined RAF (General Duties Branch)
Commanding Officer, 489 (New Zealand) Squadron RAF

transferred RNZAF

Commander, 155 (GR) Wing, Coastal Command
Alfred George Ernest
A.G.E. Dixon
1912 / 1914 ?
2001 ?
Leicestershire / Northamptonshire / Warwickshire ?
Sgt. ? [563164]
P/O 26.04.1941 [45803]
(WS) F/O (prob) 26.04.1942
(WS) F/Lt. 26.04.1943
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 31.10.1941 ?
1928     enrolled as an apprentice at RAF Halton
(1939)     pilot, 58 Squadron RAF
[Whitley Mk III K8965 [GE-?] crashed 00:55 hrs 11.09.1939 on take off from Reims-Champagne aerodrome (Marne) France on leaflet dropping mission. Aircraft burst into flames but crew escaped with only minor abrasions.]
26.04.1941     commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
(1941)     pilot, 55 Squadron RAF
Commercial piot, flying for BOAC, KLM, Air India, Golden Airlines.
Charles Bateman
C.B. Dixon
Wigton district, Cumbria
Wt.Offr. ? [506502]
F/O (prob) 10.06.1943 [52043]
(WS) F/Lt. 01.07.1946
F/Lt. 15.11.1946
10.06.1947, seniority 10.06.1946
24.02.1948, seniority 10.12.1945
Sq.Ldr. (Suppl. List) 01.01.1960 (retd 08.11.1964)
10.06.1943     commissioned, RAF (Technical Branch) [emergency commission]
14.10.1946     extended service commission
19.03.1952     permanent commission
F. Dolezal

Ceska Trebova
(aircraft accident)
? [82593]
Distinguished Service Order DSO
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC

Groupe de Chasse II/2
310 (Czech) Squadron
attached 19 Squadron
310 (Czech) Squadron
Flight Commander, A Flight, 310 (Czech) Squadron
CO  310 (Czech) Squadron
Commander Czechoslovak Fighter Wing
Czechoslovak Inspectorate General, London
Command & General Staff College, Kansas
Czechoslovak Inspectorate General, London


victories (6.5):
1 Bf 110
1 Bf 109
1 He 111
J. Donaghy (Photo courtesy of Mr Stuart Harlow)
(killed in a Heinkel HE 111 [Spanish Air Force Casa 2 -111 reg 462 06, UK Reg G-BFFS) on a ferry flight from Madrid to Blackbushe to the 'War birds' [owner Doug Arnold ] museum when they crashed into the Sierra de Guadarrama mountains)
Sgt. ? [563094]
P/O (prob) 05.02.1943 [55032]
(WS) F/O (prob) 05.08.1943
(WS) F/Lt. 05.02.1945 (retd 05.06.1946)
05.02.1943     commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
A relative writes: "He joined the RAF in 1929 and gained an apprenticeship at RAF Halton he was then posted to RAF Waddington in 1932 to 503 Squadron till 1934 and then he was posted to Iraq till 1936.He then joined 30 Squadron at Kalafrana, Malta on seaplanes for 2 years returning to RAF Waddington in 1938. At RAF Waddington he joined 50 Squadron as Ground crew and on the 17th March 1941 he was mentioned in dispatches in the London Gazette [it was around this time that the camp was bombed with 2 mines]. My great Uncle Joseph at some time had applied to become aircrew as he was off to Canada by the 20th May 1941, he did his Elementary flying training [EFTS] at Bowden 1941 Alberta and Service Flying training [SFTS ] at Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan 1942 but for some reason maybe due to a flying accident during training he had to do retrain at Virden, Manitoba [EFTS ] 1942 and Claresholm, Alberta [SFTS ] 1943 he eventually got his Pilot wings and commission 5th February 1943 - Pilot officer. In May 1943 he was on his way back to the UK. On arriving back in the UK he was then posted to No 4 [c] OTU RAF Stranraer in Scotland to train on Sunderland's ,after his course he was promoted to Flying officer 5th August 1943. In February 1945 he was posted to 302 FTU RAF Oban ,where he became FLT Lt 5th February 1945 and then to RAF Alness in June 1945 in preparation to posting to South East Asia joining 240 Squadron in July 1945 at RAF Redhill's lake in Madras, India, till February 1946. He then left the RAF in 1946 as a reservist."
Arthur Hay
A.H. Donaldson A.H. Donaldson

