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G.A. Edney   to   A.C. Evans-Evans
Geoffrey Adams
G.A. Edney
Son of John and G.M. Edney.
Married ((03?).1942, Surrey Mid Eastern district) Peggy Joyce Lane, of Norwich.
1917 ?
[age 25]
[Runnymede Memorial, panel 65]
(A) P/O (prob) 09.08.1937 [39972]
P/O 24.05.1938
F/O 24.01.1940
(WS) F/Lt. 24.01.1941
(T) Sq.Ldr. 01.06.1942
09.08.1937     commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch) [short service commission]
21.08.1937     No. 10 Flying Training School RAF (Tern Hill)
? - 20.11.1942 236 Squadron RAF
[his Beaufighter IC T4780 crashed at 16:08 hrs in the North Sea, some 75 km west of Zandvoort, The Netherlands]
Robert Leslie
R.L. Edward
Crowborough, Uckfield district, Sussex
Weymouth district, Dorset
P/O 24.10.1921 [05104]
Sq.Ldr. 01.04.1937 (retd 27.09.1944; retaining rank of W/Cdr.) (re-employed 27.09.1944-15.11.1944)
(T) W/Cdr. 01.09.1940
Cecil Frank
C.F. Edwards
Sgt. ? [512225]
(A) Wt.Offr. ?
(A) P/O (prob) 07.03.1941, seniority 05.02.1941 [45411]
P/O (prob) 19.04.1941
P/O 07.03.1942
(WS) F/O 19.04.1942, seniority 17.03.1942
(T) F/Lt. 01.07.1944
03.02.1948, seniority 17.03.1945
F/Lt. 01.01.1948, seniority 01.09.1945
12.10.1948, seniority 17.03.1945 (dismissed by sentence of a General Court Martial 21.03.1952)
      208 (Army Co-operation) Squadron RAF (Heliopolis, Egypt)
07.03.1941     commissioned, RAF (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
01.01.1948     transferred, RAF (Equipment Branch) [extended service commission]
C.F. Edwards
Married ...; ... children (one daughter?).
Wayland district, Norfolk
Wt.Offr. ? [513058]
P/O (prob) 21.06.1943 [51860]
(WS) F/O (prob) 21.12.1943
F/O 24.02.1948, seniority 21.06.1944
F/Lt. 21.12.1946
Sq.Ldr. 01.07.1955 (retd 06.02.1968)
21.06.1943     commissioned, RAF (Technical Branch) [emergency commission]
05.12.1946     extended service commission
25.01.1949     permanent commission
His daughter writes: "Served in Germany approx. 1954. Ickenham 1958. Insworth, Gloucestershire."
Allen Laird
A.L. Edy
Son of John Curtis Harrington Edy, and Minnie Louise Edy, of St. Andrews, Manitoba, Canada.
Winnipeg, Manitoba
(KIA) [age 25]
[Andreas (St Andrew) Churchyard, Isle of Man, service plot, grave 1]
(A) P/O (prob) 14.01.1939? [41566]
P/O (prob) 03.09.1939
P/O 31.10.1939
F/O 03.09.1940
(WS) F/Lt. 03.09.1941
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 05.11.1940 *
* On 25th May 1940, Pilot Officer Edy was a member of a formation of aircraft detailed to carry out a dive-bombing attack on a heavy battery near Calais.  He pressed home his attack in the face of severe anti-aircraft fire with the utmost courage.  His bombs were observed to fall inside the target area, and it was later reported that the battery had been moved.  On 27th May 1940, this officer took part in low flying bombing and supply dropping sorties over the Calais garrison area and although his single front gun failed, the raid was carried out at a very low altitude.  By the skilful manipulation of his aircraft Pilot Officer Edy not only evaded the enemy anti-aircraft defences, but enabled his air gunner to put two machine gun posts out of action.  He remained over the target, drawing the enemy fire to himself, until the supply dropping aircraft no longer required support.  Pilot Officer Edy has shown a complete disregard of personal danger and has set a fine example by his keenness and magnificent spirit.
