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John Peter
J.P. Sadd (Photo courtesy of Rachel Hassall, School Archivist, Sherborne School, Abbey Road, Sherborne, Dorset)
Son (with one sister) of Maj. John Ambrose "Jack" Sadd (1885-1978), and Doris Mooney (1890-1984), of Salisbury, Wiltshire (formerly of the Experimental Station, Porton, Salisbury).

Willesden district, Middlesex
[age 24]
[Idmiston (All Saints) Churchyard, south side of church]
Ldg.Acm. ? [905338]
P/O (prob) 13.09.1941 [106188]
Education: Chafyn Grove School, Salisbury, Wiltshire; Sherborne School (09.1931-12.1935; School House; House Prefect; PT Instructor).
Articled clerk to a solicitor. Gained civil aviator's certificate (No. 19278) taken on a Piper Cub Coupe, Continental, 50, at Wiltshire School of Flying, 27.07.1939. Owner of 1925 Bugatti Type 30 Tourer 4637 auto car.
13.09.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
? - 19.07.1942 pilot, 153 Squadron RAF (killed on active service in Northern Ireland)
Albert George
A.G. Salter (Photo courtesy of Mrs Diana Davies)
(A) P/O (prob) 31.12.1941 [115039]
31.12.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (Technical Branch) [emergency commission]
Frederick Sible
F.S. Salter
1914 ?
Malaysia ?
A/Sgt. ?
(WS) F/O (prob) 01.02.1943 [125839]
(WS) F/Lt. 01.08.1944
Education: Felsted (1928-1931).
01.02.1943     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission?]
(03.1945)     HQ 23rd (Chindit) Infantry Brigade
J. Sample (Photo courtesy of Mrs Diana Davies)
Sgt. ? [370940]
(A) P/O (prob) 31.12.1941, seniority 07.11.1941 [115040]
31.12.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (Accountant Branch) [emergency commission]
Louis David
L.D. Sampson
Son of Jacob Sampson (1879-1931), and Phillis Kauffman (1877-1961).
Married ((03?).1939, Romford district, Essex) Gwendolyn Florence Morrell (08.01.1922 - 06.2002), daughter of Arthur Ernest Morrell (1900-1984), and Florence Louisa Norwood (1898-1994); one son, one daughter.
Richmond district, Surrey

[Reichswald Forest War Cemetery, Germany, 29.C.2]
? [1602607]
P/O (prob)
12.10.1944 [186413]

commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
wireless operator/air gunner, 75 Squadron RAF
[Lancaster PB689 AA-X had taken off at 12:49 hrs from Mepal for an operation against Homberg. Encountered heavy Flak over Baerl, 4 km NE of Moers, and exploded.]
C. Sanders
Son of ... Sanders, and ... Morris.
Kings Norton district, Staffordshire / Warwickshire
(KIA) [age 24]
[Reichswald Forest War Cemetery, Germany, 13.G.10]
F/Sgt. ? [1176416]
P/O (prob) 15.04.1943 [149052]
(WS) F/O (prob) 15.10.1943
15.04.1943     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
? - 12.12.1944 wireless operator/air gunner, 460 (RAAF) Squadron
[His Lancaster PB542 [AR-D2] was airborne 15:59 hrs from Binbrook for an operation against Essen. Outbound, it was hit by Flak and crashed at Berghausen.]
Paul Sampson
P.S. Sanders
Axminster, Exeter district, Devon
? [1267196]
P/O (prob)
06.08.1941 [103042]
(WS) F/O
(WS) F/Lt.
? (reld 14.08.1952)

commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
pilot, 40 Squadron RAF
[taken off at 16.45 hrs 10.01.1942 from Alconbury in his Wellington IC [X9824 BL-] for an operation against Wilhelmshaven; believed ditched, due to engine failure; 2 of the crew died, 4 were taken POW]
POW in German captivity
commissioned, Reconstituted RAFVR
William Henry
W.H. Sands
1905 ?
Bedford district, Bedfordshire
(A) P/O (prob) 01.06.1940 [79985]
P/O (prob) 24.07.1940
P/O 01.06.1941
(WS) F/O 24.07.1941
(T) F/Lt. 01.09.1942
(WS) F/Lt. 15.05.1946 (Emgcy List) (reld 10.02.1954; retaining rank of Sq.Ldr.)
Mention in Despatches MID 01.01.1945 ?
01.06.1940     commissioned, RAFVR (Equipment Branch) [emergency commission]
George Edmund
G.E. Sankey
[Runnymede Memorial, panel 71]
? [1168609]
P/O (prob)
26.03.1942 [119523]

commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
405 Squadron RAF
[taken off at 00.22 hrs 31.05.1942 a Halifax bomber [W7707 LQ-K] for an operation against Cologne; plane & crew were lost without trace]
Reginald Charles
R.C. Sankey

Son of Charles Herbert Sankey (1864-1949), and Constance Beatrice Massey (1865-), of Dulwich, London.
Married 1st ((09?).1931, St George Hanover Square district, London; divorced 1936) Vera Ramsay (1910? - ); one daughter.

Married 2nd ((06?).1937, Barnet district, Middlesex) Patricia C. "Patsy" Kench (1910? - ), of West Dulwich; one daughter.
Dulwich, Camberwell district, London
(killed on active service) [age 33]
[Stoke-on-Trent (Longton) Cemetery, block 124, grave 161]
P/O (prob) 10.02.1940 [77473]
Education: Tonbridge School (1920-1924; Parkside).
In commerce (director). Obtained civil aviator's licence (No. 13662) taken on a Moth Gipsy l. 85 at Hertfordshire and Essex Aero Club on 14.03.1936.
10.02.1940     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
? - 02.07.1940 flying instructor, No. 5 Elementary Flying Training School RAF (RAF Meir, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire)
[Killed on a dual-instrument training flight while flying a Miles Magister, N3852 with a student (Sgt. D.A. Green). The aircraft hit some high-tension cables which run across a small valley, crashing at approximately 14:05 hrs at Beechcliff, Trentham, near Stoke. The aircraft was seen to be diving and climbing before the tip of the left wing struck the overhead cables, sending the aircraft into a spin.]
Literature: William Cooke, Wings over Meir : the story of the Potteries Aerodrome (2010).
Alexander James
A.J. Sargent (Photo courtesy of Kay Barham)

Son of William James Sargent, dock labourer, and Florence Margaret Taylor, of Bermondsey.
Bermondsey, St Olave (Bermondsey) district, London
[Neuvy Communal Cemetery, France, collective grave]
Acm. 2nd cl. 17.02.1941 [1333723]
Ldg. Acm. 30.08.1941
(T) Sgt. 14.08.1942
(T) F/Sgt. 15.08.1943
P/O (prob). 19.03.1944 [173311]
(A) F/O 07.07.1944
Education: St Olave's & St Saviour's Grammar School, Southwark, London (1932-1937).
Consignment clerk, 1939-1941.
17.02.1941 - 18.03.1944 served in the ranks for 3 years, 30 days
19.03.1944     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
19.03.1944 - 06.07.1944 No. 51 Base RAF (Swinderby) (under No. 5 Group RAF)
07.07.1944 - 19.07.1944 630 Squadron RAF
[Lancaster III PB236 (LE-F) took off 22:47 hrs 18.07.1944 from East Kirkby to destroy a railway junction at Revigny. Outbound when destroyed by a night-fighter, crashing 01:21 hrs 19.07.1944 at Neuvy (Marne), 15 km WNW of Sezanne. Complete crew of seven were killed.]
Edward John
E.J. Saunderson
Readin, Berkshire
[aged 88]

? [741978]
P/O (prob)
24.08.1940 [84319]
(WS) F/O
(WS) F/Lt.
(A) Sq.Ldr.
Distinguished Service Order DSO
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC
Mention in Despatches MID

commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]

692 Squadron RAF
Sidney Edward
S.E. Savill (Photo courtesy of Mr Colin Savill)

Son of George Edward Savill, and ... Mitchell.
Married 1st (02.02.1942, Coddington Church, Newark, Nottinghamshire; marriage dissolved) Phyllis Annie Savill.
Married 2nd ((03?).1952, Rotherham district, West Riding of Yorkshire) Doris White.
Worksop district, Derbyshire
Wt.Offr. ? [940150]
P/O (prob) 09.08.1943 [156617]
(WS) F/O 09.02.1944
(WS) F/Lt. 09.08.1945 (reld 27.05.1947)
F/O 27.05.1947, seniority 07.02.1947 (reld 27.05.1957)
1941     observer, 236 Squadron RAF (St Eval & Carew Cheriton)
1942 - ? observer, 252 Squadron RAF
09.08.1943     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
27.05.1947     commissioned, Royal Auxiliary Air Force (Reconstituted)
08.04.1949     transferred to reserve (Class A)
Eric Alan
E.A. Sawyer

Younger son of F.G. Sawyer, and ... Fitzwilliams, of Highfield, Southampton.
Married (06.1942, Maidenhead district, Berkshire) Margaret A. Davies, fourth daughter of Mr & Mrs G.T. Davies, of Down Place, Windsor; ... children.
Southampton district, Hampshire
Sgt. ? [740607]
P/O (prob) 17.08.1940, seniority 14.08.1940 [83728]
(WS) F/O 17.08.1941, seniority 14.08.1941
(WS) F/Lt. 17.08.1942, seniority 14.08.1942 (reld 25.11.1945; medical unfitness)
17.08.1940     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
George Sylvanus Dudley
G.S.D. Sawyer (Photo courtesy of Mrs Diana Davies)

Married (08.12.1935, St Mary, Lambeth, London) Gladys Lawrence.
Wandsworth district, London
Epsom Downs, South East Surrey
(A) P/O (prob) 31.12.1941 [114901]
31.12.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
E.A. Sawyer

Son of George Sawyer, and Alice Calver, of Aldershot.
Married ((06?).1940, Aldershot district, Hampshire) Kathleen Wallis, of Farnham, Surrey.
1913 ?
Aldershot, Hampshire
[age 29]
[Aldershot Civil Cemetery, section U, grave 6]
Sgt. ? [1189853]
P/O (prob) 03.05.1942 [123840]
(WS) F/O (prob) 03.12.1942
03.05.1942     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
? - 05.12.1942 pilot [crashed near Brownhill Farm, Carspharin, Scotland]
Patrick Campbell
P.C. Sayce (Photo courtesy of Mrs Jane MacGregor)

Son (with one sister and one brother) of Claud Nicholson Sayce (1884-1948), of Australia, and Constance Elsie Campbell (1890-1983).
Brother of 3/O Hazel Constance Sayce, WRNS, and F/O Joseph Ernest Sayce, RAF.

