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Divisional information Top

Activated 15.07.1940
Arrived ETO 24.11.1943
Arrived Continent (D+3) 09.06.1944
Entered Combat (first elements) 08.11.1942 (at Casablanca)
Entered Combat (first elements) 13.07.1944 (on continent)
Entered Combat (entire division) 10.07.1943 (Sicily)
Entered Combat (entire division) 02.07.1944 (on continent)
Call sign Powerhouse

Days in Combat ?
Prisoners of War Taken 76.963

Casualties (Tentative)
Killed 1.102
Wounded 5.331
Missing 253
Captured 65
Battle Casualties 6.751
Non-Battle Casualties 7.116
Total Casualties 13.867
Percent of T/O Strength 95.9%

Individual Awards

Medal of Honor Recipients
BURT, James M.
Rank and organization: Captain, U.S. Army, Company B, 66th Armored Regiment, 2d Armored Division.
Place and date: Near Wurselen, Germany, 13 October 1944.
Citation: Capt. James M. Burt was in command of Company B, 66th Armored Regiment on the western outskirts of Wurselen, Germany, on 13 October 1944, when his organization participated in a coordinated infantry-tank attack destined to isolate the large German garrison which was tenaciously defending the city of Aachen. In the first day's action, when infantrymen ran into murderous small-arms and mortar fire, Capt. Burt dismounted from his tank about 200 yards to the rear and moved forward on foot beyond the infantry positions, where, as the enemy concentrated a tremendous volume of fire upon him, he calmly motioned his tanks into good firing positions. As our attack gained momentum, he climbed aboard his tank and directed the action from the rear deck, exposed to hostile volleys which finally wounded him painfully in the face and neck. He maintained his dangerous post despite pointblank self-propelled gunfire until friendly artillery knocked out these enemy weapons, and then proceeded to the advanced infantry scouts' positions to deploy his tanks for the defense of the gains which had been made. The next day, when the enemy counterattacked, he left cover and went 75 yards through heavy fire to assist the infantry battalion commander who was seriously wounded. For the next 8 days, through rainy, miserable weather and under constant, heavy shelling, Capt. Burt held the combined forces together, dominating and controlling the critical situation through the sheer force of his heroic example. To direct artillery fire, on 15 October, he took his tank 300 yards into the enemy lines, where he dismounted and remained for 1 hour giving accurate data to friendly gunners. Twice more that day he went into enemy territory under deadly fire on reconnaissance. In succeeding days he never faltered in his determination to defeat the strong German forces opposing him. Twice the tank in which he was riding was knocked out by enemy action, and each time he climbed aboard another vehicle and continued the fight. He took great risks to rescue wounded comrades and inflicted prodigious destruction on enemy personnel and materiel even though suffering from the wounds he received in the battle's opening phase. Capt. Burt's intrepidity and disregard of personal safety were so complete that his own men and the infantry who attached themselves to him were inspired to overcome the wretched and extremely hazardous conditions which accompanied one of the most bitter local actions of the war. The victory achieved closed the Aachen gap.
Rank and organization: Second Lieutenant (then Sergeant), U.S. Army, 2d Armored Division.
Place and date: Near Gagliano, Sicily, 31 July 1943.
Citation: On 31 July 1943, near Gagliano, Sicily, a detachment of 1 officer and 9 enlisted men, including Sgt. Kisters, advancing ahead of the leading elements of U.S. troops to fill a large crater in the only available vehicle route through Gagliano, was taken under fire by 2 enemy machineguns. Sgt. Kisters and the officer, unaided and in the face of intense small arms fire, advanced on the nearest machinegun emplacement and succeeded in capturing the gun and its crew of 4. Although the greater part of the remaining small arms fire was now directed on the captured machinegun position, Sgt. Kisters voluntarily advanced alone toward the second gun emplacement. While creeping forward, he was struck 5 times by enemy bullets, receiving wounds in both legs and his right arm. Despite the wounds, he continued to advance on the enemy, and captured the second machinegun after killing 3 of its crew and forcing the fourth member to flee. The courage of this soldier and his unhesitating willingness to sacrifice his life, if necessary, served as an inspiration to the command.
Rank and organization: Sergeant, U.S. Army, 41st Armored Infantry, 2d Armored Division.
Place and date: Near Grimesnil, France, 29 July 1944.
Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of life above and beyond the call of duty. On the night of 29 July 1944, near Grimesnil, France, during an enemy armored attack, Sgt. Whittington, a squad leader, assumed command of his platoon when the platoon leader and platoon sergeant became missing in action. He reorganized the defense and, under fire, courageously crawled between gun positions to check the actions of his men. When the advancing enemy attempted to penetrate a roadblock, Sgt. Whittington, completely disregarding intense enemy action, mounted a tank and by shouting through the turret, directed it into position to fire pointblank at the leading Mark V German tank. The destruction of this vehicle blocked all movement of the remaining enemy column consisting of over 100 vehicles of a Panzer unit. The blocked vehicles were then destroyed by handgrenades, bazooka, tank, and artillery fire and large numbers of enemy personnel were wiped out by a bold and resolute bayonet charge inspired by Sgt. Whittington. When the medical aid man had become a casualty, Sgt. Whittington personally administered first aid to his wounded men. The dynamic leadership, the inspiring example, and the dauntless courage of Sgt. Whittington, above and beyond the call of duty, are in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service.