06.1938     left Winnipeg for England to join the RAF
14.01.1939     commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch) [short service commission]
spring 1940     pilot, 613 (City of Manchester) Squadron AuxAF (France) (DFC)
08.09.1940 - 1940 pilot, 602 (City of Glasgow) Squadron AuxAF (Battle of Britain)
11.12.1940     pilot, 315 (Polish) Squadron RAF
[Flying a Spitfire when he was shot down over Liverpool. Bailed out and descended safely.]
? - 05.12.1941 pilot, 457 (RAAF) Squadron RAF
[Killed whilst flying in Spitfire IIA, P7502 when his aircraft caught fire & spun into the ground near Ramsey, Isle of Man. He bailed out but was too low for his parachute to open.]
John Francis Durham
J.F.D. Elkington J.F.D. Elkington
J.F.D. Elkington J.F.D. Elkington
J.F.D. Elkington (Photo courtesy of Mr J.F.D. Elkington) J.F.D. Elkington
Son of Maj. Alan Durham Elkington (1890-1966), and Isabel Griffin (later re-married: Coaker) (1896-1978).
Married (Tackley, Oxfordshire) Patricia Adamson (born 1922); two sons, two daughters.
04.2009 still alive
P/O (prob)
14.07.1940 [44184]
(WS) F/O
(WS) F/Lt.
21.05.1946, seniority 14.04.1944
(A) Sq.Ldr.
01.07.1961 (retd 23.12.1975)
Education: Old Ride Preparatory School, Bournemouth; Packwood Haugh Preparatory School, Hockley Heath; Bedford School
Flight Cadet, RAF College, Cranwell
elementary flying training, No. 9 Elementary Flying Training School RAF, (Ansly, Warwickshire)
intermediate & advanced training, RAF College, Cranwell

commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch) [permanent commission]
pilot, 1 Squadron RAF (Northolt & Wittering) (Battle of Britain)
[Was shot down over Thorney Island at 1305 hrs on 16.08.1940 in his Hurricane I [P3173] while on patrol; aircraft was written off, but Elkington baled out in time & being injured was on sick leave till 01.10.1940.]
instructor, No. 55 Operational Training Unit RAF (Usworth)
601 Squadron RAF (Manston)
134 Squadron RAF (Leconfield, Russia, Eglington)
[12.08-07.09.1941 at HMS Argus, then airfield Vaenga near Murmansk; returning to UK at HMS Berwick at 01.12.1941, leaving the aircraft behind; unit reformed in UK in 01.1942]
Merchant Ship Fighter Unit RAF (Speke)
1 Squadron RAF (Acklington)
539 Squadron RAF (Acklington)
197 Squadron RAF (Drem)
67 Squadron RAF (Alipore, India)
Air Fighter Development Unit RAF (Amarda Road)
course, Central Fighter Establishment RAF (Tangmere)
Tactical & Weapons Development Unit (Ranchi)
Officer Commanding, 22 Armament Practice Camp (Ranchi)


1 Bf 109
1 Ju 88 (probable)
˝ Do 215
˝ Ju 88
Stayed on with the RAF until 1975, when he retired as a Wing Commander and set up an art and picture-framing business.
John Lawrence Wemyss
J.L.W. Ellacombe J.L.W. Ellacombe (Photo courtesy of Mr Robert Peel)

Livingstone, Northern Rhodesia
(A) P/O (prob) 23.03.1940 [43031]
P/O (prob) 13.07.1940
P/O 20.09.1940
F/O ?
(A) F/Lt. 02.1942
(WS) F/Lt. 13.07.1942
F/Lt. 01.09.1945
(A) Sq.Ldr. 1944?
Sq.Ldr. 01.07.1949
W/Cdr. 01.07.1955
Gp.Capt. ?