Husband of Jessie Fraser Sayce (née ...) (24.02.1921 - 02.1985). She remarried (1943) Philip H. Baldwin & (08.1948) Owen Cunningham (divorced 07.1951).
Dovercourt, Tendring district, Essex
(MPK) [age 22]
[Runnymede Memorial, panel 67]
Sgt. ? [754400]
P/O (prob) 31.08.1940, seniority 24.08.1940 [84331]
(WS) F/O 31.08.1941, seniority 24.08.1941
31.08.1940     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
E. Schofield
Married (1940) Hattie Pritchard (died 1995); two daughters.

Penistone, nr Barnsley
? [1169758]
P/O (prob)
25.05.1941 [101044]
25.05.1942, seniority 25.05.1941
(WS) F/O
(WS) F/Lt.
25.05.1943 (reld 1945)
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC
* Flight Lieutenant Healy, Pilot Officer Schofield and Sergeant Kingett, as captain, navigator and wireless operator/air gunner respectively, have consistently displayed great skill, courage and devotion to duty in the execution of their duties. They were selected as members of the crew of a Catalina flying, boat which was recently detailed for certain special operations. Four flights have been completed involving a total distance of 9,500 miles, much of which was flown in the most severe weather and icing conditions. Nevertheless this crew, displaying superb skill and undaunted determination, accomplished their task successfully. They displayed magnificent fortitude throughout.
Education: Bemrose School, Derby; St John's College, Cambridge (read Economics).
Joined Civil Service (Inland Revenue).
commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
spring 1943
navigator, 210 Squadron RAF
specialist navigation instructor
Returned to Inland Revenue Service, 1945-1976.
Published: (wit Roy Conyers Nesbit) Arctic airmen : the RAF in Spitsbergen and North Russia, 1942 (1987)
R. Scott (Photo courtesy of Mrs Lucy Meyer-Hubner)

Son of Albert Ernest Scott, and Lily Gertrude Badley, of Balby, Doncaster, Yorkshire.
Doncaster district, West Riding of Yorkshire

[age 25]
[Moose Jaw (Rosedale) Cemetery, Saskatchewan, Canada, lot 8, block 10, grave 295]
Sgt. ? [754720]
P/O (prob) 14.09.1940 [86339]
14.09.1940     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
 ? - 05.05.1941 instructor, 32 Service Flying Training School RAF (Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada)
[Killed in a flying accident with Harvard Mk. II 2561.]
Richard Leonard
R.L. Scott (Photo courtesy of Mr Kees Visser)

Son of Harold Scott (?-1916).
Married (1946?, Singapore?) Joanna Justina van Ramshorst (17.08.1915 - 2000); one son, one daughter.
Sheppey district, Kent
Sevenoaks, Bromley district, Kent
Ldg.Acm. ? [1256593]
P/O (prob) 24.08.1941 [104569]
(WS) F/O 24.08.1942
(WS) F/Lt. 24.08.1943 (reld 18.07.1949; retaining rank of Sq.Ldr.)
24.08.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
      81 Squadron RAF
William John Moir
"Jack" / "Scotty"
W.J.M. Scott (Photo courtesy of Mr Gary Shepherd)
Son of William Moir Scott and Katherine Ellen Campbell, of South Kensington, London.
Dundee, Scotland
(KIA) [age 25]
[Dundee Western Cemetery, compt. 19, grave 25C]
P/O RAFO 16.03.1937 (Class AA)
P/O 01.01.1938, seniority 16.03.1937 [70611]
F/O 06.02.1940, seniority 16.09.1938
Education: BA (Cantab.).
16.03.1937 - 01.01.1938 commissioned, Reserve of Air Force Officers (RAFO) (General Duties Branch)
01.01.1938     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch)
13.07.1939 - 08.09.1940 pilot, 41 Squadron RAF (Hornchurch)
[wrote off Spitfire N3100 on 29.07.1940 at 7.50am; also shot down at least one Messerschmitt 109E-1 (3320) off Folkestone on 07.09.1940 at 6pm (flown by Uffz. W Melchert who was subsequently captured and imprisoned); crashed 08.09.1940 in Spitfire R6756 in flames into the sea near Dover at 12.15pm; believed to be shot down by by two aces of Jagdgeschwader 51. Leutnant Heinz Bär 1./JG51 and Oberleutnant Richard Leppla 3./JG51 claimed a Spitfire each at 13.20hrs (German time), therefore 12.20hrs British Summer Time. F/O Scott's Spitfire R6756 being jumped by two Bf 109s was seen to leave a trail of smoke and crashed in flames at 12.15hrs .]
Edward Charles
E.C. Searjeant (Photo courtesy of Mrs Diana Davies)
Hackney district, London

South East Surrey
(A) P/O (prob) 31.12.1941 [114905]
31.12.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (Accountant Branch) [emergency commission]
R. Sellis
Son of ... Sellis, and ... Jenne, of Datchet.
Married ((12?).1943, Eton district, Buckinghamshire) Hazel T. Carter ((06?).1916 - (09?).1956), younger daughter of ... Carter, and ... Hamilton, of Langley, Buckinghamshie; ... children (one son?).
Fulham district, London
Eton district, Buckinghamshire
Ldg.Acm. ? [1315311]
(A) P/O (prob) 14.07.1942, seniority 21.04.1942 [126934]
P/O (prob) 14.09.1942, seniority 21.06.1942
(WS) F/O (prob) 14.03.1943
14.07.1942     commissioned, RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) (for administrative and miscellaneous duties) [emergency commission]
 (1943)     was in Arizona, USA
Edmund Cyril
E.C. Semmons (Photo courtesy of Mrs Diana Davies)
Redruth district, Cornwall

(A) P/O (prob) 05.09.1941 [105969]
05.09.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
Andrew Alex[ander] Dick
A.A.D. Sevastopulo (Photo courtesy of Mr Philip Cleland)
North Dorset district, Dorset
P/O (prob) ? [75549]
(A) W/Cdr. ?
(A) Gp.Capt. ?
Officer of the Order of the British Empire (Military Division) OBE 01.01.1944 New Year 44
?     commissioned, RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
(07.1945)     Supreme HQ Allied Expeditionary Force/Air (Rear)
William Donald
W.D. Sewell (Photo courtesy of Carolyn Sewell)
Son (with one brother) of Edward Daniel Sewell (1891-1924), and Elizabeth May Teagle (1894-1965).
Married (14.12.1946, Spen Valley, Yorkshire) Dorothy Mary Isherwood (24.02.1923 - 02.05.1985), daughter of Fred Isherwood, and Eva Drew; one daughter.
Enfield, Middlesex
Liversedge, Leeds district, West Yorkshire
Wt.Offr. ? [1295217]
P/O (prob) 16.12.1944 [195032]
(WS) F/O 16.06.1945 (reld 1946?)
(WS) F/O 02.1947, seniority 08.11.1945
F/O 01.11.1947, seniority 02.01.1946
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 12.06.1945 [decoration posted] *
* Throughout his operational career, Warrant Officer Sewell has gained an excellent reputation four courage and skill. He has, on several occasions, been pursued by enemy fighters and his aircraft damaged by anti-aircraft fire. As a result, on several of his sorties, forced landings have been necessary in extremely dangerous circumstances. Undeterred by such occurrences, this Warrant Officer has always shown the greatest readiness to fly on operations and has set a fine example of gallantry and devotion to duty.
(1944)     27 Squadron RAF (DFC)
16.12.1944     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
02.1947     recalled to active service
H. Shaw (Photo courtesy of Mr David Maxwell) H. Shaw (Photo courtesy of Mr David Maxwell)
H. Shaw (Photo courtesy of Mr David Maxwell) H. Shaw (Photo courtesy of Mr David Maxwell)
H. Shaw (Photo courtesy of Mr David Maxwell) H. Shaw (Photo courtesy of Mr David Maxwell)
H. Shaw (Photo courtesy of Mr David Maxwell) H. Shaw (Photo courtesy of Mr David Maxwell)
Son (with three brothers and two sisters) of Walter Shaw, company director (Printer, Director of Castell Brothers Ltd., eventually the business ended up as Shaw’s Price Guide), and Mabel Annie Leathley (1878-), of South Woodford, Essex.
Brother of Capt. Theodore Leathley Shaw, RASC, Maj. John Leathley Shaw, RA & Lucy Thornton Shaw (who married Capt. John Leathley, RAPC).
Engaged to Helen Patterson, from Canada.
Hornsey, Edmonton district, Essex
(KIA) [age 26]
[Uden War Cemetery, the Netherlands, 4.H.10]
Sgt. ? [1183316]
P/O (prob) 23.02.1942 [121375]
Clerk, Trustee Department, Westminster Bank, 08.1934.
03.1941     joined RAFVR
      trained in Canada as a navigator/observer under the Dominion Air Training Scheme
23.02.1942     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
? - 07.08.1942 observer, 12 Squadron RAF
[Took off from Binbrook at 0043 hrs in  Wellington II bomber [Z8585 PH-W] for an operation against Duisburg. Was shot down by a night-fighter and crashed 0255 hrs near Rosmalen, the Netherlands, which killed all five crew members.]
John Hartley
J.H. Shaw (Photo courtesy of Mr Chris Shaw)
J.H. Shaw (Photo courtesy of Mr Chris Shaw)
Married ((03?).1946, Lower Agbriff district, West Riding of Yorkshire) Margaret Patricia Cliffe ((06?).1923 - 2014), daughter of Albert H. Cliffe, and Mary Horsman; two sons, one daughter.
Sgt. ? [1450666]
P/O (prob) 13.01.1944 [170276]
(WS) F/O 13.07.1944
(WS) F/Lt. 13.01.1946
      B Flight, 30 Operational Training Unit RAF
13.01.1944     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
      100 Squadron RAF
J. Sheffield (Photo courtesy of Mrs Joyce McLaughlin)
J. Sheffield (Photo courtesy of Mrs Joyce McLaughlin)
J. Sheffield (Photo courtesy of Mrs Joyce McLaughlin)

