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Divisional troops
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Divisional information

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25.03.1942 Division REACTIVATED at Camp Claiborne, LA
15.08.1942 REORGANIZED and REDESIGNED, 82nd Airborne Division
14.10.1942 RELOCATED to Fort Bragg, NC
10.05.1943 ARRIVED Casablanca, North Africa
09.07.1943 ENTERED COMBAT, Gela, Sicily
13.09.1943 ENTERED COMBAT, Salerno, Italy
19.11.1943 ARRIVED England
06.06.1944 ENTERED COMBAT, Normandy, France
09.06.1944 [read more] PFC DeGlopper earns Medal of Honor
21.09.1944 [read more] Pvt. Towle earns Medal of Honor
20.01.1945 [read more] 1st Sgt. Funk earns Medal of Honor
03.01.1946 ARRIVED United States

Days in Combat 194
Prisoners of War Taken 157835
Call sign Champion

Individual Awards

Lorraine in WWI
St. Mihiel in WWI
Meuse-Argonne in WWI
Sicily in WWII
Naples-Foggia in WWII
Normandy in WWII
Rhineland in WWII
Ardennes-Alsace in WWII
Central Europe in WWII
Tet Counteroffensive in Vietnam
Counteroffensive, Phase IV in Vietnam
Counteroffensive, Phase V in Vietnam
Counteroffensive, Phase VI in Vietnam
Tet 69/Counteroffensive in Vietnam
Summer/Fall 1969 in Vietnam
Winter-Spring 1970 in Vietnam

Commanding General (CG)

00.03.1942 Maj.-Gen. Omar N. Bradley
00.06.1942 Maj.-Gen. Matthew B. Ridgway
27.08.1944 Brig.-Gen. James M. Gavin
18.10.1944 Maj.-Gen. James M. Gavin

Assistent Division Commander

00.08.1942 Brig.-Gen. William M. Miley
15.04.1943 Brig.-Gen. Charles L. Keerans (Jr.)
11.07.1943 Brig.-Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor (acting)
04.10.1943 Brig.-Gen. James M. Gavin
26.08.1943 VACANT
13.12.1944 Col. Ira P. Swift
20.03.1945 Brig.-Gen. Ira P. Swift

Artillery Commander

09.12.1943 Col. Francis A. March
09.02.1944 Brig.-Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor
22.02.1944 Col. Francis A. March
08.03.1944 Col. Leumuel Mathewson
22.05.1944 Col. Francis A. March
16.11.1944 Brig.-Gen. Francis A. March

Chief of Staff

09.12.1943 Col. Ralph P. Eaton
28.08.1944 Lt.-Col. Robert H. Wienecke
29.08.1944 Col. Robert H. Wienecke

Assistent Chief of Staff G-1

09.12.1943 Lt.-Col. Frederick M. Schellhammer
28.08.1944 Maj. Alfred W. Ireland (Jr.)
06.11.1944 Lt.-Col. Alfred W. Ireland (Jr.)

Assistent Chief of Staff G-2

09.12.1943 Lt.-Col. Whitfield Jack
28.08.1944 Lt.-Col. Walter F. Winton (Jr.)

Assistent Chief of Staff G-3

09.12.1943 Lt.-Col. Paul L. Turner (Jr.)
17.02.1944 Lt.-Col. Robert H. Wienecke
28.08.1944 Maj. John Norton
26.08.1944 Lt.-Col. John Norton

Assistent Chief of Staff G-4

09.12.1943 Lt.-Col. Robert H. Wienecke
17.02.1944 Maj. Bennie A. Zinn
01.06.1944 Lt.-Col. Bennie A. Zinn
07.06.1944 Lt.-Col. Frank W. Moorman (acting)
17.06.1944 Lt.-Col. Frank W. Moorman
28.08.1944 Maj. Albert G. Martin
11.11.1944 Lt.-Col. Albert G. Martin