A/Cdre. 01.07.1968 (retd 16.04.1973)
Companion of the Order of the Bath CB 1970 ?
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 07.04.1942 *
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 29.12.1944 ?
* This officer is a keen and courageous fighter pilot. Although he was severely wounded in the Battle of Britain, Flight Lieutenant Ellacombe immediately resumed operational flying upon recovery. He has carried out numerous flights by night in all weather conditions and he has destroyed 2 and probably destroyed a further 2 enemy aircraft.
Education: Diocesan College, Rondebosch, South Africa.
1939     enlisted RAF (Cape Town, South Africa)
23.03.1940     commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch) [short service commission]
? - 13.07.1940 2 Flying Training School RAF (Brize Norton)
13.07.1940 - 02.1942 151 Squadron RAF (Martlesham Heath)
[shot down a He-111 over Hornchurch 24.08.1940; shot down a He-111 & force-landed himself near Hundsdon 30.08.1940; his aircraft Hurricane P3312 was hit & he baled out with wounds at Eastwood, Southend 31.08.1940; rejoined unit 12.1940]
02.1942 - ? Flight commander, 253 Squadron RAF (Hibaldstow)
[probably destroyed a Dornier 217 28.07.1942; hit by Flak during the Dieppe raid, baling out & being picked up from the sea 19.08.1942; rejoined unit 07.1943 at Colerne]
20.09.1943     transferred, Reserve of Air Force Officers (and called up for air force service)
? - 10.1944 pilot, 487 (RNZAF) Squadron (flew 37 sorties)
10.1944 - ? 30 Operational Training Unit RAF (Finmere, then Middleton)
01.09.1945     permanent commission, RAF (General Duties Branch)
FIMgt. Director of Scientific Services at St Thomas' Hospital, 1973 (Administrator to the Special Trustees, 1980).
Dudley Jack
D.J. Ellery
Married ((12?).1936, Portsmouth district, Hampshire) Harriett Marshman.
Brent district, Greater London
F/Sgt. ? [363380]
(A) P/O (prob) 30.05.1941, seniority 21.01.1941 [45856]
P/O 30.05.1942
(WS) F/O 02.08.1942, seniority 24.03.1942
(A) F/Lt. ?
F/Lt. 15.08.1946, seniority 01.09.1945
Sq.Ldr. 01.08.1947 (retd 08.09.1953)
Member of the Order of the British Empire MBE 01.01.1944 ?
21.01.1941     first commission, RAF (Technical Branch)
1943/45?     stationed in Ceylon
Robert Deacon
R.D. Elliott
Also known by last name: Deacon Elliott.
Son of Frank Deacon Elliott, Church Brampton, Northants.
Married (1948) Grace Joan Willes, Leamington Spa (died 20.06.2008; aged 90); two sons, one daughter.

Church Brampton, Northampton
St Leonards­on­Sea, East Sussex
P/O 10.12.1939 [76311]
... ...
Cdre. 01.07.1962 (retd 27.09.1968, retaining rank of Air Vice Marshal)
Companion of the Order of the Bath CB ? ?
Officer of the Order of the British Empire OBE ? ?
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC ? ?
Education: Northampton.
Anthony Caron
A.C. Evans-Evans (Photo courtesy of Mr G. Christian Larsen) A.C. Evans-Evans (Photo courtesy of Mr G. Christian Larsen)
A.C. Evans-Evans
Eldest son (with three brothers and one sister) of Lt.Col. Anthony Arthur Evans, OBE, MC, MICE (1874-1947), and Margaret Ann Evans (1877-1960), of Stilton, Peterborough.
Brother of F/Lt. Roland Gwynne Evans-Evans, RAF Regiment.
Married (16.09.1930, St Peter's Church, Yaxley, Peterborough, Northamptonshire) Joyce Mary "Joy" Emerton (25.05.1910 - 08.1988), younger daughter of Mr & Mrs H.R. Emerton, of Yaxley, Peterborough; one son, one daughter.