Son of Joseph Sheffield, and Lockhart Begbie, of Glasgow.
(KIA) [age 26]
[Escoublac-la-Baule War Cemetery, Loire-Atlantique, France, 2.B.20]
Sgt. ? [1116770]
P/O (prob) 23.03.1942 [119346]
23.03.1942     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
? - 16.04.1942 pilot, 156 Squadron RAF
[Wellington X3417 GT-? was airborne 21:16 hrs from Alconbury to lay mines in French waters South of the River Loire's exit into the sea. Crashed in the target area. Complete crew of six was killed.]
Thomas Walter
T.W. Sherratt
04.11.1903 ?
Kensington district, London ?

(03?).1984 ?
Chichester district, Sussex ?
P/O (prob) 30.08.1940 [85127]
(WS) F/O 30.08.1941
(T) F/Lt. 01.09.1942
(WS) F/Lt. 10.01.1945 (emgcy list) (reld 10.02.1954; retaining rank of Sq.Ldr.)
Member of the Order of the British Empire (Military Division) MBE 01.01.1944 New Year 44
30.08.1940     commissioned, RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
Ronald Edward Goodman
R.E.G. Sheward
Married ((12?).1949, Chelsea district) ... Rossiter (née Simpson); ... children.
[aged 96]
? [1377607]
P/O (prob)
18.04.1942 [120531]
(WS) F/O (prob)
(WS) F/Lt.
18.04.1944 (reld 03.05.1946; retaining rank of Sq.Ldr.)
(A) Sq.Ldr.
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC

commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
164 Squadron RAF

137 Squadron RAF

263 Squadron RAF

266 Squadron RAF

197 Squadron RAF
John Burton
J.B. Shillitoe

Only son of Mr & Mrs Shillitoe, of Clifton Green, York.
Married ((09?).1942, Wandsworth district, London) Joan W. Andrews. She re-married ((03?).1948, Croydon district, Surrey) William F. Willmott.
Ceylon ?
(KIA) [age 23]
[Ermelo (Nunspeet) New General Cemetery, the Netherlands, plot 2, grave 393]
Ldg.Acm. ? [1288674]
P/O (prob) 19.06.1941 [69479]
(WS) F/O 19.06.1942
(WS) F/Lt. 19.06.1943
19.06.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
16.08.1944 - 06.11.1944 pilot, 127 Squadron RAF
[Spitfire IX PT649 while bombing the railway line near Harderwijk, crashed at about 12:15 hrs at Hulshorst (Zilverbeekje)]
Christopher Joseph
C.J. Shortall (Photo courtesy of Mr Myles Shortall)
Son of Myles Shortall and Catherine Phelan.
Married (1939) Mary Theresa O’Hare (died 2002); four sons.
Wood of ‘O’ House,
King’s County,

‘Laurel Lodge’, Downshire Road, Newry, Co. Down,
Northern Ireland (died from myeloid leukaemia)
F/Lt. 26.07.1938 [72370]
(A) Sq.Ldr. 03.09.1939
(T) Sq.Ldr. 01.06.1941
(A) W/Cdr. 23.12.1944 (reld 01.01.1945) (emgcy list; reld 10.02.1954)
Education: Mount St. Joseph’s Roscrea; National University of Ireland (1928; 1st Class Honours); MD (1933), MCh (1932), FRCS(I) (1931).
Extern Department, St Vincent's Hospital, Dublin. Consultant Surgeon Daisy Hill and Newry General Hospitals from 1935 until being called up in 1939.
26.07.1938     commissioned, RAFVR (Medical Branch)
25.08.1939     No. 1 Depot RAF (Henlow)
18.10.1941     No. 5 Recruits Centre RAF
14.12.1941     No. 4 Hospital RAF (Rauceby)
07.01.1942     Middle East Pool RAF (was surgeon on WS15 convoy vessel ‘Llangibby Castle’ when it was torpedoed by U-402 in the Atlantic 16.01.1942)
10.04.1942     HQ RAF Middle East
04.05.1942     Egypt - Heliopolis
07.06.1942     RAF Hospital Aden
10.07.1944     HQ RAF Middle East
Following the War he returned to Newry to Private and NHS practice and was involved in the introduction of the Health Service to Northern Ireland.
Stephen Maurice
S.M. Shute
Second son of Thomas Albert Shute, shipowner, and May Clarke.
Married ((09?).1937, Kensington district, London) Violet W. "Winnie" Ward.
All Hallows, Allerton, Liverpool
[age 29]
[Hampstead Cemetery, London, W.E.107]
Sgt. ? [919755]
P/O (prob) 14.08.1941 [106242]
(WS) F/O (prob) 14.08.1942
14.08.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
      pilot (killed on active service)
2nd Baron (cr. 1902), of Gawthorpe;
Kay-Shuttleworth, Richard Ughtred Paul;
Baronet (cr. 1849)

Lord Shuttleworth
Eldest son of late Captain Hon. Laurence Kay­Shuttleworth, RFA, JP, and Selina, daughter of Gen. Hon. Francis Bridgeman.
Succeeded grandfather 20.12.1939.
(MIA) [age 26]
[Runnymede Memorial, panel 6]
27.07.1937 [70356]

commissioned, Reserve of Air Force Officers (General Duties Branch)

transferred, RAFVR (General Duties Branch)
145 Squadron RAF (failed to return after combat over convoy CW9; at 1640 hrs. South of Isle of Wight his Hurricane P3163 from Westhampnett crashed into the Channel)
Justice of the Peace (JP).
Richard Ormonde
R.O. Shuttleworth R.O. Shuttleworth
R.O. Shuttleworth
Son of Col. Frank Shuttleworth (1845-1913), and Dorothy Clotilda Lang (1879-1968), of Biggleswade.

Old Warden Park, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire
Brightwell Baldwin, Oxfordshire
[age 31]
[Old Warden (St. Leonard) Churchyard, Due East of Church]
2nd Lt. 19.05.1928 (reld 08.06.1932)
P/O (prob) 28.11.1939 [76022]
Education: Royal Military College, Sandhurst.
19.05.1928     16th/5th Lancers - Supplementary Reserve of Officers
16.07.1930     permanent commission

Obtained his aviators' cetificate (No. 10385) on 03.03.1932, taken on a D.H. Moth 80 h.p. Cirrus at Brooklands School of Flying.

28.11.1939     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
? - 02.08.1940 died flying a Fairey Battle on night flying excercise from RAF Benson
From "When Richard was a young boy he was happiest tinkering with cars and any available mechanical device and often got into trouble at school for arriving late to lessons covered in grease. He passed out of Sandhurst as a 2nd Lieutenant in the 16th/5th Lancers, and during his time in the army, he pursued various sporting interests like his father had done. According to his father's will he finally came of age at 23 and inherited the family fortune and was then able to concentrate on the management of the estate. He was also then free to pursue his mechanical interests, which became more and more his main occupation.
Richard built up a sizeable collection of old cars, and somewhat later, aeroplanes, restoring them to working order. These now form the nucleus of the Collection at Old Warden Aerodrome, which was also constructed by him. He had a very successful racing career, culminating in the winning of the first British Grand Prix at Donnington Park in 1935 driving his 2.5 litre Alfa Romeo Monoposto. He raced at Grand Prix worldwide and participated in the South African Grand Prix where his car went out of control and he was badly hurt. This led to his retirement from motor racing and he took up flying because 'it was safer'!
When war broke out in 1939 Richard joined the Royal Air Force and was posted to RAF Benson for night flying experience. On the night of the 1st-2nd August 1940 he was flying a cross-country training exercise in a Fairey Battle, but was killed when his aircraft crashed into a nearby hill."
Literature: Kevin Desmond, Richard Shuttleworth: an illustrated biography (1982).
Frank Radcliffe
F.R. Simon
Son of Percival Robert Simon, and Keturah Radcliffe.
Husband of Wendy Simon, of Hordle, Hampshire.
Alton district, Hampshire
[age 31]
[Runnymede Memorial, panel 129]
? [657553]
P/O (prob)
11.09.1942 [130253]
(WS) F/O (prob)

commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
179 Squadron RAF (Gibraltar) (flew Coastal Command anti-submarine patrols over the Mediterranean and its approaches)
Arnold Galloway
A.G. Simpson
Camlachie district, Glasgow, Scotland
[Glasgow (Riddrie Park) Cemetery, section E, grave 3473]
Ldg.Acm. ? [1553585]
P/O (prob) 12.10.1943 [159073]
Admitted as sorting clerk & telegraphist (postal), Glasgow, 16.08.1941.
12.10.1943     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
? - 17.11.1943 pilot, 57 Squadron RAF
[Lancaster JB315 (DX-?) crashed on training into high ground near Enderby, 5 miles ESE of Leicester. Both casualties were taken back to their native Scotland.]
John Graydon
R.E.G. Sheward