Son (with three brothers) of Charles Egerton Donaldson (1873-1917), Malay Civil Service, and Gwendoline Mary Macdonald (1888-1973).
Brother of A/Cdre. Edward Mortlock Donaldson, RAF and Sq.Ldr. John William Donaldson, RAF.
Married 1st ((09?).1937, Hendon district, Middlesex) Barbara E.M.W. Maclagan ((06?).1912 - (03?).1957), youngest daughter of Col. Douglas Maclagan, and Gertrude Annie Wood, of Watford, Hertfordshire.
Married 2nd (1947) Gwyneth Eliot Lloyd, divorced wife of Sir Edward John Nourse Heygate [two sons], and second daughter of John Eliot Howard Lloyd, of Cleavers, Welford-on-Avon, Warwickshire; one son, one daughter.
Married 3rd (1966) Barbara Jane Auld, elder daughter of Lt.Col. W.C. Auld, OBE, of Wix, Essex.
Charing Cross Hospital
(A) P/O (prob) 16.03.1934 [34150]
P/O 16.03.1935
F/O 16.10.1936
F/Lt. 16.10.1938
(T) Sq.Ldr. 01.06.1940
Sq.Ldr. 01.09.1945
25.02.1947, seniority 01.06.1944
(T) W/Cdr. 01.12.1941
Gp.Capt. 01.07.1953 (retd 04.03.1959)
Distinguished Service Order DSO 03.11.1942 *
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 02.09.1941 **
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 04.12.1942 ***
Air Force Cross AFC 01.07.1941 ?
* During the period 11th to 14th October, 1942, this officer participated in engagements against enemy aircraft attempting to attack Malta. Brilliantly leading his formation in attacks on bombers, regardless of the fighters which escorted them, Wing Commander Donaldson played a large part in the success achieved. Attacks on the islands were frustrated and several enemy bombers and fighters were shot down. On the 14th October he received, wounds in the feet and head and two of his fingers were shot away. Despite this, he flew to base and skilfully landed his aircraft. Wing Commander Donaldson displayed leadership, courage and fighting qualities in keeping with the highest traditions of the Royal Air Force. He destroyed three enemy aircraft, bringing his victories to five.
** This officer has shown himself to be an excellent leader and has carried out seven offensive operations against the enemy over Northern France and Belgium. During these operations he has destroyed and damaged a number of aircraft on the ground and inflicted considerable damage to buildings and dispersal pens. Once while returning to base with his squadron, he attacked six anti-aircraft barges, one of which was sunk and three damaged. Squadron Leader Donaldson has by his leadership, gallantry and initiative in action, set an excellent example and is largely responsible for the successful operations carried out by his squadron.
*** Since his arrival in Malta this officer has taken part in numerous operational sorties. On August 27th he was responsible for the briefing and leading of a highly successful low-flying attack on three Sicilian airfields. On this occasion at least ten enemy aircraft were destroyed and probably a number of others over Sicily. He was awarded the DSO in November 1942.
Education: King's School, Rochester; Christ's Hospital, Horsham; psa.
Spent one year at Vickers.
16.03.1934     commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch) [short service commission]
16.03.1934     RAF Depot, Uxbridge
03.04.1934     No. 5 Flying Training School RAF (Sealand)
04.05.1936     24 (Comm.) Squadron RAF (Hendon)
05.05.1938 - 16.07.1938 flying instructor's course, Central Flying School (Category B)
1938 - 1940 training instructor, Central Flying School (AFC)
02.1941 - 08.1941 Commanding Officer, 263 Squadron RAF (DFC)
08.1942 - 15.10.1942 Wing Leader, Takali Wing (229, 249 & 185 Squadrons) in Malta (DSO & Bar to DFC)
1943 - 1945 Commander of the Fighter Command Sector of Ibsley and Coltishall, from which V2 busting squadrons made their sorties
16.03.1945     transferred to Reserve of Air Force Officers (and called up for Air Force service)
1945     went to Burma
01.09.1945     permanent commission, RAF (General Duties Branch)
11.1953 - (02.1954) Senior Air Staff Officer, No. 2 Group, 2nd TAF
1956 - 1959 Deputy Director, Air Defence, Air Ministry
Secretary, Hotel & Catering Trade's Benevolent Association, Wimbledon.
Edward Mortlock
E.M. Donaldson E.M. Donaldson

(with three brothers) of Charles Egerton Donaldson (1873-1917), Malay Civil Service, and Gwendoline Mary Macdonald (1888-1973).
Brother of Sq.Ldr. John William Donaldson, RAF and Gp.Capt. Arthur Hay Donaldson, RAF.
Married 1st (1936, marriage dissolved 1944) Winifred Constant; two daughters.
Married 2nd (1944; marriage dissolved 1956) Estellee Holland; one son.
Married 3rd (1957; marriage dissolved 1982) Anne Sofie Stapleton.

Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
South-East Hampshire
P/O (prob) 26.06.1931 [32043]
F/Lt. 1936
Sq.Ldr. 01.12.1938
(A) W/Cdr. 1940
(T) W/Cdr. 01.03.1941
(WS) W/Cdr. 28.06.1943
W/Cdr. 01.10.1946
(A) Gp.Capt. 1942
(T) Gp.Capt. 01.01.1944
Gp.Capt. 01.07.1949
A/Cdre. 01.07.1955 (retd 21.03.1961)
Companion of the Order of the Bath CB 01.01.1960 New Year 60
Commander of the Order of the British Empire CBE 01.06.1953 HM's coronation
Distinguished Service Order DSO 31.05.1940 *
Air Force Cross AFC 1941 ?
Air Force Cross AFC 12.06.1947 ?
Mention in Despatches MID 01.01.1941 ?
 Legion of Merit (US) LoM 1948 ?
* This officer has inspired such a fine fighting spirit in his squadron that, on the first encounter with enemy forces, nine aircraft of his squadron destroyed six enemy aircraft, and a further five were believed to have been destroyed. Four or five enemy aircraft were accounted for on the following day. His high courage and his inspiring qualities of leadership have made his squadron a formidable fighting unit. He has, himself, shot down four enemy aircraft.
Education: King's School, Rochester; Christ's Hospital, Horsham; McGill University, Canada; Joint Services Staff College (1954).
26.06.1931     commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch)
  - 1936 3 Squadron, Upavon, Kenley and Sudan [won RAF air firing trophy, 1933 and 1934]
1936 - 1938 Flight Commander, 1 Squadron [led flight aerobatic team, Hendon and Zürich, 1937]
11.1939 - 05.08.1940 Commanding Officer, 151 Squadron RAF
05.08.1940 -   ?
1941     Chief Instructor, 5 Flying Training School RAF
      went to US to build four air Gunnery Schools, 1941, and teach USAF combat techniques
1944     Member USAF Board and Directing Staff at US School of Applied Tactics
1944     Comdr RAF Station, Colerne, RAF first jet station