Cardiff, Glamorgan
(KIA) [age 43]
[Mierlo Cemetery, Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands, VIII.D.5]
2nd Lt. 14.06.1923 (reld 08.07.1924)
P/O 09.07.1924 [19018]
F/O 08.03.1926
F/Lt. 14.05.1930
Sq.Ldr. 01.04.1937
(T) W/Cdr. 01.03.1940
(WS) W/Cdr. 26.11.1941
(A) Gp.Capt. 26.05.1941
(T) Gp.Capt. 01.06.1942
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 16.02.1945 *
Mentioned in Despatches MID 08.06.1944 ?
* This officer has participated in operational missions against heavily defended enemy targets. On one occasion he was forced to abandon his aircraft by parachute. Despite this trying experience he has continued to show undiminished enthusiasm for operational flying. As Station Commander, Group Captain Evans-Evans has set a splendid example to the operational crews of his squadrons. This fine leadership has been largely responsible for the outstanding successes achieved by the squadrons on his Station.
Education: King's School, Peterborough.
14.06.1923 - 08.07.1924 commissioned, 5th Battalion The Northamptonshire Regiment
09.07.1924     commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch)
09.07.1924     RAF Depot (UK)
18.07.1924     No. 4 Flying School RAF (Egypt)
29.08.1925     14 Squadron RAF (Egypt) (for flying duties)
26.07.1927     Electrical and Wireless School RAF (UK) [qualified at specialist signals course]
24.08.1928     RAF Station Upper Heyford (for signals duties)
25.06.1930     25 Squadron RAF (Hawkinge) (for signals duties)
18.10.1933     84 (Bomber) Squadron RAF (Iraq) (for flying duties)
07.09.1936     RAF Station Wyton (for signals duties)
14.12.1936     114 (Bomber) Squadron RAF (for flying duties)
23.02.1937     RAF Station Scampton (for signals duties)
06.09.1937     HQ 6 Group RAF (for signals duties)
11.01.1940     HQ Bomber Command RAF (for signals duties)
17.04.1940     HQ Balloon Command RAF (for signals duties)
01.01.1941     11 Operational Training Unit RAF (for operational training)
20.01.1941     Commanding Officer, 115 Squadron RAF (Marham) (for flying duties)
[Wellington IC R3238 KO-H took off from Marham for an operation against Bremen ats 18:14 hrs. The aircraft was abandoned over Wicken Bonhunt, 4 miles SSW of Saffron Walden, Essex.]
26.05.1941     Commanding Officer, RAF Station Polebrook
29.07.1941     Commanding Officer, RAF Station Tempsford
04.09.1941     Commanding Officer, RAF Station Mildenhall
07.04.1942     Commanding Officer, 34 Operational Training Unit RAF (Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, from 27.05.1942 Pennfield Ridge, New Brunswick, Canada)
[08-16.04.1942 passage from UK to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada per m.s. "Batory"; assumed command 18.04.1942]
06.02.1943     No. 31 Personnel Depot RAF (Moncton)
13.04.1943     Commanding Officer, RAF Station Swinderby
06.09.1943     Commanding Officer, RAF Station Syerston
07.12.1943 - 21.02.1945 Commanding Officer, RAF Station Coningsby
[Killed on an operation of 83 (Pathfinder Force) Squadron RAF. Pilot of Avro Lancaster Mk III, Serial No NE165, Code Letters OL-Y. Taken off from Coningsby 17:07 hrs to mark the Mittelland Canal near Gravenhorst. This was a very experienced crew, four of whom were decorated. Evans-Evans had the DFC, which was announced on 16th February, five days previously. The aircraft was shot down by a night-fighter and crashed at 20:45 hrs at De Rips, Noord-Brabant, Holland. Seven crew member were killed. Only P/O E.H. Hansen, RAAF, survived.]

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