Wanstead, Essex
Stepney district, London (formerly of Loughton, Essex)
Sgt. ? [926079]
P/O (prob) 06.07.1943 [149147]
(WS) F/O (prob) 06.01.1944
(WS) F/Lt. 06.07.1945 (Emgcy List) (reld 22.03.1954; retaining rank of F/Lt.)
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 11.02.1944 ?
06.07.1943     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
(1943)     467 (RAAF) Squadron (DFC)
Theodore Leonard *
T.L. Simpson
Son of Leonard Simpson, and Emily Lucie Mackett, of Tiverton, Devon.
* Birth registered as Theodore F.L. Simpson.
Hastings district, Sussex
(KIA) [age 21]
[Eelde General Cemetery, Drenthe, the Netherlands, 3.1333]
(A) Wt.Offr. ? [133339]
P/O (prob) 13.08.1943 [157319]
13.08.1943     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
? - 20.10.1943 pilot, 100 Squadron RAF
[Lancaster ED555, 'HW-A', operation against Leipzig. Airborne 17:46 hrs from Grimsby. Shot down by a German night-fighter of Oberfeldwebel Heinz Vinke and crashed at 22:25 hrs at Eelderwolde (Drenthe), 5 km NNw of Eelde, itself 14 km N of Assen, Holland]
Malcolm Leslie Thompson
M.L.T. Sinclair (Photo courtesy of Mrs Diana Davies)
Solihull, Warwickshire

Cuckfield, West Sussex
(A) P/O (prob) 31.12.1941 [114940]
31.12.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (Technical Branch) [emergency commission]
Francis Edward
F.E. Sinden
Son of Francis William Sinden (1901-1956), and May Thwaites, of Hove, Sussex.
Steyning district, Sussex
(KIA) [age 22]
[Becklingen War Cemetery, Germany, coll. grave 24.B.5-7]
Ldg.Acm. ? [1420383]
P/O (prob) 02.03.1943 [139840]
(WS) F/O (prob) 02.09.1943
02.03.1943     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
? - 23.05.1944 air bomber, 49 Squadron RAF
[Lancaster NE125 "EA-K" was airborne 22:18 hrs 22.05.1944 from Fiskerton for an operation against Braunschweig. Crashed in a peat-bog 1 km S of Hagen and crew initially buried as "six unknown" airmen in the Garnisonsfriedhof (Garrison Cemetery) of Wesermünde / Geestemünde.]
Edward Barnes
E.B. Sismore

P/O (prob) 29.08.1942 [130208]
... ...
(WS) F/Lt. 29.08.1944
... .
A/Cdre. RAF 01.07.1971
29.08.1942     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
Richard Chamberlin
R.C. Sissons
Son (with one brother and two sisters) of Harold Helmsing Sissons (1869-1926), and Ethel Baxter (1873-1947).
Married (25.06.1934, St Mary's Church, Scarborough, North Riding of Yorkshire) Audrey Nora Wild (06.1914 - 16.01.2014); two sons, three daughters.
North Ferriby, Sculcoates district, East Riding of Yorkshire
Granby Court, Harrogate, North Yorkshire
Ldg.Acm. ? [1648190]
P/O (prob) 03.07.1944 [177493]
(WS) F/O 03.01.1945 (Emgcy List) (reld 10.02.1954; retaining rank of F/O)
Education: Pembroke College, Cambridge (BA 1926, MA 1930).
03.07.1944     commissioned, RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) (for administrative and miscellaneous duties) [emergency commission]
J. Skingley (Photo courtesy of Mrs Jackie Maude) J. Skingley
J. Skingley J. Skingley
Only child of Sidney Skingley (1889-1934), Sussex police force, and Winifred Cox.
Married (18.11.1940, Reigate) Marjorie Eleanor Henderson (died 30.05.2005); one daughter, one son.
(KIA) [age 28]
[Runnymede Memorial, panel 203]
? [1388132]
P/O (prob)
20.11.1942 [134721]
(WS) F/O (prob)
(A) F/Lt.
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC
with effect from 20.07.1944 [posthumously]
Joined Reigate Borough Police Force, 1936 (more details under 2nd "biography" button on the left).

served World War II, taking part in 37 aerial operations:

enlisted, RAFVR (trained in Canada)
commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
7 Squadron RAF
207 Squadron RAF (five operations to Berlin and one to Modena)
97 Squadron RAF
[his Lancaster III [PA979 OF-R] took off from Coningsby 2319 hrs 20.07.1944 to attack railway yards in the Courtrai area; the aircraft was lost without trace]
W. Slack (Photo courtesy of Mrs Diana Davies)
Sgt. ? [910357]
(A) P/O (prob) 31.12.1941, seniority 07.08.1941 [114941]
31.12.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (Technical Branch) [emergency commission]
Kenneth Arthur Work
K.A.W. Slater
Married ((12?).1935, Crosby district, Lancashire / Merseyside) Ella M.J. Poole.
Morningside district, Edinburgh, Scotland

Oban district, Argyllshire, Scotland
(A) P/O (prob) 20.12.1940 [89238]
P/O (prob) 07.03.1941
P/O 20.12.1941
(WS) F/O 07.03.1942
(T) F/Lt. 01.07.1943 (Emgcy List) (reld 10.02.1954; retaining rank of Sq.Ldr.)
Education: Edinburgh Academy.
20.12.1940     commissioned, RAFVR (Equipment Branch) [emergency commission]
Robert William
R.W. Sloan (Photo courtesy of Clifton Rugby Football Club website)
Son of Samuel Hugh and Catherine Ann Sloan, of Clifton, Bristol; husband of Barbara Florence Sloan, of Clifton.

1915 ?
[age 26]
[Upavon Cemetery, Wiltshire, F.2]
? [903433]
(A) P/O (prob)
28.12.1940, seniority 03.12.1940 [89812]
Education: Prior Park, Bath

commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
John Michael
J.M. Small

Married ...; ... children (one daughter?).

Ldg.Acm. ? [1334129]
P/O (prob) 15.09.1942 [128059]
(WS) F/O (prob) 15.03.1943
(WS) F/Lt. 15.09.1944 (reld 02.02.1946; medical unfitness for Air Force service)
Education: MB BS Cantab (1951); FRCP (1971).
15.09.1942     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
Consultant neurologist in Birmingham.
Dennis John
D.J. Smallwood D.J. Smallwood
D.J. Smallwood D.J. Smallwood
Son (with one sister) of Ernest James Smallwood (1877-1942), and Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzy" Hussey (1881-1964).
Married 1st ((06?).1944, Holywell district, Flintshire) Barbara L. Jones; one son.
Married 2nd ((12?).1956, Greenwich district, London) Josephine Dorah Clark (07.05.1922 - 19.01.2007), daughter (with two sisters and one brother) of Raymond Clark (1900-), and Dorah Jessie Knox (1897-); one son, one daughter.
Whitchurch, Shropshire

Bromley district, Kent
Ldg.Acm. ? [961649]
P/O (prob) 03.08.1941 [108035]
(WS) F/O 03.08.1942
(WS) F/O 03.08.1943
03.08.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
John Lamb
J.L. Smedley (Photo courtesy of Mr George Clark)
Son of William Smedley, and Annie Lamb.
Married (09.06.1954, St Columb Major church, St Austell district, Cornwall) Joan Frances Mary Thomas (1926 - 2014); one daughter, one son.
Burton district, Staffordshire

formerly of St Columb, Cornwall
Ldg.Acm. ? [1736684]
P/O (prob) 12.08.1944 [181478]
(WS) F/O 12.02.1945
12.08.1944     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
Inspector of Schools, 1959-1983.
His grandchild writes: "
St Eval with Coastal Command posted in 1944, after time in South Africa. Also spent time based at RAF Lossiemouth."
Albert Henry
A.H. Smith
Married (03.1943).
c. 1972
Acm. 1st cl.
? [1305581]
(A) P/O (prob)
10.10.1941, seniority 23.07.1941 [108108]
P/O (prob)
(WS) F/O (prob)
01.10.1942, seniority 23.09.1942 (emgcy list; reld 27.10.1955; retaining rank of Sq.Ldr.)

commissioned, RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
transferred, RAF Regiment

stationed in Scotland, then at Swanton Morley
Albert Henry
A.H. Smith
Changed name to: Westrup-Smith.

? [345334]
(A) P/O (prob)
22.04.1942, seniority 08.12.1941 [119093]
(WS) F/O
? (emgcy list; reld 10.02.1954 retaining rank of F/Lt.)

commissioned, RAFVR (Technical Branch) [emergency commission]
Arthur Victor
A.V. Smith
Son of ... Smith, and ... Mallon.
Married ...; ... children (one daughter?).
Wellington, Salford district, Shropshire

Birmingham district, Warwickshire
Ldg.Acm. ? [936230]
P/O (prob) 19.10.1940 [87043]
(WS) F/O 19.10.1941
(WS) F/Lt. 19.10.1942
F/Lt. 02.10.1947, seniority 01.09.1945
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 04.12.1945 ?
19.10.1940     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
 (1945)     139 Squadron RAF (DFC)
02.10.1947     extended service commission
02.10.1951     transferred to reserve (and called up for air force service)
02.10.1952     reverted to reserve (retaining rank of Sq.Ldr.)
Bertram Leonard
B.L. Smith
Son of Louis Thomas Smith, and Rose Maltby, of Barking, Essex.
Married ((09?).1943, Ilford district, Essex) Bertha Nellie Gardner (1921 - ).
Romford district, Essex
(MPK) [age 26]
[Runnymede Memorial, panel 203]
Sgt. ? [909836]
P/O (prob) 01.02.1942 [117761]
(WS) F/O (prob) 01.10.1942
(WS) F/Lt. 01.02.1944
Distinguished Flying Medal DFM 10.02.1942 ?
Mention in Despatches MID 01.01.1945 *
* Flight Lieutenant Smith has displayed great zeal, energy and administrative ability in the organization and maintenance of the Squadron Signals Section. The instruction and training received by the Wireless Operators (Air) and Wireless Operators Air Gunners under the guidance of Flight Lieutenant Smith has been of a very high standard and the efficiency of the Signals Section has been second to none. No task has been too great or any hours too long for Flight Lieutenant Smith.
15.12.1939     enlisted RAFVR
(1942)     37 Squadron RAF (Middle East) (DFM)
01.02.1942     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
(1943) - 29.07.1944 428 ("Ghost") Squadron RCAF
[Flew on Halifax NA-A on 11.11.1943 as the "wireless operator" on an operations flight again the Cannes marshalling yards.
Taken off 22.36 hrs 28.07.1944 in Lancaster X KB759 (NA-K) from Middleton St George for a bombing operation on Hamburg. Aircraft was lost without trace. All eight crew members were missing, presumed killed.]
Colin Clifton
C.C. Smith