10.5 victories:
1 Bf 109
1946     Commanding Officer, RAF Station, Milfield
1946     Commanding Officer, RAF High Speed Flight [holder of World's Speed Record, 1946]
1946 - 1949 Senior Air Staff Officer, No 12 Group
1949 - 1951 in command Air Cadet Corps and CCF
1951 - 1954 Commanding Officer, RAF Station, Fassberg, Germany
1954 - 1956 Director of Operational Training, Air Ministry
12.1956 - 1958 Deputy Commander (Air), British Forces, Arabian Peninsular Command
1958 - 1961 Commandant, Royal Air Force Flying College, Manby
Air Correspondent, The Daily Telegraph, 1961-1979.
Literature: Nick Thomas, RAF top gun : t
he story of Battle of Britain ace and world air speed record holder Air Cdre E.M. 'Teddy' Donaldson CB, CBE, DSO, AFC*, LoM (USA) (2008)
John William
"Jack" / "Baldy"
J.W. Donaldson J.W. Donaldson
Second son (with three brothers) of Charles Egerton Donaldson (1873-1917), Malay Civil Service, and Gwendoline Mary Macdonald (1888-1973).
Brother of A/Cdre. Edward Mortlock Donaldson, RAF and Gp.Capt. Arthur Hay Donaldson, RAF.
Married (11.06.1938, Busbridge Church, Godalming, Surrey) Sheila Richardson Atchley (17.01.1918 - 09.1999), of Selsey, Sussex, elder daughter (with one sister and two brothers) of Roland Waldegrave Atchley (1890-1980), and Vashti Margery May Shortis (1892-1961), of Godalming, Surrey; one son. Sheila Donaldson remarried (1946) James Arthur Charles Northway & (1957) Cyril Gordon Peall.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaya
(MPK) [age 29]
[Runnymede Memorial, panel 3]
P/O (prob) 11.09.1931 [32074]
P/O 28.02.1933, seniority 11.09.1931
F/O 11.04.1933
F/Lt. 11.04.1936
Sq.Ldr. 01.12.1938
Distinguished Service Order DSO 10.05.1940 Norway *
Air Force Cross AFC 11.07.1940 ? [while still missing]
Mention in Despatches MID 01.01.1941 ? [while still missing]
* This officer commanded a squadron during the operations at Aandalsnes. In spite of the great difficulties encountered, numerous successful attacks on enemy aircraft were carried out under the skilful and extremely courageous leadership of Squadron Leader Donaldson. On one day alone the squadron is thought to have accounted for fourteen enemy aircraft, six being shot down and eight others put out of action.
Education: King's School, Rochester; Christ's Hospital, Horsham; North Wales Wireless College, Colwyn Bay (first-class wireless telegraph officer's certificate).
11.09.1931     commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch) [short service commission]
26.09.1931     No. 5 Flying Training School RAF (Sealand)
29.08.1932     1 (Fighter) Squadron RAF (Tangmere) [became an expert in aerobatics, and played the part of the "pupil" in the demonstration of instructional flying at the RAF display at Hendon]
16.12.1935     No. 24 (Communications) Squadron RAF (Northolt) [Station Flight, Northolt]
? - 09.06.1940 Commanding Officer, 263 Squadron RAF
[He was missing, (from 11.1941) presumed killed on HMS Glorious which sank in the North Sea after retrieving the squadron's Gloster Gladiators which had been operating from the Norwegian fjords.]
Oliver Russell
O.R. Donaldson
Son of Andrew Ross Donaldson (1882-1920), and Josie Francis Ainslie (1889-1977).
Married (20.04.1940, Fakenham, Norfolk) Elizabeth Marie Moulam (21.11.1914 - 10.1992); two sons.
Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada
Takeley, Chelmsford district, Essex
(A) P/O (prob) 28.01.1937 [39414]
F/O 16.05.1939
F/Lt. 03.09.1940
(T) Sq.Ldr. 01.12.1941
(WS) Sq.Ldr. 27.12.1942
(A) W/Cdr. (1942)
(WS) W/Cdr. 20.08.1943
(A) Gp.Capt. (1943)
Sq.Ldr. 26.03.1946, seniority 01.09.1945
25.02.1947, seniority 01.01.1945
W/Cdr. 01.07.1947, seniority 01.10.1946
Gp.Capt. 01.07.1952 (retd 03.05.1957; own request)
Commander of the Order of the British Empire (Military Division) CBE 01.01.1953 New Year 53
Distinguished Service Order DSO 11.06.1943 *
Officer of the Order of the British Empire (Military Division) OBE 10.06.1948 Palestine
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 11.06.1940 **
Mention in Despatches MID 01.01.1943 ***
Mention in Despatches MID 01.01.1946 ?
Mention in Despatches MID 13.06.1957 Suez
1939-45 Star; Air Crew Europe Star, clasp, France and Germany; Defence and War Medals, M.I.D.; General Service Medal 1918-62, 1 clasp, Palestine 1945-48; Coronation Medal1953; Queen's Commendation for Brave Conduct 25.01.1955.
1936     joined the RAF as a pupil pilot
28.01.1937     commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch) [short service commission]
04.09.1937 - 08.1940 115 (Bomber) Squadron RAF (Marham) [did 34 war operations over Western Germany, Norway and the Low Countries]
16.11.1940     transferred, Reserve of Air Force Officers (and called up for air force service)
01.1941     when proceeding to Canada his log book was lost at sea due to enemy action
02.10.1942 - 03.05.1943 Commanding Officer, 7 Squadron RAF
27.07.1944 - 25.02.1945 Station Commander, RAF Wyton
26.03.1946     permanent commission, RAF (General Duties Branch)
1952 - 1955 Station Commander, RAF Marham
*Group Captain Donaldson has completed a large number of sorties since the award of the Distinguished Flying Cross. During the six months he has commanded the squadron, it has maintained its fine operational record and fresh honours have been achieved. By his sound organisation, thorough training and personal example, he has fashioned a first class fighting unit. Each operation is most carefully planned and executed and nothing which deserved his personal attention is omitted. Group Captain Donaldson's firm and tactful handling of aircrews, his cheerful spirit and devotion to duty have earned him the unswerving loyalty of all ranks. He is a skilful pilot with a fine record of successful bombing sorties against the enemy. His example as a captain of aircraft has been an inspiration to his unit.
** One night in May, this officer was captain of an aircraft detailed to attack vital points behind the enemy's positions. In the neighbourhood of Hirson he came under heavy anti-aircraft fire. In spite of the enemy fire
Flying Officer Donaldson made five attacks on a road through a nearby wood. As a result, a large fire and thirteen violent explosions occurred in what must have been an important enemy dump. He has consistently shown the highest degree of courage and determination.
*** This officer has been in charge of No.1418 Flight from its formation in January 1942 until its absorbtion in July 1942 by the Bombing Development Unit. During that period he has been engaged on highly important work of a technical nature in connection with airborne Radio Direction Finding and navigation equipment, the success of which has helped considerably in striking more effectively at the enemy. In order that certain essential tests should be performed,
Squadron Leader Donaldson has flown, under all weather conditions, over Germany and the North Sea. The untiring energy, initiative and leadership displayed by this officer have set a magnificent example to his flight.
Reginald Hawtrey
R.H. Donkin
Brentford, Middlesex
Hill Head, Fareham, Hampshire
P/O 22.01.1926 [22155]
Sq.Ldr. 01.04.1937
W/Cdr. 01.10.1941 (retd 29.11.1952; retaining rank of Gp.Capt.)
(T) Gp.Capt. 01.03.1942