Commanding General (CG)
15.07.1940 Maj.-Gen. Charles L. Scott
00.11.1940 Brig.-Gen. George S. Patton (Jr.)
00.01.1942 Lt.-Gen. (?) Willis D. Crittenberger
00.07.1942 Maj.-Gen. Ernest N. Harmon
07.04.1943 Brig.-Gen. Allen F. Kingman
06.05.1943 Maj.-Gen. Hugh J. Gaffey
18.03.1944 Maj.-Gen. Edward H. Brooks
12.09.1944 Maj.-Gen. Ernest N. Harmon
18.01.1945 Brig.-Gen. Isaac D. White
23.03.1945 Maj.-Gen. Isaac D. White

Artillery Commander
24.11.1943 Col. Thomas A. Roberts (Jr.)
05.08.1944 Lt.-Col. Carl I. Hutton
02.11.1944 Col. Carl I. Hutton

Chief of Staff
24.11.1943 Col. Redding F. Perry
18.03.1944 Col. Charles D. Pamer
29.09.1944 Col. Clayton J. Mansfield
30.12.1944 Col. Gustavus W. West

Assistant Chief of Staff G-1
24.11.1943 Lt.-Col. Harold M. Forde
07.10.1944 Maj. Calvin S. Hannum
10.01.1945 Lt.-Col. Calvin S. Hannum

Assistant Chief of Staff G-2
24.11.1943 Lt.-Col. Harold M. Forde
27.04.1944 Lt.-Col. Jesse M. Hawkins (Jr.)
09.09.1944 Maj. Eugene A. Trahan
16.12.1944 Lt.-Col. Eugene A. Trahan

Assistant Chief of Staff G-3
24.11.1943 Maj. Lindsay C. Herkness (Jr.)
27.12.1943 Lt.-Col. Russell W. Jenna
23.01.1945 Lt.-Col. Briard P. Johnson
24.04.1945 Lt.-Col. Jasper J. Wilson

Assistant Chief of Staff G-4
19.02.1944 Lt.-Col. Charles C. Peterson
15.12.1944 Lt.-Col. Lewis M. Flint

Assistant Chief of Staff G-5
19.02.1944 Maj. Marcel F.J. Brunow
15.07.1944 Lt.-Col. Marcel F.J. Brunow
11.12.1944 Maj. Byron L. Connell (acting)
26.12.1944 Lt.-Col. Marcel F.J. Brunow

Adjutant General
24.11.1943 Lt.-Col. Robert H. Shell
19.03.1945 Maj. Clem G. Hailey
07.04.1945 Maj. Robert F. Smith

Commanding Officer, Combat Command A
24.11.1943 Brig.-Gen. Maurice Rose
04.08.1944 Col. John H. Collier
12.11.1944 Brig.-Gen. John H. Collier

Commanding Officer, Combat Command B
24.11.1943 Col. Isaac D. White
28.05.1944 Brig.-Gen. Isaac D. White
19.01.1945 Col. Sidney R. Hinds
21.03.1945 Brig-Gen. Sidney R. Hinds

Divisional troops Top


2nd Armored Brigade 15.07.1940-07.01.1942
CO: Brig.-Gen. George S. Patton (Jr.) 15.07.1940-00.11.1940
- 66th Armored Regiment (Light) 15.07.1940-07.01.1942
- 67th Armored Regiment (Medium) 15.07.1940-07.01.1942
- 68th Armored Regiment (Light) 15.07.1940-07.01.1942
66th Armored Regiment 08.01.1942-end of war
67th Armored Regiment 08.01.1942-end of war

Field Artillery (FA)