Assistent Chief of Staff G-5

22.05.1944 Capt. Peter Shouvaloff
13.12.1944 Capt. Arthur W. Seward
12.02.1945 Maj. Arthur W. Seward

Adjutant General

09.12.1943 Maj. Raymond M. Britton
01.02.1944 Lt.-Col. Raymond M. Britton
23.02.1945 Maj. Maurice E. Stuart

Divisional troops


504th Parachute Infantry Regiment 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
505th Parachute Infantry Regiment 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
325th Glider Infantry Regiment 00.00.0000-00.00.0000

Field Artillery (FA)
376th Parachute FA Battalion (75mm) 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
456th Parachute FA Battalion (75mm) 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
319th Glider FA Battalion (75mm) 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
320th Glider FA Battalion (75mm, later 105mm (before entering combat)) 00.00.0000-00.00.0000

Other troops
307th Airborne Engineer Battalion 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
80th Airborne AA Battalion 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
82nd Parachute Maintenance Company 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
82nd Airborne MP Platoon 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
82nd Airborne Reconnaissance Platoon 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
82nd Airborne Signal Company 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
782nd Airborne Ordance Maintenance Company 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
307th Airborne Medical Company 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
407th Airborne Quartermaster Company 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
Hq & Hq Company 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
Hq & Hq Battery Divisional Artillery 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
82nd Counter Intelligence Corps Detachment 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
Band 00.00.0000-00.00.0000


Anti-Aircraft Artillery (AAA)
C Battery, 563rd AAA AW Battalion (Mobile) 24.12.1944-26.12.1944
634th AAA AW Battalion (Mobile) 06.02.1945-19.02.1945
580th AAA AW Battalion (Mobile) 28.04.1945-30.04.1945
445th AAA AW Battalion (Mobile) 01.05.1945

C Company, 746th Tank Battalion 04.06.1944-10.06.1944
A Company, 746th Tank Battalion 13.06.1944-16.06.1944
2nd Irish Guards, Guards Armored Division (British) 16.09.1944-23.10.1944
Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry 19.09.1944-22.10.1944
2 Squadrons, 2nd Irish Guards, Guards Armored Division (British) 23.10.1944-10.11.1944
27th Armored Regiment (Canadian) 10.11.1944-12.11.1944
14th Tank Battalion, 9th Armored Division 23.12.1944-24.12.1944
740th Tank Battalion 30.12.1944-11.01.1945 & 27.01.1945-07.02.1945
B Company, 774th Tank Battalion 09.02.1945-19.02.1945
4th Battalion Royal Tank Regiment, 79th Armored Division (British) 29.04.1945-30.04.1945 & 02.05.1945-03.05.1945
A & C Companies, 740th Tank Battalion 30.04.1945-01.05.1945
CC B, 7th Armored Division 01.05.1945-04.05.1945

B Troop, 4th Cavalry Recon. Squadron 10.06.1944-19.06.1944
One Squadron Royals (British) 20.09.1944-22.09.1944
32nd Cavalry Recon. Squadron 28.01.1945-31.01.1945
One Platoon, F Company, 32nd Cavalry Recon. Squadron 02.02.1945-06.02.1945

B Company, 87th Chemical Mortar Battalion 16.06.1944-18.06.1944
B Company, 86th Chemical Mortar Battalion 25.12.1944-11.01.1945
A Company, 87th Chemical Mortar Battalion 26.01.1945-31.01.1945
C Company, 90th Chemical Mortar Battalion 13.02.1945-19.02.1945
One Section, 74th Chemical SG Company 05.04.1945-22.04.1945
89th Chemical Mortar Battalion 30.04.1945-01.05.1945

596th Engineer Company 02.01.1945-11.01.1945 & 03.02.1945-05.02.1945 & 08.02.1945-09.02.1945
1130th Engineer Combat Group 26.04.1945
C Company, 12th Engineer Combat Battalion, 8th Infantry Division 01.05.1945