qualified at a specialist course in engineering; additionally qualified at university course in engineering
Kenneth Christopher
K.C. Doran
K.C. Doran
K.C. Doran
K.C. Doran
K.C. Doran
K.C. Doran
Leicester, Leicestershire
killed in the Ermenonville air disaster, near Senlis, France
(A) P/O (prob)
23.12.1935 [37467]
(A) F/Lt.
(WS) F/Lt.
30.05.1941, seniority 16.12.1939
(A) Sq.Ldr.
(T) Sq.Ldr.
01.01.1946, seniority 01.09.1941
(WS) Sq.Ldr.
11.02.1947, seniority 01.07.1946
25.02.1947, seniority 01.06.1944
(T) W/Cdr.
01.07.1946, seniority 01.07.1943
01.11.1947, seniority 01.07.1947 (retd > 1959)
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC
* Early in September, 1939, this officer led an attack against an enemy cruiser. In face of heavy gun fire and under extremely bad weather conditions he pressed home a succesful low attack with great determination.
** This officer was the leader of a formation of bomber aircraft which was attacked by enemy fighters over the North Sea during January, 1940. By his clever tactics and gallant leadership he successfully maintained a close defensive formation throughout the engagement, two of the fighter aircraft being compelled to break off the fight, a third being shot down in flames into the sea, and the remainder eventually abandoning the attack. Although one of our aircraft was lost and a second returned to its base, Squadron Leader Doran showed great determination in leading the remaining aircraft a distance of about 130 miles further on to his objective.
Education: St Albans School, Hertfordshire.

served in the Artists Rifles

commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch) [short service commission]
110 Squadron RAF
[his Blenheim L9242 was shot down by Me109s in the target area of Stavanger; captured]
prisoner of war (interned in Camps 9AH/L3, PoW No. 501)