Son of William Clifton Smith and Ethel Smith, of Newby, Scarborough, Yorkshire.
1923 ?
(KIA) [age 21]
[Becklingen War Cemetery, Germany, 23.A.11]
? [1489855]
P/O (prob)
30.04.1943 [152042]
(WS) F/O (prob)

commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
navigator, 77 Squadron RAF
[took off 21:20 hrs 12.08.1944 from Full Sutton in a Halifax bomber [MZ347 KN-A] for an operation against Braunschweig; cause of loss an crash site were not established]
Francis Gordon
F.G. Smith
late 1950s
? [71244]
Hon. W/Cdr.
Hon. Gp.Capt.
served in World War I in the Royal Naval Air 
Reserve serving in balloons

commissioned, RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch)
commissioned Honorary W/Cdr., RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch)
late 1950s? 
commissioned Honorary W/Cdr., RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch)
Herbert Joseph
H.J. Smith
Ldg.Acm. ? [947041]
P/O (prob) 27.02.1943 [150245]
(WS) F/O (prob) 27.08.1943
(WS) F/Lt. 27.02.1945 (reld 16.05.1946)
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 21.09.1945 ?
27.02.1943     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
(1945)     142 Squadron RAF
Ian Ogg Mackenzie
I.O.M. Smith (Photo courtesy of Mr Ian Mackenzie-Smith)

Son of John Dugald Smith, and Mary Helen Ogg.
Married (03.03.1941, Scotland) Mary Florence McGowan; one son.
Finchley, Barnet district, London

(MPK) [age 23]
[Runnymede Memorial, panel 34]
Ldg.Acm. ? [967461]
Sgt. 11.10.1940
P/O (prob) 19.10.1940 [87038]
07.09.1939     enlisted RAF (gained wings 06.09.1940)
19.10.1940     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
28.12.1940 - 09.05.1941 99 Squadron RAF (Mildenhall, Newmarket Heath, from 18.03.1941 Waterbeach, nr Cambridge)
[Wellington II W5400 LN- had taken off 08.05.1941 at 21:59 hrs  and was lost at 05:20 hrs returning from a mission to Berlin to drop Squadron's first 4000lb bomb. Thought to be shot down by flak near IJmuiden, The Netherlands. Aircraft never found.]
J. Smith
Ldg.Acm. ? [1675156]
P/O (prob) 14.07.1944 [165753]
(WS) F/O 14.01.1945
14.07.1944     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
15.05.1945 - 11.1945 navigator, 358 (Special Duties) Squadron RAF (Jessore, India) [flew first operation 30.05.1945; flew 19 operations in total]
11.1945     HQ 229 Group Air Command South East Asia
Kenneth [William]
K. Smith
Bromsgrove district, Worcestershire
Sgt. ? [1176877]
P/O (prob) 06.12.1941 [115521]
(WS) F/O (prob) 01.10.1942
(WS) F/Lt. 06.12.1943
F/Lt. RAF 02.04.1946, seniority 01.09.1945
25.02.1947, seniority 01.01.1943
Sq.Ldr. RAF 01.07.1950
W/Cdr. RAF 01.01.1957 (retd 20.04.1968; own request)
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 07.01.1944 ?
06.12.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
(1943)     72 Squadron RAF (DFC)
02.04.1946     commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch) [permanent commission]
Kenneth Ralph
K.R. Smith
? [1600935]
P/O (prob)
26.03.1943 [151680]
(WS) F/O (prob)
(WS) F/Lt.

commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
Theodore Strongetharm
T.S. Smith (Photo courtesy of Mrs Diana Davies)
Dundalk, Ireland

(A) P/O (prob) 31.12.1941 [114946]
31.12.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (Technical Branch) [emergency commission]
Arthur George
A.G. Smoothy (Photo courtesy of Mr Karl Harisson)
Son of Harry G. Smoothy, and Annie Humble.
Married ((12?).1947, Ealing district, Middlesex) Joan Doris Davis ((09?).1924 - ), a parachute rigger, daughter of James Davis, and Dorothy A. Shacklock; ... children.
Brentford district, Middlesex

Wt.Offr. ? [1318300]
P/O (prob) 19.04.1945 [197744]
(WS) F/O 19.10.1945
19.04.1945     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
A grandson writes: "Squadron 268 and 77, I think. Many tours in Europe and may have finished in Burma. Trained in Sopwith Camels in South Africa. Think he  was at Middleton St George for a while. Arthur worked for Hawker Siddeley before the war and after they migrated to Australia. He flew Halifax bombers amongst other things."
Ronald Henry
R.H. Smyth

P/O (prob) 05.08.1941 [103514]
(WS) F/O 05.08.1942
(WS) F/Lt. 05.08.1943 (reld 01.1946)
05.08.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
Anthony Noel
A.N. Snell

Tunbridge Wells

British Virgin Islands
Sgt. ? [1272227]
P/O (prob) 24.01.1942 [119146]
(WS) F/O (prob) 01.10.1942
(WS) F/Lt. 24.01.1944 (reld 1946)
Distinguished Service Order DSO 26.07.1946 *
24.01.1942     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
He watched the 'Battle of Britain' from the tennis court at home, and when he turned eighteen he volunteered for the RAF. He learned to fly in the USA and was posted to a Spitfire squadron. Some of the story depicts the wild life enjoyed by the young fighter pilots between sorties, as each day could always have been their last one on earth. The squadron was in Malta covering the invasion of Sicily when he was shot down. He crash-landed in a tiny field and set off to get back to the beach to try and get a lift back to Malta. After two skirmishes with the enemy he was finally captured and because of mistaken identity was shot as a spy. Seeing what was about to happen he made a run for it and although hit five times lived to tell the tale. He finally escaped by jumping from a moving prison train in Italy and joined the partisans to make maps for the dropping of arms. He took them over the mountains to Switzerland. He was awarded the D.S.O. He returned to England and joined a jet fighter squadron. After the war he became an actor, doing plays, TV, music hall, cabaret and a few films. He toured Africa and America doing a one man show on piano and guitar, and has been performing at his own restaurant on a tiny island in the Caribbean for 37 years. His inspiring wife produced wonderful meals.
Published: Spitfire troubadour (2009).
* On 10th July, 1943, this officer's aircraft was shot down during a patrol over the beach head in Sicily, where allied landings were taking place. He was then engaged in attacking a force of Messerschmidts. The crash landing took place in territory controlled by the enemy, but Flight Lieutenant Snell was able to evade capture and, after dark, endeavoured to return to the beach head. He first encountered a number of Italians whom he bluffed into thinking him a Vichy Frenchman. On escaping from the Italians, he eventually found a road which he recognised from his map. Whilst following this road he was challenged by some Germans who ordered him to put his hands up. Without warning they rolled a grenade at him along the ground. Just in time, he jumped aside and ran back, followed by more grenades; he escaped by taking cover in the scrub. Shortly after this, he found himself in a minefield through which he picked his way for half an hour before reaching a track. Following this track, Flight Lieutenant Snell blundered on a German airfield, very near the battle area, where he was captured. The Germans decided to execute him as a spy. Flight Lieutenant Snell was marched out to a small open space and ordered to kneel down. Realising that he was to be shot in cold blood, he did not obey the order, but sprang away as the Germans fired. He was wounded in several places, his right shoulder being smashed. Despite this. Flight Lieutenant Snell evaded his captors, and hid for a time amongst boulders, before making a last attempt to reach the British lines. Owing to the extreme weakness and pain caused by his wounds, this attempt was not successful. Flight Lieutenant Snell was re-captured at dawn after he had collapsed from exhaustion. He was again threatened with execution for spying on the airfield, but finally managed to prove his identity to the satisfaction of the Germans. He was taken to a field hospital where his wounds received attention. Later, Flight Lieutenant Snell was transferred to Catania and thence to Lucca by sea. Here he was in hospital for about 2 months, until the Germans, who controlled the prisoners, decided to move them by train to Germany. Although not fully recovered from his wounds, Flight Lieutenant Snell determined to escape during the journey and made all possible preparations for this. In company with an American officer, he jumped from the train while it was passing through a junction, afterwards discovered to be Mantova. For the next week, they travelled south. During this journey, they had several narrow escapes from the Germans and were assisted by a number of Anti-Fascist Italians. With this help, the officers were able to reach Modena where they were sheltered by various friendly Italians for several months. It was eventually decided that Flight Lieutenant Snell and his companion should attempt to escape over the Alps to Switzerland. They made a long and risky train journey, accompanied by several of their Italian friends, to a small village near the frontier. There they were introduced to two guides who took them over the mountains. After a very long and steep climb, the frontier was reached and crossed. In Switzerland, Flight Lieutenant Snell was interned until October, 1944, when, the American advance reached the Swiss border.
Arthur Henry Norman
A.H.N. Snow