Field Artillery (FA)
456th FA Battalion 08.06.1944-10.06.1944 & 15.06.1944-17.06.1944
87th FA Battalion 14.06.1944-17.06.1944
188th FA Battalion (155mm Howitzer) 14.06.1944-19.06.1944
87th Armored FA Battalion 16.06.1944-19.06.1944
254th FA Battalion (155mm Howitzer) 21.12.1944-11.01.1945 & 26.01.1945-19.02.1945
591st FA Battalion, 106th Infantry Division (105mm Howitzer) 29.12.1944-09.01.1945
460th Parachute FA Battalion 02.01.1945-11.01.1945 & 24.01.1945-00.00.0000 & 03.02.1945-05.02.1945 & 08.02.1945-09.02.1945
275th FA Battalion 06.01.1945-11.01.1945
400th Armored FA Battalion (105mm Howitzer) 26.01.1945-19.02.1945
987th FA Battalion (less A & C Batteries) (155mm Gun) 15.02.1945-19.02.1945
417th FA Group 05.04.1945-27.04.1945
672nd FA Battalion (155mm Howitzer) 05.04.1945-14.04.1945
805th FA Battalion (155mm Howitzer) 05.04.1945-17.04.1945
746th FA Battalion (8 inch Howitzer) 05.04.1945-27.04.1945
546th FA Battalion (155mm Gun) 10.04.1945-17.04.1945
790th FA Battalion (8 inch Howitzer) 12.04.1945-15.04.1945
541st FA Battalion (155mm Gun) 13.04.1945-17.04.1945 & 20.04.1945-27.04.1945
942nd FA Battalion (155mm Howitzer) 19.04.1945-24.04.1945
74th FA Battalion (105mm Howitzer) 19.04.1945-27.04.1945
661st FA Battalion (8 inch Howitzer) 19.04.1945-27.04.1945
294th FA Obsn Battalion 26.04.1945
43rd FA Battalion, 8th Infantry Division (105mm Howitzer) 28.04.1945-01.05.1945
36th FA Battalion, 8th Infantry Division (105mm Howitzer) 30.04.1945-01.05.1945
280th FA Battalion (105mm Howitzer) 30.04.1945-07.05.1945
Hq & Hq Battery, 205th FA Battalion 02.05.1945-07.05.1945
207th FA Battalion (8 inch Howitzer) 02.05.1945-07.05.1945
768th FA Battalion (155mm Howitzer) 02.05.1945-07.05.1945


508th Parachute Infantry Regiment 14.06.1944-21.06.1944 & 23.01.1945-09.05.1945
507th Parachute Infantry Regiment 14.06.1944-01.03.1945
2nd Battalion, 401st Glider Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division 06.06.1944-01.03.1945
5th Coldstream Guards, Guards Armored Division (British) 19.09.1944-22.09.1944
502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division 04.10.1944-05.10.1944
3rd Battalion, 112th Infantry Regiment, 28th Infantry Division 23.12.1944-25.12.1944
551st Parachute Infantry Battalion 26.12.1944-13.01.1945 & 21.01.1945-27.01.1945
517th Parachute Infantry Battalion 01.01.1945-11.01.1945
517th Parachute Infantry Battalion (less 2nd Battalion) 23.01.1945-26.01.1945
517th Parachute Infantry Battalion (less 3rd Battalion) 03.02.1945-05.02.1945 & 09.02.1945-10.02.1945
341st Infantry Regiment, 86th Infantry Division 05.04.1945
3rd Company, 22nd Fusilliers Battalion (Belgian) 22.04.1945-27.04.1945
13th Infantry Regiment, 8th Infantry Division 29.04.1945-01.05.1945
121st Infantry Regiment, 8th Infantry Division 30.04.1945-01.05.1945

Tank Destroyer (TD)

C Company, 899th TD Battalion (SP) 16.06.1944-18.06.1944
B Company, 703rd TD Battalion (SP) 21.12.1944-02.01.1945
C Company, 703rd TD Battalion (SP) 26.12.1944-02.01.1945
628th TD Battalion (T) 02.01.1945-11.01.1945
643rd TD Battalion (SP) 04.01.1945-05.01.1945
B Company, 643rd TD Battalion (SP) 07.01.1945-11.01.1945 & 27.01.1945-02.02.1945
C Company, 643rd TD Battalion (SP) 21.01.1945-28.01.1945
A Company, 643rd TD Battalion (SP) 25.01.1945-02.02.1945
629th TD Battalion (SP) 01.02.1945-19.02.1945
Two Platoons, 893rd TD Battalion (SP) 09.02.1945-11.02.1945
12th TD Group 19.04.1945-25.04.1945
605th TD Battalion (T) 29.04.1945-30.04.1945 & 02.05.1945-07.05.1945
A Company, 644th TD Battalion (SP) 30.04.1945-01.05.1945 & 07.05.1945-09.05.1945