transferred to Reserve of Air Force Officers (and called up for air force service)
Organisation and Training, Air Operations Section, Allied Forces Southern Europe (RAF Element)
Air Attaché at The Hague (The Netherlands)
P. Dormand
Son of Hubert M. Dormand, and Anne Sutherland.
Married ((12?).1943, Durham North Eastern district, Co. Durham; divorced) Nancy Bean; two daughters.
district, Co. Durham
Cleveland district, Cleveland
Sgt. ? [650111]
P/O (prob) 14.02.1943 [51503]
(WS) F/O (prob) 14.08.1943
(WS) F/Lt. 14.02.1945 (reld 17.05.1947; medical unfitness for Air force service)
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 17.08.1943 *
* Pilot Officer Dormand, now on his second tour of operational duty, has shown himself to be fearless in the face of enemy opposition. He has taken part in a large number of operational sorties and his courage and devotion to duty have contributed largely to the successes achieved. Pilot Officer Dormand has completed ten operational sorties on his second tour with this squadron. At all times he has shown exceptional devotion to duty and has carried out his duties with great keenness and outstanding ability.
[He had flown 38 sorties (217 hours 55 minutes). First tour was 2 June to 20 October 1941 (29 sorties); second tour was two 1,000-plane raids (30 May and 1 June 1942) plus eight additional trips, 9 January to 16 April 1943. Wireless Air Gunner.]
14.02.1943     commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
(1943)     427 (RCAF) Squadron (DFC)
? - 25.02.1944 air bomber, 433 Squadron RAF
[Halifax III LV871 (BM-M) had taken off at 18:10 hrs (24.02.1944) from Skipton-on-Swale for an operation over Schweinfurt. The aircraft failed to return. Three members of the crew were killed, four were captured.]
02.1944 - 02.1945 POW in German captivity; repatriated 06.02.1945 on "Arundel Castle" to Liverpool due to injuries received
William Stanley
W.S. Dossett
Married Marjorie E. Harding, widow of F/Lt. Kenneth John Lusty, RAFVR.
F/Sgt. ? [629792]
P/O (prob) 10.08.1942 [49697]
F/O ?
F/Lt. 10.02.1946 (retd 22.05.1954)
Distinguished Flying Medal DFM 22.09.1942 *
* As wireless operator/air gunner, this airman has been engaged on operational flying since June, 1940. Since joining his present squadron he has completed many sorties. He has been involved in hard fighting against the enemy aircraft on not less than six occasions. In April, 1942, he assisted in the destruction of a FW.190, while a few days later he assisted in damaging a Me. 109 which was attacking his aircraft and had injured his pilot. Flt. Sgt. Dossett, who has completed both day and night sorties, has proved himself a most capable wireless operator/air gunner and is possessed of a sound team spirit.
(1940)     29 Squadron RAF (Battle of Britain)
(1942)     107 Squadron RAF (DFM)
10.08.1942     commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
Published: Flying memories (1990).
Sir William Sholto;
1st Baron Douglas of Kirtleside, cr. 1948, of Dornock
W.S. Douglas W.S. Douglas
Son of late Capt. the Rev. Robert Langton  Douglas (1864-1952), and Margaret Jane Cannon (?-1958).
Married 1st (10.1919) May Howard (marriage dissolved 1932).
Married 2nd (09.1933) Joan Leslie Denny (marriage dissolved 1954),
daughter of Col H. C. Denny, CB.
Married 3rd (1955) Hazel Walker; one daughter.

Headington, Oxfordshire

hospital, Northampton
... ...
Air Vice Marshal 01.01.1938
(T) Air Marshal 25.11.1940
Air Marshal 14.04.1942, seniority 25.11.1940
(T) Air Chief Marshal 01.07.1942
Air Chief Marshal 06.06.1945
Marshal of the RAF 01.01.1946 (retd 01.11.1947)

GCB, created 1946 (KCB, created 1941; CB 1940); MC, DFC; DL London.

... - ... ...
17.02.1938 - 1940 Assistant Chief of the Air Staff
22.04.1940 - 1940 Deputy Chief of the Air Staff
25.11.1940 - 1942 Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Fighter Command
11.01.1943 - 1944 Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Middle East Command
20.01.1944 - 1945 Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Coastal Command
15.07.1945 - 1946 Air Commander-in-Chief, British Air Forces of Occupation, Germany
W.S. Douglas W.S. Douglas W.S. Douglas W.S. Douglas W.S. Douglas W.S. Douglas W.S. Douglas W.S. Douglas W.S. Douglas W.S. Douglas W.S. Douglas W.S. Douglas W.S. Douglas W.S. Douglas W.S. Douglas
W.S. Douglas W.S. Douglas W.S. Douglas W.S. Douglas W.S. Douglas W.S. Douglas W.S. Douglas W.S. Douglas W.S. Douglas W.S. Douglas W.S. Douglas W.S. Douglas W.S. Douglas W.S. Douglas W.S. Douglas
Peter Norman
P.N. Douglass (Photo courtesy of Helen Smyth) P.N. Douglass (Photo courtesy of Helen Smyth)
P.N. Douglass (Photo courtesy of Helen Smyth)
Son of N.C. Douglass.
Brother of Lt. Donald Marsh Douglass, Parachute Regiment.
[Heverlee War Cemetery, Belgium, 6.C.9]
(A) P/O (prob) 12.07.1937 [39933]
P/O 18.05.1938
F/O 18.12.1939
Education: Epsom College (1932-1935).
12.07.1937     commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch) [short service commission]
17.07.1937     No. 9 Flying Training School (Hullavington)
? - 12.05.1940 pilot, 15 Squadron RAF
[Airborne from Alconbury briefed to destroy the strategic bridges on the Albert Kanaal at Maastricht; he was killed whilst flying Blenheim IV, L8849 [LS-?]]
Hugh Caswall Tremenheere;
1st Baron of Bentley Priory (1943)
H.C.T. Dowding H.C.T. Dowding
H.C.T. Dowding H.C.T. Dowding
H.C.T. Dowding H.C.T. Dowding
H.C.T. Dowding H.C.T. Dowding
H.C.T. Dowding H.C.T. Dowding
H.C.T. Dowding H.C.T. Dowding
H.C.T. Dowding H.C.T. Dowding
Eldest of the four children of Arthur John Caswall Dowding (1855?–1932), founder and headmaster of St Ninian's preparatory school in Moffat, and his wife, Maud Caroline (1855?–1934), daughter of Lieutenant-General Charles William Tremenheere, chief engineer in the public works department, Bombay presidency.
Brother of V.Adm. Sir Arthur Ninian Dowding, RN.
Married 1st (16.02.1918) Clarice Maud Vancourt, daughter of Captain John Williams of the Indian army and widow of an army officer named Vancourt who was killed before 1914 (she died 27.06.1920); one son, one step daughter.
Married 2nd (25.09.1951, Caxton Hall), Mrs Muriel Whiting (née Albino) (22.03.1908 - 20.11.1993), Southborough, nr Tunbridge Wells, widow of Pilot Officer Maxwell Whiting; one step son.