Son of Arthur William Snow.
Married 1st (26.11.1932, St Martin, Birmingham, Warwickshire) Edina Mary Reeves, daughter of John Stuart Reeves.
Married 2nd ((09?).1936, Bolton district, Lancashire) Marjorie Orrell; two sons.
Married 3rd ((03?).1964, Surrey Mid Eastern district, Surrey) Margaret M. Ahern; one son.
Widnes, Prescot district, Lancashire
Syros, Greece
(A) P/O (prob) 05.09.1941 [105968]
P/O (prob) 05.11.1941
(WS) F/O (prob) 01.10.1942 (Emgcy List) (reld 10.02.1954; retaining rank of Sq.Ldr.)
(A) Sq.Ldr. ?
F/O 20.02.1951 (reld 05.10.1953)
Bank cashier.
05.09.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) (for administrative and miscellaneous duties) [emergency commission]
20.02.1951 - 05.10.1953 commissioned, RAFVR (Training Branch)
Geoffrey Gordon
G.G. Soames

Son of Ralph Martin Soames (1882-1954), and Mary Gooch Strahan (1884-1970), of Emsworth, Hampshire.
His brother Sgt. Martin Strahan Soames, RAFVR, was killed in action 12.06.1941.
Wandsworth district, London

(KIA) [age 23]
[Warnsveld (Wichmond) General Cemetery, Gelderland, the Netherlands, plot E, coll. grave 2-3]
F/Sgt. ? [903323]
P/O (prob) 10.03.1942 [118096]
10.03.1942     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
? - 26.03.1942 pilot, 115 Squadron RAF
[Wellington bomber X3604 (KO-Y) was airborne 19:54 hrs from Marham for an operation against Essen. Came down near the small town of Dieren (Gelderland), 14 km NE of Arnhem. Cause of crash not established. Complete crew of six was killed.]
George McDonald
G.M. Souter
Son of George Souter (1881-), and Grace Mcdonald.
Married ...; ... children.
Alves, Elgin
Southampton, Hampshire
F/O 03.10.1941 [107790]
(WS) F/Lt. 03.10.1942 (Emgcy List) (reld 24.11.1958; retaining rank of F/Lt.)
Education: LDS RCS Edin 09.07.1941.
03.10.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (Dental Branch) [emergency commission]
Gerald John
G.J. South

Son of Percy South, and Mary C. Hanifin.
Married ((09?).1948, Chippenham district, Wiltshire) Sheila J. Mattingley ((03?).1927 - ); one son, one daughter.

King's Norton district, Warwickshire

F/Sgt. ? [1128148]
P/O (prob) 28.02.1943 [143664]
(WS) F/O (prob) 28.08.1943
(A) F/Lt. ?
(WS) F/Lt. 28.02.1945
F/O 22.08.1946, seniority 28.02.1944
F/Lt. 28.08.1946
Sq.Ldr. 01.07.1952
W/Cdr. 01.07.1960
Gp.Capt 01.01.1966 (retd 02.03.1973)
Distinguished Service Order DSO 24.10.1944 *
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 19.11.1943


* A first class captain and a most conscientious officer, Flight Lieutenant South has been engaged in air operations almost continuously for a year, he has led attacks on a wide variety of targets including Berlin, Nuremberg, Hanover, Munich, Stuttgart, Kiel and Augsburg and has always pressed home his attacks with the utmost determination. His example when over these dangerous
targets has proved a rare source of inspiration.
** One night in October, 1943, this officer was the pilot of an aircraft which attacked Hanover. Whilst over the target area, the bomber was hit by anti-aircraft fire. Flying Officer South was wounded in the arm and the aircraft went into a steep dive. This pilot quickly regained control, however, and, disdaining first aid for the time being went on to make a successful attack. Later on, an enemy fighter was encountered but it was driven off. Flying Officer South displayed great fortitude and outstanding devotion to duty.
28.02.1943     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
early 1943     405 (RCAF) Squadron
01.1944     7 Squadron RAF
22.08.1946     extended service commission RAF
15.07.1948     permanent commission RAF
Stanley Richard
S.R. Southam (Photo courtesy of Mrs Diana Davies)
Ldg.Acm. ? [845130]
(A) P/O (prob) 12.12.1941, seniority 24.10.1941 [113612]
12.12.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
L. Southern (Photo courtesy of Mrs Diana Davies)
(A) P/O (prob) 31.12.1941 [114952]
31.12.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (Technical Branch) [emergency commission]
Charles William
C.W. Southfield
Son of ... Southfield, and ... Town.
Married ((12?).1945, Surrey North Western district) Gladys M. Few.
Sheppey district, Surrey / Kent

Sgt. ? [1390064]
P/O (prob) 14.05.1944 [176662]
(WS) F/O 14.11.1944
(WS) F/Lt. 14.05.1946 (reld 01.06.1947; on account of medical unfitness for air force service)
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 27.03.1945


14.05.1944     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
(1945)     57 Squadron RAF
Henry Alfred
B. Spalton
Married ((06?).1933, Thanet district, Kent) Esther Bennett.
Croydon district, London
Margate, Thanet district, Kent
F/Sgt. ? [921834]
P/O (prob) 14.04.1943 [147006]
(WS) F/O (prob) 14.10.1943
(WS) F/Lt. 14.04.1945
F/O 05.07.1950
F/Lt. 01.11.1955, seniority 29.07.1955 (reld 05.07.1957)
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 18.01.1944


Barber, Margate.
(09.1941)     navigator on PR Mk I Mosquito with Sq.Ldr. Rupert Clerks as pilot
14.04.1943     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
(1944)     540 Squadron RAF
05.07.1950 - 05.07.1957 commissioned, Royal Auxiliary Air Force (Reconstituted) (Fighter Control Branch)
B. Spalton
Married ((03?).1954, Bournemouth district, Dorset) Myra Williams.
From Gedling near Nottingham.
Basford district, Nottinghamshire / Derbyshire

Macclesfield, Cheshire
? [1582246]
P/O (prob)
12.11.1943 [154130]
(WS) F/O
(WS) F/Lt.
12.05.1947 (reld 13.09.1950; medical unfitness)

commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
extended service commission, RAF
Robert Eric William
R.E.W. Sparks

Son (with one brother) of Robert Henry Sparks (1890-1967), and Emma Woollett (1893-1973).
Married ((03?).1945, Wandsworth district, London) Maureen Sheila Constant (13.11.1924 - 10.12.1990); two daughters, two sons.
Wandsworth district, London

Blagdon, Bristol district, Avon
F/Sgt. ? [1252998]
P/O (prob) 09.09.1943 [158891]
(WS) F/O 09.03.1944
(WS) F/Lt. 09.09.1945
09.09.1943     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) (Navigators) [emergency commission]
[Anthony] Nelson Alfred Joseph
N.A.J. Spencer (Photo courtesy of Mr Peter Spencer)
Married 1st (12?).1925, Southampton district, Hampshire; divorced [she remarried 1948 A.H. Packham]) Margaret Emily D. Goff (26.11.1905 - 01.1990); one son.
Married 2nd ((12?).1946, Wandsworth district, London) Martha M.A. Eddy (1917? - 19.11.1955); one daughter, one son.
Married 3rd ((06?).1957, Woolwich district, London) Bridget T. O'Keeffe; one son, one step-daughter.
Wexford, Eire
(A) P/O (prob) 27.04.1940 [79002]
P/O (prob) 16.06.1940
(WS) F/O (prob) 29.10.1940
(WS) F/O 27.04.1941
(T) F/Lt. 01.09.1942 (reld 23.07.1944; ill-health)
WW I     served as a Private in the Tank Corps
27.04.1940     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
16.06.1940     transferred, RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) (for administrative and miscellaneous duties)
Michael Alfred
M.A. Spender M.A. Spender
M.A. Spender M.A. Spender
Eldest son (with one sister and two brothers [poet Stephen Harold Spender and artist Capt. John Humphrey Spender, General List]) of Edward Harold Spender (1864-1926), journalist & writer, and Violet Hilda Schuster (1878-1921).
Married 1st (22.02.1933, Register Office, Marylebone, London; divorced) Erika Haarmann (02.07.1909 - 10.1997), daughter of Justus Haarmann; one son.
Married 2nd (03.03.1943, Hampstead, London) Nancy Culliford Sharp (29.10.1909 - 20.06.2001), divorced wife of William Menzies Coldstream (1908-1987) [with whom she had two daughters]; one son.