Date Assigned to Corps Assigned to Army Attached to Army Assigned to Army Group Attached to Army Group
09.12.1943     First Army ETOUSA  
14.01.1944 XV Corps        
19.02.1944 VIII Corps   First Army    
13.03.1944 VIII Corps First Army      
06.06.1944 VII Corps First Army      
19.06.1944 VIII Corps First Army      
13.07.1944     Ninth Army    
12.08.1944 XVIII Airborne Corps First Allied Airborne Army      
17.09.1944 I Airborne Corps (British) First Allied Airborne Army     21st Army Group (British)
09.10.1944 XXX Corps (British) First Allied Airborne Army Second Army (British)   21st Army Group (British)
09.11.1944 II Corps (Canadian) First Allied Airborne Army First Army (Canadian)   21st Army Group (British)
13.11.1944 II Corps (Canadian) First Allied Airborne Army     21st Army Group (British)
17.12.1944 VIII Corps First Allied Airborne Army First Army   21st Army Group (British)
18.12.1944 V Corps First Allied Airborne Army First Army   12th Army Group
19.12.1944 XVIII Airborne Corps First Allied Airborne Army First Army   12th Army Group
20.12.1944 XVIII Airborne Corps First Allied Airborne Army First Army   21st Army Group (British)
18.01.1945 XVIII Airborne Corps First Allied Airborne Army First Army    
14.02.1945 III Corps First Allied Airborne Army     12th Army Group
19.02.1945   First Allied Airborne Army      
31.03.1945 XXII Corps First Allied Airborne Army Fifteenth Army   12th Army Group
30.04.1945 XVIII Airborne Corps First Allied Airborne Army Ninth Army   21st Army Group (British)


Unit Attached to  
2nd Battalion, 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment Guards Armored Division (British) 19.09.1944-00.00.0000
B Company, 80th Airborne AA Battalion 7th Armored Division 21.01.1945-23.01.1945
319th Glider FA Battalion 7th Armored Division 21.01.1945-23.01.1945
504th Parachute Infantry Regiment 75th Infantry Division 01.01.1945-03.01.1945

Command Posts

Date Town Region Country
09.12.1943 Castle Dawson   Northern Ireland
14.02.1944 Leicester (Braunstone Park) Leicestershire England
06.06.1944 Ste-Mere-Eglise (vicinity) Manche France
13.07.1944 Leicester (Braunstone Park) Leicestershire England
17.09.1944 Nijmegen (vicinity South) Gelderland Netherlands
01.12.1944 Sissone Aisne France
18.12.1944 Werbomont Liege Belgium
19.12.1944 Habiemont Liege Belgium
21.12.1944 Lierneux Liege Belgium
22.12.1944 Bra Liege Belgium
24.12.1944 Habiemont Liege Belgium
01.01.1945 Chevron Liege Belgium
03.01.1945 Bassebodeux Liege Belgium
05.01.1945 Abrefontaine Liege Belgium
12.01.1945 Nonceveux Liege Belgium
26.01.1945 Hunnage Liege Belgium
28.01.1945 Medell Liege Belgium
29.01.1945 Wereth Liege Belgium
30.01.1945 Holzheim Liege Belgium
05.02.1945 Stavelot Luxembourg Belgium
08.02.1945 Rott Rhineland Germany
10.02.1945 Hurtgen Rhineland Germany
18.02.1945 Rott Rhineland Germany
19.02.1945 Sissone Aisne France
02.04.1945 Weiden Rhineland Germany
27.04.1945 Hohenzethen Hannover Germany
29.04.1945 Bleckede Hannover Germany
01.05.1945 Neuhaus Hannover Germany
03.05.1945 Ludwigslust Mecklenburg Germany

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