Moffat, Dumfiresshire, Scotland
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Air Chief Marshal
01.01.1937 (retd 15.07.1942)
Photo courtesy of Mr David Whiting
Captain H.C.T. Dowding, Royal Garrison Artillery by a Henri-Farman HF20 at the RFC flying school Upavon March 1914. Click here for more photos from Lord Dowding's family archives.

see RAFweb for further details
Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief Fighter Command
also: Principal Air ADC to the King
on special duty (under Minister of Aircraft Production) in USA
Published: Many mansions (1943); Lychgate (1945); Twelve legions of angels (1946); God’s magic : an aspect of spiritualism (1946); The dark star (1951).
: Basil Collier, Leader of the few : the authorised biography of Air Chief Marshal, the Lord Dowding of Bentley Priory, GCB, GCVO, CMG (1957); Robert Wright, Dowding and the Battle of Britain (1969); John Ray, The Battle of Britain : Dowding and the first victory 1940 (1994); Peter Flint, Dowding and Headquarters Fighter Command (1996); Peter Brown, Honour restored : the Battle of Britain, Dowding and the fight for freedom (2005); David E. Fisher, A summer bright and terrible : Winston Churchill, Lord Dowding, radar, and the impossible triumph of the Battle of Britain (2005); J.E.G. Dixon, Dowding and Churchill : the dark side of the Battle of Britain: the involvement of high officials of government and the Air Ministry intent on discrediting Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding (2008); Vincent Orange,
Dowding of Fighter Command : victor of the Battle of Britain (2008).
B. Drake B. Drake
B. Drake B. Drake
B. Drake B. Drake
B. Drake B. Drake
B. Drake B. Drake
Married twice (both dissolved); two sons.

Teignmouth, Devon
(A) P/O (prob) 07.09.1936 [39095]
P/O 13.07.1937
F/O ?
F/Lt. 03.09.1940
(T) Sq.Ldr. 01.12.1941
Sq.Ldr. 10.09.1948
(A) W/Cdr. (1943)
W/Cdr. 01.01.1953 (retd 01.07.1963; retaining rank of Gp.Capt.)
Distinguished Service Order DSO 04.12.1942 *
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 07.01.1941 **
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 28.07.1942 ***
Distinguished Flying Cross (USA) DFC(US) 22.10.1943 liaison duties US Air Force

* Since being awarded a Bar to his Distinguished Flying Cross, Squadron Leader Drake has continued to display the utmost courage and determination in operations against the enemy. In September 1942, he led his wing with great determination, against a formation of enemy divebombers escorted by fighters. In the ensuing combat 4 bombers and 1 fighter were destroyed. On a number of other occasions this officer has led bombing and low-level machine gun attacks with devastating results. His leadership and magnificent fighting spirit have been an inspiration to all.
** In October, 1940, this officer carried out a reconnaissance which proved of great value. He has at all times displayed fine qualities of leadership and perseverance. He has destroyed at least four enemy aircraft.
*** Squadron Leader Drake is a skilful pilot and a fine leader. He has displayed great energy and has led his squadron on every sortie in the latest battle of Libya. One day in June, 1942, an attack was made against Gazala aerodrome which resulted in a number of enemy aircraft being destroyed or damaged on the ground. Squadron Leader Drake has personally scored hits on enemy transport vehicles and on a heavy tank. In addition he has destroyed at least 5 enemy aircraft and damaged a number of others in air combats.

07.09.1936     commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch) [short service commission]
(1941)     421 (Reconnaissance) Flight RAF (DFC)
(1942)     112 Squadron RAF (DSO, Bar to DFC)
13.07.1942     transferred to reserve (and called up for air force service)
23.01.1946     extended service commission
10.09.1948     permanent commission

Published: (with Christopher Shores) Fighter leader : the autobiography of Group Captain B. Drake DSO, DFC and Bar, US DFC (2002)
Literature: Andrew Thomas, Tomahawk and Kittyhawk aces of the RAF and Commonwealth (2005)

Nigel George
N.G. Drever (Photo courtesy of Clair Drever) N.G. Drever

Married (09.03.1946, Edinburgh, Scotland) Helen Marion Parson, of Hove, Sussex; ... children.

