Regimental information

Constituted 24.06.1942
Activated 06.07.1942

Tet Counteroffensive in Vietnam
Counteroffensive, Phase IV in Vietnam
Counteroffensive, Phase V in Vietnam
Counteroffensive, Phase VI in Vietnam
Tet 69/Counteroffensive in Vietnam
Summer/Fall 1969 in Vietnam
Winter-Spring 1970 in Vietnam
Dominican Republic in the Armed Forces Expeditions
Grenada in the Armed Forces Expeditions
Defense of Saudi Arabia in Southwest Asia
Liberation and Defense of Kuwait in Southwest Asia
Air Campagne in Kosovo
Defense of Kosovo in Kosovo

Commanding Officer (CO)

00.00.0000-00.10.1943 Col. James M. Gavin
09.12.1943 Lt.-Col. Herbert F. Batchellor
22.03.1944 Lt.-Col. William E. Ekman
22.07.1944 Col. William E. Ekman


00.00.0000-00.00.0000 82th Airborne Division

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