First US Army

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Formed on 01.10.1933

Normandy WWII
Northern France WWII
Rhineland WWII
Ardennes-Alsace WWII
Central Europe WWII

Commanding General (CG)
05.11.1938-30.09.1943 Lt.-Gen. Hugh A. Drum
08.10.1943-10.10.1943 Lt.-Gen. George Grunert *
01.01.1944-31.07.1944 Lt.-Gen. Omar N. Bradley **
01.08.1944-31.01.1949 Lt.-Gen. Courtney H. Hodges
* Grunert brought First Army staff to the UK, sailing for Bristol on 12.10.1943. So, it's well possible that his actual command exceeds the date given here. [Omar N. Bradley, A general's life, 1983, p. 212]
** Bradley states that (from 10.1943 on?) he had the dual command of First US Army Group (FUSAG) at London and First Army at Bristol. [Omar N. Bradley, A general's life, 1983, p. 212]
Official date of taking command seems to be 01.01.1944 [The Army almanac, 2nd ed., 1959, p. 78; Webster's American military biographies, 1978, p. 39], although also 06.03.1944 is found [The Army almanac, 2nd ed., 1959, p. 639].

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