Headquarters & Headquarters Battery 08.01.1942-end of war
14th Armored FA Battalion 15.07.1940-end of war
78th Armored FA Battalion 15.07.1940-end of war
92nd Armored FA Battalion 08.01.1942-end of war


41st Armored Infantry Regiment 15.07.1940-end of war

Other troops

Headquarters & Headquarters Company 15.07.1940-end of war
Hq & Hq Company, Division Trains 08.01.1942-end of war
Hq & Hq Company, Combat Command A (CCA) 08.01.1942-end of war
Hq & Hq Company, Combat Command B (CCB) 08.01.1942-end of war
48th Signal Company 15.07.1940-07.01.1942
142nd Armored Signal Company 08.01.1942-end of war
17th Armored Engineer Battalion 15.07.1940-end of war
2nd Reconnaissance Battalion 15.07.1940-07.01.1942
CO: Maj. Isaac D. White 15.07.1940-00.00.0000
82nd Armored Reconnaissance Battalion 08.01.1942-end of war
17th Ordnance Battalion 15.07.1940-07.01.1942
2nd Ordnance Maintenance Battalion 08.01.1942-end of war
48th Armored Medical Battalion 15.07.1940-end of war
14th Armored Quartermaster Battalion 15.07.1940-07.01.1942
Supply Battalion 08.01.1942-end of war
Service Company 15.07.1940-end of war
Military Police Platoon 00.00.0000-00.00.0000

Attachments Top

Antiaircraft Artillery (AAA)

195th AAA AW Battalion (SP) 11.06.1944-end of war
C & D Batteries, 129th AAA Gun Battalion (Mobile) 25.07.1944-30.07.1944
A & B Batteries, 474th AAA AW Battalion (SP) 28.07.1944-31.07.1944


B Squad, 1st Fife & Forfar Yeo, 79th Armored Division (British) 15.11.1944-24.11.1944 & 25.12.1944-18.01.1945
40th Tank Battalion, 7th Armored Division 23.11.1944-24.11.1944
Elements, 738th Tank Battalion (Mine Exploder) 12.01.1945-17.01.1945
A Company, 739th Tank Battalion 27.02.1945-05.03.1945


24th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron 25.07.1944-28.07.1944
113th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron 06.08.1944-15.08.1944
1st Platoon, 30th Reconnaissance Troop, 30th Infantry Division 07.08.1944-12.08.1944
4th Cavalry Group 23.12.1944-31.12.1944


B Company, 327th Engineer Combat Battalion, 102nd Infantry Division 16.11.1944-25.11.1944
B Company, 105th Engineer Combat Battalion, 30th Infantry Division 02.04.1945-16.04.1945

Field Artillery (FA)

65th Armored FA Battalion 03.07.1944-08.07.1944 & 13.07.1944-30.09.1944 & 05.10.1944-21.12.1944 & 05.02.1945-10.03.1945 & 27.03.1945-19.04.1945
62nd Armored FA Battalion 25.07.1944-22.09.1944 & 06.10.1944-25.10.1944
258th FA Battalion (155mm Gun) 06.08.1944-26.08.1944 & 03.10.1944-30.10.1944
70th FA Battalion (105mm Howitzer) 25.10.1944-03.11.1944
557th FA Battalion (155mm Gun) 30.10.1944-08.11.1944
83rd Armored FA Battalion 04.11.1944-24.11.1944
380th FA Battalion, 102nd Infantry Division (105mm Howitzer) 17.11.1944-25.11.1944
957th FA Battalion (155mm Howitzer) 22.12.1944-17.01.1945
87th Armored FA Battalion 22.12.1944-19.01.1945
696th Armored FA Battalion 06.02.1945-10.03.1945 & 26.03.1945-19.04.1945
258th FA Group 26.02.1945-05.03.1945
113th FA Battalion, 30th Infantry Division (155mm Howitzer) 02.04.1945-05.04.1945
197th FA Battalion, 30th Infantry Division (105mm Howitzer) 02.04.1945-17.04.1945