St Andrew district, Edinburgh, Scotland

Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex
(A) P/O (prob) 08.08.1939 [42399]
P/O (prob) 24.03.1940
P/O 24.03.1941, seniority 24.03.1940
(WS) F/O 24.03.1941
(WS) F/Lt. 24.03.1942
08.08.1939     commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch) [short service commission]
(1940) - 05.03.1941 pilot, 610 Squadron RAF (Acklington) (Battle of Britain)
[Shot down in his Spitfire II [P8027] on operation Circus 6 (bombers heavily escorted by fighters to bring enemy fighters in combat) by a Messerschmitt Me109 of Jagdgeschwader 51 over the Channel. Captured.]
05.03.1941 - 1945 POW in German captivity (Stalag Luft III)
02.06.1945     transferred, Reserve of Air Force Officers (and called up for air force duties)
15.11.1945     transferred, Reserve of Air Force Officers (Administrative and Special Duties Branch)
Charles Ronald
C.R. Driver C.R. Driver
Only son of Mr & Mrs C.E. Driver, of Stockton-on-Tees.
Married 1st (14.09.1944, Chapel of St Michael and St George, St Paul's Cathedral, London) Section Officer Anne Frances Wilshaw, WAAF (? - 24.02.2010), younger daughter of Sir Edward and Lady Wilshaw, of Arundel House, Victoria Embankment, London & Frinton-on-Sea; one daughter.
Married 2nd (1959?) Misty ...; two daughters, one son.
Swansea district, Glamorgan
Aircraftman 1st class ? [626742]
Sgt. ?
(A) P/O (prob) 04.11.1943 [53399]
P/O (prob) 30.12.1943
P/O 30.06.1944
(WS) F/O 30.06.1944
Distinguished Flying Medal DFM 16.01.1940 *
* Aircraftman Driver was the front gunner in an aircraft engaged in operations over an enemy naval base in December, 1939. Although the aircraft was subjected to very heavy fire he remained at his post until both the front guns were put out of action and the flooring shot away or in flames, which he extinguished with his hands. As by this time the petrol system had been severely damaged, he proceeded to the hand petrol pump, and continued manual pumping until shortage of petrol caused the aircraft to land in the sea. Despite these exertions, Aircraftman Driver subsequently succeeded in launching the dinghy and assisted in saving the remainder of the crew, some of whom were wounded. It is undoubtedly largely due to his alertness that the members of the crew of this aircraft were brought to safety.
04.11.1943     commissioned, RAF (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
Roderick Patrick
R.P. Drummond (Photo courtesy of Mr Andrew Drummond)

Chichester district, West Sussex
(A) P/O (prob)
06.03.1940 [91229]
(WS) F/O
(WS) F/Lt.
10.05.1942 (reld from emergency list 10.02.1954; retaining rank of Sq.Ldr.)
(T) Sq.Ldr.
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC
sinking U-707 09.11.43 *
* This officer was the captain of an aircraft [Flying
Fortress B17 (call sign J) out of Lagens in the Azores] which successfully attacked a U-boat [U-707]. Defying a hail of shells from the submarine's guns, Flight Lieutenant Drummond pressed home his attack to straddle the vessel with his depth charges. The submarine disappeared leaving survivors in the water. In this exploit, Flight Lieutenant Drummond displayed outstanding skill, courage and determination.

commissioned, 608 (North Riding) Squadron, Auxiliary Air Force (AuxAF) (General Duties Branch) [commission for five years]

220 Squadron RAF (Wick, then Stornoway, then Lagens in the Azores)
One of first pilots in BOAC, then BEA, retiring from flying in 1968.
Peter [Hay-]

P. Hay-Drummond-Hay
Son of Edward William Hay-Drummond-Hay (1877-1941), and Margaret Alice Meade-Waldo (1882-1954).
Married (29.09.1938, Holy Trinity, Brompton, Kensington district, London) Clare Margaret Davidson (1913-1980), second daughter of Robert Davidson, and Auriol Edith Soames (1885-1919). She remarried (1946) Anthony Edgar Dorman.
Belper district, Derbyshire

(MPK) [age 31]
[Runnymede Memorial, panel 6]
P/O 28.08.1936 [90321]
F/O 28.02.1938
28.08.1936     commissioned, 609 (West Riding) Squadron Royal Auxiliary Air Force
01.04.1939     transferred to reserve
24.08.1939     mobilized
24.08.1939 - 09.07.1940 609 (West Riding) Squadron RAuxAF
[On patrol in Spitfire I R6637 "Q" he was shot down in combat with ME 109s of Jagdgeschwader 2 over Portland.]
Du Boulay,
Guy George Houssemayne
J.F.H. Du Boulay
Son of Ralph Houssemayne Du Boulay (1869-1948), and Ethel Margaret Thurston (c. 1875-1961).
Married 1st (03.08.1922, East Grinstead) Raby Violet Emmeline Knox (marriage dissolved 1935); one daughter.
Married 2nd (02.05.1942) Jane Balke Botsford.
Residence: (1908-1909) Colwell Bay, Isle of Wight; (1909-1912) New Malden, Surrey; (from 1912) East Grinstead, West Sussex; (1920-1921) Dublin
Dover district, Kent
12.12.1921 [15187]
01.07.1927 (retd 01.11.1929) (recalled 03.02.1940)
(WS) W/Cdr.
11.08.1942 (reverted to retd 05.04.1946; retaining rank of Gp.Capt.)
(A?) Gp.Capt.
Officer, Legion of Merit (US) LM
Education: Horris Hill (01.1908-07.1912); Lancing College (1912-1919)
served World War I

first commission, RAF (General Duties Branch)
Aviation Advisor to Aircraft Investment Corporations, 12.1928-09.1938.
Air Ministry
Deputy Directorate of Intelligence (2), Department of the Chief of the Air Staff
Director of Air Intelligence, Department of the Chief of the Air Staff, Department of the Chief of the Air Staff

Control Commission (Air Intelligence) Germany
Merchant banking, 07.1946-1955; Stock exchange, 01.1956-01.1966.
Du Boulay,
Joscelyne Forgan Houssemayne
J.F.H. Du Boulay
Son of Thomas William Houssemayne Du Boulay (1875-1921), and Lilian Julia Charlotte Askew (1878-?).
Brother of Lt. Noel Edmund Houssemayne Du Boulay and Maj. Thomas Patrick Houssemayne Du Boulay.
Married 1st (14.08.1937) Emmeline Marjorie Stephenson (marriage dissolved 1957); two sons, one daughter.
Married 2nd Pamela Ann ...; one son.
Residence: (to 1923) Greystoke, Cumbria; (from 1923) Keswick, Cumbria;  (1965) Peterborough.

Maymyo, Burma
Keswick hospital, Cumbria
17.12.1932 [33025]
(T) W/Cdr.
(WS) W/Cdr.
?, seniority 01.06.1941 (retd 03.06.1946; retaining rank of Gp.Capt.)
Commander of the Order of the British Empire (Military Division) CBE
New Year 46
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC
Mention in Despatches MID
Mention in Despatches MID
Mention in Despatches MID
Education: Bigshot-rails school, Kent then Greystoke village school; Wellington College (05.1926-12.1930); RAF College, Cranwell (1931-1934)

first commission, RAF (General Duties Branch)
Accountant, Stevenson Smart, Peterborough, 1946-1957. Manager, Aircraft Servicing, Sales Office, Marshall of Cambridge, 1957-1976.
Henri Auguste
H.A. Ducommun

Married ((12?).1940, Birmingham district, Warwickshire) Iris Lilian Grubb (14.04.1920 - 09.2006); ... children (three sons?).

F/Sgt. ? [545485]
(A) P/O (prob) 06.01.1944 [53907]
P/O (prob) 02.03.1944
(WS) F/O 02.09.1944
06.01.1944     commissioned, RAF (Administrative and Special Duties Brach) (for administrative and miscellaneous duties) [emergency commission]
John Stanley
J.S. Duffy (Photo courtesy of Sheila Duffy)
J.S. Duffy (Photo courtesy of Sheila Duffy)
J.S. Duffy (Photo courtesy of Sheila Duffy) J.S. Duffy (Photo courtesy of Sheila Duffy)
J.S. Duffy (Photo courtesy of Sheila Duffy) J.S. Duffy (Photo courtesy of Sheila Duffy)
J.S. Duffy (Photo courtesy of Sheila Duffy) 

Married ...; one daughter, one son.
Barnard Castle, Teesdale district, Co. Durham
North Tyneside district, Tyne and Wear
F/Sgt. ? [364601]
(A) P/O (prob) 18.04.1942, seniority 07.01.1942 [48259]
P/O (prob) 13.05.1942, seniority 02.02.1942
(WS) F/O (prob) 13.11.1942
(A) F/Lt. (1944)
(WS) F/Lt. 01.07.1946
24.02.1948, seniority 18.10.1945
F/O 26.09.1946, seniority 13.05.1943
F/Lt. 27.09.1946, seniority 13.11.1945 (retd 16.12.1957; retaining rank of Sq.Ldr.)
Member of the Order of the British Empire (Military Division) MBE 01.01.1945 New Year 45
(1926)     apprentice, RAF Halton
18.04.1942     commissioned, RAF (Technical Branch) [emergency commission]
      served in Burma
26.09.1946     extended service commission
04.04.1952     permanent commission
Dunford Wood,
Colin Diarmid Campbell
see: Indian Army officers' section  
B. Duperier


detailed (French) biography

Wing Leader Biggin Hill

7 victories, of which 6 individual ones
Published: L'etoile, les ailes et la couronne : roman (1954) [same as?: Les français du "B Flight" (1960)]
Alfred Maurice
A.M. Durling
Husband of Jane (née ...) (predeceased him).
Weston Super Mare
? [590663]
P/O (prob)
26.04.1945 [56697]
01.10.1956 (retd 03.04.1969)

commissioned, RAF (Accountant Branch) [emergency commission]

permanent commission
[Sir] Albert [Mitchell]
A. Durston A. Durston
A. Durston A. Durston
A. Durston A. Durston
Son of Eng.V.Adm. Albert John Durston, RN (1846-1917), and Mary Ann West (1858-).
Married 1st (01.08.1918, Isle of Wight; marriage dissolved) Vera Kathleen Vereker (17.08.1898 - 04.07.1988), daughter of Henry Vereker, and Kate Herbert; two daughters, one son. Vera Durston remarried (1948) Geoffrey Cayley Lambert Dalley.
Married 2nd (25.09.1946, London) Anne Margery Shaw Mellor  (03.03.1912 - 06.1989), divorced wife of Oliver Henry Julius Bertram, and youngest daughter of Mr & the Hon. Mrs Alfred Shaw Mellor, of Box House, Box, Wiltshire.

Brixton, London
Petersfield, Hampshire
... ...
Gp.Capt. 01.04.1939
(T) Air Cdre. 01.03.1941
Air Cdre. 15.07.1942
(A) Air Vice Marshal 10.02.1942
(T) Air Vice Marshal 01.12.1942
(WS) Air Vice Marshal 01.04.1945
Air Vice Marshal 19.04.1945 (retd 13.08.1946; retaining rank of Air Marshal)
(A) Air Marshal 01.04.1944-01.06.1946
Education: Blackheath and Shirley House schools.
... - ... ...
07.11.1938     Director, Directorate of Operations (Naval Co-operation), Department of the Chief of the Air Staff, Air Ministry
10.02.1942     Air Officer Commanding, No. 18 Group (Coastal Command)
01.01.1943     Senior Air Staff Officer, HQ Coastal Command
01.04.1944 - 1945 Air Officer Commanding, No. 222 (General Reconnaissance) Group (SE Asia Air Command)
09.1945 - 01.06.1946 Deputy Chief of the Air Staff

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