22nd CT, 4th Infantry Division 21.07.1944-01.08.1944
- 44th FA Battalion, 4th Infantry Division (105mm Howitzer) 21.07.1944-01.08.1944
- 1st Platoon, C Company, 4th Engineer Combat Battalion, 4th Infantry Division 21.07.1944-01.08.1944
2nd Battalion, 119th Infantry Regiment, 30th Infantry Division 02.08.1944-12.08.1944 & 11.11.1944-28.11.1944
3rd Battalion, 119th Infantry Regiment, 30th Infantry Division 03.08.1944-04.08.1944
3rd Battalion, 120th Infantry Regiment, 30th Infantry Division 09.08.1944-12.08.1944
3rd Battalion, 8th Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Division 11.08.1944-14.08.1944
99th Infantry Battalion 15.08.1944-18.09.1944
3rd Battalion, 116th Infantry Regiment, 29th Infantry Division 04.10.1944-29.10.1944
2nd Battalion, 116th Infantry Regiment, 29th Infantry Division 08.10.1944-11.10.1944
405th Infantry Regiment, 102nd Infantry Division 26.10.1944-03.11.1944
1st Battalion, 405th Infantry Regiment, 102nd Infantry Division 03.11.1944-06.11.1944
406th Infantry Regiment, 102nd Infantry Division (less 1st Battalion 06.11.1944-25.11.1944
1st Battalion, 406th Infantry Regiment, 102nd Infantry Division 09.11.1944-25.11.1944
335th CT, 84th Infantry Division 22.11.1944-24.11.1944
1st Battalion, 119th Infantry Regiment, 30th Infantry Division 25.11.1944-03.12.1944
60th CT, 9th Infantry Division 22.12.1944-23.12.1944
2nd Battalion, 291st Infantry Regiment, 75th Infantry Division 25.12.1944-28.12.1944
1st, 2nd & 3rd Battalions, 335th Infantry Regiment, 84th Infantry Division 01.01.1945-10.01.1945
335th Infantry Regiment, 84th Infantry Division 01.01.1945-11.01.1945
1st & 2nd Battalion, 333rd Infantry Regiment, 84th Infantry Division 10.01.1945-17.01.1945
3rd Battalion, 333rd Infantry Regiment, 84th Infantry Division 10.01.1945-17.01.1945
331st Infantry Regiment, 83rd Infantry Division 28.02.1945-01.03.1945
- 908th FA Battalion, 83rd Infantry Division (105mm Howitzer) 28.02.1945-01.03.1945
- C Company, 308th Engineer Combat Battalion 28.02.1945-01.03.1945
379th Infantry Regiment, 95th Infantry Division 01.03.1945-04.03.1945
337th Infantry Regiment, 95th Infantry Division 29.03.1945-02.04.1945
119th Infantry Regiment, 30th Infantry Division 02.04.1945-17.04.1945

Tank Destroyer (TD)

702nd TD Battalion (SP) 11.06.1944-21.09.1944 & 01.10.1944-07.02.1945 & 27.02.1945-end of war
A Company, 814th TD Battalion 23.11.1944-24.11.1944

Assignments Top

Date Assigned to Corps Assigned to Army Attached to Army Assigned to Army Group Attached to Army Group
24.11.1943   First Army   ETOUSA  
27.11.1943 VII Corps First Army      
08.02.1944 XIX Corps First Army      
12.06.1944 V Corps First Army      
18.07.1944 VII Corps First Army      
02.08.1944 XIX Corps First Army   12th Army Group  
07.08.1944 VII Corps First Army   12th Army Group  
13.08.1944 XIX Corps First Army   12th Army Group  
18.08.1944 V Corps First Army   12th Army Group  
19.08.1944 XIX Corps First Army   12th Army Group  
28.08.1944 XV Corps First Army   12th Army Group  
29.08.1944 XIX Corps First Army   12th Army Group  
22.10.1944 XIX Corps Ninth Army   12th Army Group  
22.12.1944 VII Corps First Army   12th Army Group 21st Army Group (British)
18.01.1945 VII Corps First Army   12th Army Group  
16.02.1945 XIX Corps Ninth Army   12th Army Group 21st Army Group (British)
04.04.1945 XIX Corps Ninth Army   12th Army Group  
08.05.1945   Ninth Army   12th Army Group  

Detachments Top

Unit Attached to  
1st Battalion, 66th Armored Regiment 101st Airborne Division 16.06.1944-28.06.1944
1st Battalion, 66th Armored Regiment 83rd Infantry Division 28.06.1944-06.07.1944
CCA XIX Corps 28.07.1944-16.08.1944
G Company, 66th Armored Regiment 113th Cavalry Group 22.09.1944-01.10.1944
3rd Battalion, 66th Armored Regiment 30th Infantry Division 12.10.1944-22.10.1944
A Company, 67th Armored Regiment 7th Armored Group 18.12.1944-22.12.1944
82nd Armored Reconnaissance Battalion 4th Cavalry Group 19.01.1945-21.01.1945
78th Armored FA Battalion 4th Cavalry Group 19.01.1945-21.01.1945
2nd Armored Divisional Artillery 30th Infantry Division 07.02.1945-27.02.1945
CCB 3rd Infantry Division 26.02.1945-27.02.1945
E Company, 17th Armored Engineer Battalion 1153rd Engineer Combat Group 09.03.1945-31.03.1945
2nd Armored Divisional Artillery 113th Cavalry Group 11.03.1945-26.03.1945
CCR 83rd Infantry Division 14.04.1945-20.04.1945
3rd Battalion, 67th Armored Regiment 83rd Infantry Division 19.04.1945-30.04.1945

Command Posts Top

Date Town Region Country
27.11.1943 Tidworth Wiltshire England
07.06.1944 St-Laurent-sur-Mer Calvados France
10.06.1944 La Mine Calvados France
02.07.1944 St-Paul-du-Vernay (vic NW) Calvados France
18.07.1944 La Mine Calvados France
24.07.1944 Le Dezert Manche France
25.07.1944 Pont Herbert (vic W) Manche France
26.07.1944 Notre-Dame-de-Cenilly (vic SW) Manche France
03.08.1944 Percy (vic S) Manche France
04.08.1944 Courson (vic N) Manche France
07.08.1944 Le Teilleul (1 Mi NE) Manche France
10.08.1944 Barenton (2 Mi W) Manche France
18.08.1944 Sees (1 mi S) Orne France
19.08.1944 Longny-au-Perche (vic W) Orne France
20.08.1944 Brezolles (vic N) Eure-et-Loire France
25.08.1944 Le Neubourg (3 mi S) Eure France
27.08.1944 Mantes-Gassicourt (4 mi W) Eure France
30.08.1944 Magny-en-Vexin (vic N) Seinte-et-Oise France
31.08.1944 Beauvais (2 mi S) Oise France
01.09.1944 Peronne (vic NW) Somme France
02.09.1944 Rumes Hainaut Belgium
06.09.1944 Archennes (vic W) Brabant Belgium
08.09.1944 Louvain (vic SE) Brabant Belgium
09.09.1944 Hasselt (4 mi W) Limbourg Belgium
16.09.1944 Maastricht (2 mi NE) Limburg Netherlands
18.09.1944 Schimmert Limburg Netherlands
19.09.1944 Oirsbeek (1 mi SE) Limburg Netherlands
04.10.1944 Nieuwenhagen Limburg Netherlands
09.10.1944 Grotenrath Rhineland Germany
11.10.1944 Waubach Limburg Netherlands
11.11.1944 Palenberg (1/2 mi E) Rhineland Germany
17.11.1944 Ubach (1 mi SE) Rhineland Germany
24.11.1944 Baesweiler (1/2 mi SE) Rhineland Germany
22.12.1944 Havelange (2 mi S) Namur Belgium
25.12.1944 Mohiville (1 mi W) Namur Namur
28.12.1944 Leignon Namur Belgium
29.12.1944 Mohiville (1 mi W) Namur Belgium
02.01.1945 Weris Luxembourg Belgium
07.01.1945 Fisenne Luxembourg Belgium
11.01.1945 Erpigny Luxembourg Belgium
13.01.1945 Odeigne Luxembourg Belgium
14.01.1945 St-Jean (Farm) Luxembourg Belgium
20.01.1945 Florze Liege Belgium
03.02.1945 Gulpen (1 mi W) Limburg Netherlands
24.02.1945 Aachen (2 mi NW) Rhineland Germany
27.02.1945 Mersch Rhineland Germany
28.02.1945 Garzweiler Rhineland Germany
01.03.1945 Glehn Rhineland Germany
02.03.1945 Heide Rhineland Germany
03.03.1945 Krefeld (4 mi S) Rhineland Germany
14.03.1945 Schiefbahn Rhineland Germany
28.03.1945 Bruckhausen Westphalia Germany
29.03.1945 Altschermbeck Westphalia Germany
30.03.1945 Hullern (1 mi E) Westphalia Germany
31.03.1945 Walstedde Westphalia Germany
01.04.1945 Stromberg Westphalia Germany
02.04.1945 Schloss Holte Westphalia Germany
04.04.1945 Lemgo Westphalia Germany
05.04.1945 Schwobber Hannover Germany
07.04.1945 Elze Hannover Germany
10.04.1945 Soder Hannover Germany
11.04.1945 Hornburg Hannover Germany
12.04.1945 Klein Wanzleben Hannover Germany
13.04.1945 Gross Ottersleben Hannover Germany
21.04.1945 Wolfenbuttel Hannover Germany

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