Kensington district, London
Süchteln, Germany (formerly of Hampstead, London)
(DOW) [age 38]
[Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery, plot RR, grave 67]
F/Lt. RAFO 01.06.1940 (reld 05.02.1941; on appointment to Honorary commission in RAFVR)
Hon. F/Lt. 05.02.1941 (reld 14.07.1941; on completion of service)
T/Assistant Civilian Officer 11.1941-11.1942
(A) P/O (prob) 12.01.1943 [136675]
P/O (prob) 09.03.1943
(WS) F/O (prob) 09.09.1943
(A) F/Lt. 25.10.1943
(A) Sq.Ldr. 15.11.1944
Mention in Despatches MID 01.01.1941 ?
Mention in Despatches MID 01.01.1945 ?
Education: Gresham's School, Holt, Norfolk (1917-1925); Balliol College, Oxford University (1925-1928; graduated with a Double First in Engineering); Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (polytechnic), Zürich, Switzerland (1931).
Worked as a surveyor on the Great Barrier Reef from 1928 to 1929 and in East Greenland in 1932 and 1933. In 1935 he joined an expedition to the Himalayas and mapped 26 peaks over 26,000 feet. Went on an expedition to the Karakoram in 1937. Aircraft Operating Compnay 1939. Photographic surveys.
01.06.1940 - 05.02.1941 commissioned, Reserve of Air Force Officers (General Duties Branch) (Class CC)
05.02.1941 - 14.07.1941 commissioned, RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) [honorary commission]
11.1941 - 11.1942 Naval Intelligence Division, Admiralty
12.01.1943     commissioned, RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
03.05.1945     as a passenger in an Avro Anson he was seriously injured when it crashed near Süchteln in Germany; he subsequently died of injuries in 77th (US) Evacuation Hospital in München-Gladbach
From his service record: "Informed on 12.3.1941, that in view of the changes in organisation of the Central Interpretation Unit and the predominance of RAF personnel in the unit, the Air Council decided that it was no longer necessary for this officer to exercise executive authority and therefore his Class CC commission was terminated with effect 5.2.1941. As he had already served for some time as a uniformed officer, they decided to grant him an Honorary Commission (which carries with it no executive authority) in the Administrative and Special Duties Branch RAFVR eith effect 5.2.1941.Informed on 14.7.1941 that as the contract with the Aircraft Operating Company by whom he was employed has been terminated, it was no longer necessary for him to wear the RAF uniform for which purpose he was granted an Honorary commission in the RAFVR with effect 14.7.1941 and permission to wear RAF uniform is withdrawn. Relinquishment of his Honorary commission 14.7.1941."
Peter Harold
P.H. Spindler P.H. Spindler
P.H. Spindler P.H. Spindler
P.H. Spindler P.H. Spindler

Sgt. ? [1317949]
P/O (prob) 29.08.1943 [157955]
(WS) F/O 29.02.1944
(WS) F/Lt. 29.08.1945
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 21.01.1944


Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 26.10.1945 ?
29.08.1943     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
      51 Squadron RAF (DFC)
      550 Squadron RAF (Bar to DFC)
Cyril Norfolk
T.A. Stanley
Son of ... Spurdens, and ... Paye.
Camberwell district, Greater London / London / Surrey
Rutland district, Rutland
? [1385037]
P/O (prob)
05.02.1943 [142210]
(WS) F/O
30.05.1946, seniority 05.02.1944
(WS) F/Lt.
(A) Sq.Ldr.
01.07.1952 (retd 19.09.1958)
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC


Air Force Cross AFC
* This officer has completed 40 sorties and has invariably displayed great courage and determination in pressing home his attacks. One night in July, 1943, he took part in an attack on Syracuse and his excellent work contributed materially to the success achieved. On another occasion, Pilot Officer Spurdens undertook a mine-laying mission and, despite fire from the shore batteries and much searchlight activity, accomplished his task successfully. In other operations over the battle area, Pilot Officer Spurdens has achieved success. On one occasion, one engine of his aircraft was rendered unserviceable when hit by anti-aircraft fire. Nevertheless, he skilfully flew the aircraft to base many hundreds of miles distant. This officer has displayed courage, skill and tenacity of a high order.

commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]

70 Squadron RAF
extended service commission RAF

permanent commission RAF
Joseph Herbert
J.H. Spurgeon
Married ((12?).1941, Romford district, Essex) Elizabeth I. Lockhart.
Romford district, Essex
South Gloucester district, Gloucestershire
Wt.Offr. ? [745147]
P/O (prob) 23.06.1942 [128360]
(WS) F/O (prob) 23.12.1942
(WS) F/Lt. 23.06.1944
F/Lt. 25.02.1947, seniority 23.12.1945 (retd 10.03.1971; retaining rank of Sq.Ldr.)
(A) Sq.Ldr. (1948)
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 03.11.1944


Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 27.07.1945


Air Force Cross AFC 10.06.1948 ?
* Flight Lieutenant Spurgeon is now completing his third tour of operations and has displayed a high degree of courage, skill and devotion to duty. On one occasion in June, 1944, he executed a determined attack on a U-boat. Some days later, he attacked another of the enemy's submarines. On this occasion his aircraft was hit by anti-aircraft fire. Despite this he made several runs over the vessel before the bombs were released. His determination was typical of that which he has shown throughout his tour.
23.06.1942     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
(1944) - (1945) 502 Squadron RAF (DFC and Bar)
10.10.1946     extended service commission, RAF (General Duties Branch)
21.04.1953     permanent commission, RAF (General Duties Branch)
F. Spurway (Photo courtesy of Mrs Diana Davies)
Acm. 1st cl. ? [1418037]
(A) P/O (prob) 31.12.1941, seniority 20.12.1941 [114953]
31.12.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
Richard George
R.G. Stafford (Photo courtesy of Mr Tony Stafford)
Atherstone, Warwickshire
Meriden district, Warwickshire
P/O (prob) 19.08.1940 [83943]
(WS) F/O 19.08.1941
P/O 05.05.1943
(WS) F/O 05.11.1943
(WS) F/Lt. 05.05.1945 (dismissal by sentence of a general court-martial 23.10.1945)
Company director. Gained aviator's licence (No. 17413) taken on D.H. Tiger Moth, Gipsy Maj:130 at the Leicestershire Aoer Club, 18.03.1939.
19.08.1940     commissioned, RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
(07.1942)     A Flight, 4 Squadron RAF (13 Initial Training Wing)
05.05.1943     relinquished rank at own request and transferred to the General Duties Branch in the rank of P/O
H. Stainton (Photo courtesy of Mrs Diana Davies)
(A) P/O (prob) 31.12.1941 [115001]
31.12.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
Derek Charles Hanchett
D.C.H. Stamford (Photo courtesy of Mr Chris Buttle)
Son of Charles Wilfred Stamford, and Ella Charlotte Keene.
Married ((09?).1939, St Pancras district, Middlesex) Kathleen Desmonde Evers (1920-).
Dulwich, Camberwell district, Greater London
Sidmouth, East Devon
? [904500]
P/O (prob)
11.01.1941, seniority 05.01.1941 [60075]
16.09.1941, seniority 05.07.1941(reduction in rank) (reld 08.04.1942; ill-health)
? [161448] (commission terminated 24.04.1951)
Airline traffic officer. Obtained aviator's licence (No. 18240) taken on a Gipsy Moth, Gipsy 11, 120 at Airwork Flying Club, 20.05.1939.

commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]

commissioned, RAFVR (Training Branch)
Active in the Performing and Captive Animals Defence League.
Thomas Alfred
T.A. Stanley
? [741374]
P/O (prob)
26.01.1942 [115740]
(WS) F/Lt.
(T) F/Lt.
03.12.1946, seniority 26.01.1944
(A?) Sq.Ldr.
? (reld 25.07.1947)

County of Kent Squadron, Coastal Command

commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]

eventually ended up as test pilot at RAF Boscombe Down; also selected to be part of 6 man Special Operations team to go to Germany (Lübeck) at the latter part of the war
temporary commission, RAF (Technical Branch)
Alexander Charles
A.C. Stark
Son of Charles and Nancy Stark, of Crosshill, Ayrshire.
Married Mary Geraldine Stark, of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada.
1920 ?
(KIA) [age 25]
[Hanover War Cemetery, Germany, 6.B.16]
? [568229]
P/O (prob)
02.01.1942 [48313]
(WS) F/O (prob)
(WS) F/Lt.

commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch)
pilot, 464 (RAAF) Squadron
Lawrence William Fraser
L.W.F. Stark

Bolton, Lancashire
Rochester, Kent
? [1058229]
P/O (prob)
12.06.1943 [148445]
(WS) F/O (prob)
(A) F/Lt.
(WS) F/Lt.
12.12.1946 (retd 16.11.1963; retaining rank of Sq.Ldr.)
(T) Sq.Ldr.
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC

gallantry displayed in flying operations against the enemy *

Distinguished Flying Cross DFC
gallantry displayed in flying operations against the enemy **
Air Force Cross AFC
Croix de Guerre 1940 with palm (Belgium) BCdeG
* This officer is a cool and resourceful fighter who has invariably displayed great keenness and determination. He has shot down 6 enemy aircraft in combat, whilst in attacks on enemy targets on the ground he has destroyed an aircraft and a locomotive; he has also attacked a number of small vessels, such as tugs and barges with damaging effect.
** Flight Lieutenant Stark has completed a large number of sorties. He has led his flight against many difficult and dangerous targets and despite heavy enemy opposition he has always pressed home his attacks to a successful conclusion. His excellent leadership, courage and fine fighting spirit have set a splendid example to all.

commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch)
609 Squadron RAF
263 Squadron RAF
permanent commission RAF
Thomas Palmer
T.P. Stark
Son (with one sister) of William Adam Stark (1846-1927), and Euphemia Jane Isabella Palmer (1888-1921).
Married (17.04.1941,
Kirkcudbright, Scotland) Helen Buist Murdoch (18.09.1920 - 1993), daughter (with two brothers) of Walter Hay Murdoch (1891-1958), and Agnes Jane Clement (1892-1989); one son.
Kirkpatrick Durham, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland
Linlithgow, West Lothian, Scotland
(A) F/Sgt. ? [946725]
(A) P/O (prob) 20.07.1944 [178127]
P/O (prob) 14.09.1944
(WS) F/O 14.03.1945
20.07.1944     commissioned, RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
      served in Egypt & Aden
Edgar Jack
E.J. Stedman (Photo courtesy of Mr Philip Cleland)
Wandsworth, London

Brighton, Hove district, Sussex
P/O (prob) 13.11.1939 [75900]
... ...
(WS) F/Lt. 15.04.1941
(A) Sq.Ldr. (07.1945)
13.11.1939     commissioned, RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) (for administrative and miscellaneous duties) [emergency commission]
(07.1945)     Supreme HQ Allied Expeditionary Force/Air (Rear)
John Miller
J.M. Steel (Photo courtesy of Mr Ronald M. Steel)
? [1365796]
P/O (prob)
05.07.1942 [126588]
(WS) F/O (prob)
(WS) F/Lt.
05.07.1944 (retd from Emergency List 14.02.1959; retaining rank of F/Lt.)

commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
pilot, 15 Squadron RAF
[taken off at 20.05 hrs 18.09.1942 from Bourn in his Stirling I (R9351 LS-R) to lay mines in the Asparagus region; hit by Flak while flying low between Sprogo Island and Korsor, Denmark; out of control the aircraft crashed at 00.29 hrs, throwing the pilot clear as it hit the water; the others did not survive (more details)]
POW # 720 in German captivity (Stalag Luft III, Sagan & Belaria)
Andrew Douglas
A.D. Stephen
Son of James and Agnes Thomson Stephen.
Married ((12?).1939, Hampstead district, London) Helen Margaret Byers, of Grantown-on-Spey, Morayshire.
(KIA) [age 33]
[Berlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, Germany, 6.C.9]
Ldg.Acm. ? [1381951]
P/O (prob) 23.08.1941 [104586]
(WS) F/O 23.08.1942
(WS) F/Lt. 23.08.1943
23.08.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
? - 06.03.1945 10 Squadron RAF
[Halifax III NR131 (ZA-N) took off 16:57 hrs 06.03.1945 for an operation against Chemnitz. The aircraft crashed near Stalag IXC at Mühlhausen, all bodies of the seven crew members being recovered from the wreckage by the prisoners of war. Two weeks later, on 20 March, despite an order forbidding a burial service, funeral proceedings were conducted by the Senior Chaplain, Rev J.R. Bamber, MA.]
Donald Artin
D.A. Stephen
Married ...; ... children (one daughter?).
Ldg.Acm. ? [1107761]
P/O (prob) 24.06.1941 [117322]
(WS) F/O 24.06.1942
(WS) F/Lt. 24.06.1943 (withdrawal of permission to retain rank of F/Lt. 06.01.1970)
24.06.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
(04.1943)     618 Squadron RAF
J. Stephen (Photo courtesy of Mr William Green)
Son of Thomas and Annie Lavery Stephen of Glasgow.
Husband of Eliza Gillette Stephen, of Glasgow.
1920 ?
[age 25]
[Le Grand-Luce Cemetery, Sarthe, France, row C, grave 8]
Ldg.Acm. ? [1341576]
P/O (prob) 12.08.1944 [181480]
(WS) F/O 12.02.1945
12.08.1944     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
? - 30.01.1946 navigator, 525 Squadron RAF (Transport Command)
[DC-3 Dakota (KN500) (WF-?) crashed in a storm after entering cloud 7 miles south of Le Mans, returning to its base at Membury, Berkshire, on a flight from North Africa. There were eleven airmen on board all from 525 squadron, 6 pilots, 3 navigators, and 2 Wop/AGs, all were tragically killed. More details here.]
John Albert George
J.A.G. Stephens
Son of John Henry Stephens (1881-1943), and Lily Bessie Talbot (1884-1960).
Married Amelia Maud Lillian Mary Davey; five daughters.
Plymouth, Devon
? [1315099]
(A) P/O (prob)
05.05.1943 [145841]
(WS) F/O
(WS) F/Lt.
05.05.1945 (reld 20.05.1949; retaining rank of F/Lt.)
22.07.1951 (reld 20.05.1959)
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC

commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch)

207 Squadron RAF

relinquished commission on appointment to the reconstituted RAFVR (which he left 10 years later)
Austin Wheeler
A.W. Stevens
Son (with three brothers) of William Arthur Stevens (1862-), and Lillian Emily Wykes (1867-).
Married ((09?).1925, Wandsworth district, London) Gladys Margaret Henniker (1898-), of Steyning, Sussex.
Pimlico, St George Hanover Square district, London
[age 41]
[El Alamein War Cemetery, Egypt, XII,.B.9]
P/O (prob) 13.03.1940 [78017]
(WS) F/O 13.03.1941
13.03.1940     commissioned, RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
D. Stevens
Son (with two sisters and one brother) of Herbert Lawrence Stevens (1892-1978), and Beryl Marjorie Gentry (1895-), of Farnham.
Hartley Wintney district, Hampshire
[age 24]
[Woking (St John's) Crematorium, Surrey, panel 5]
Ldg.Acm. ? [1575893]
P/O (prob) 01.01.1943 [150017]
(WS) F/O (prob) 01.07.1943
Education: Cambridge University (BA (Hons): Mechanical Science Tripos.).
      flying training, Polaris Flight Academy, California
01.01.1943     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch)
? - 10.06.1944 21 Operational Training Unit RAF
[Hurricane IIC PG425 took off 10:05 hrs from Moreton-in-Marsh for fighter affiliation training. Flew into the ground at 11:12 hrs at Long Compton, 5 miles SSE of Shipton-on-Stour, Warwickshire.]
His nephew writes: "His father was latterly the Deputy Director at R.A.E. Farnborough. Don was highly motivated & excelled at everything which he did, schooling, sport & his earlier work at Rolls-Royce in Derby.  He was, by reports, a very skilled pilot having graduated from the Polaris Academy. It was always a mystery to the family how he could have crashed into the ground, unless he was pushing himself & the aircraft beyond their limits or there was a mechanical failure."
Joseph Arthur Egbert
J.A.E. Stevens (Photo courtesy of Mr Tony Stevens)
Son of Joseph Charles Stevens, and Emily Ann Tyler.
Married (15.02.1934, Our Lady of Victories, Kensington, London) Mary Constance Kear (05.02.1912 - 18.08.1976), daughter of Frederick Faulkner Kear (1881-1952), and Edith Ellen Maynard; two sons, one daughter.
Mortlake, Richmond district, Surrey
Stafford, Staffordshire
Sgt. ? [1389869]
P/O (prob) `31.07.1943 [158296]
(WS) F/O 31.01.1944
(WS) F/Lt. 31.07.1945 (reld 14.05.1947; medical unfitness for air force service; retaining rank of F.Lt.)
31.07.1943     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
      flew some 48 operations as bomb aimer (with observer brevet) with 101, 103 and 625 Squadrons RAF (bombing leader with latter two squadrons)
P. Stevens P. Stevens
Born as Georg Franz Hein.

Hanover, Germany

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Ldg.Acm. ? [900146]
P/O (prob) 02.11.1940 [88219]
(WS) F/O 02.11.1941
(WS) F/Lt. 02.11.1942
Sq.Ldr. ? (reld 26.09.1952)
Military Cross MC 17.05.1946 *


02.11.1940     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
? - 07.09.1941 144 Squadron RAF (captured)
07.09.1941 - 21.04.1945 POW in German captivity
Literature: Marc H. Stevens, Escape, evasion and revenge : the true story of a German-Jewish RAF pilot who bombed Berlin and became a POW (2009).
* Flight Lieutenant Stevens was the captain of a Hampden aircraft detailed to bomb Berlin on 7th September, 1941. After the mission had been completed the aircraft was hit by enemy antiaircraft fire and had to be crash-landed subsequently, on the outskirts of Amsterdam. Flight Lieutenant Stevens set fire to the aircraft, destroyed all documents and then, in company with the navigator, commenced to walk towards Amsterdam. They met a farmer who took them to his house and gave them food, at the same time promising to put them in touch with an organisation. Both walked across country for an hour, and then hid in a hut on a football field. They were later found by German Feldgendarmerie and taken to a Military prison, remaining there for two days. They were then sent to the Dulag Luft at Oberussel. Flight Lieutenant Stevens was moved to Lubeck on 20th September, 1941. On 6th October, 1941, he was entrained for Warburg, and during the journey he made his escape, accompanied by another officer, by crawling through a ventilator and dropping to the ground while the train was in motion. Shots were fired and the train was stopped but he and his companion managed to reach a wood where they hid until the departure of the train. Shortly afterwards they jumped on a goods train and reached Hanover on 8th October. Here Flight Lieutenant Stevens made contact with some pre-war acquaintances who provided him with food, money and civilian clothes. He, with his companion, then entrained for Frankfurt. Here they were challenged by Railway Police and arrested being subsequently sent to Oflag VI.B. at Warburg. On 1st December, 1941, Flight Lieutenant Stevens made a further attempt to escape by disguising himself as a German Unter-Offizier. He led a party of 10 officers disguised as orderlies, and two officers disguised as guards with dummy rifles, and all marched through the gates of the camp. They had to return however as the sentry was not satisfied that the gate pass was correct. Flight Lieutenant Stevens marched his party back to the compound and the sentry was then quite unaware that the party was not genuine. A similar plan of escape was therefore adopted a week later, but on this occasion the sentry was immediately suspicious and demanded of the party their paybooks. The party then had to disperse hurriedly but two of its members were arrested. In September, 1942, Flight Lieutenant Stevens was moved to Oflag XXIB at Schubin. Here he made a fourth attempt to escape and managed to get away by means of a tunnel, carrying forged identity papers, wearing a civilian suit and carrying a converted great-coat. He took a train to Berlin, arriving there on the evening of 5th March, 1943. He bought a railway ticket to Cologne and, when on the journey to that town, he was asked for his identity card by a Gestapo official. The latter discovered that it was forged, and Flight Lieutenant Stevens was then arrested and returned to the Oflag XXIB, receiving as a punishment 14 days in the cells. Flight Lieutenant Stevens made a further attempt on 21st April, 1943, but it was unsuccessful and he served a sentence of 7 days in the cells. He was ultimately liberated by the Russian forces whilst at Stalag IIIA on the 21st April, 1945.
Richard Hubert
R.H. Stevens (Photo courtesy of Mrs Rose Alderson)
Married aged 24 (04.04.1936, Hendon) Violet Ellen Mayhew; one son.
c. 1911/12
[Berlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, Germany, collective grave 13.L.1-7]
? [1387130]
P/O (prob)
30.04.1943 [143597]
(WS) F/O (prob)

commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
Wireless Operator/Air Gunner, 12 Squadron RAF
[his Lancaster III [JB359 PH-Q] had taken of from Wickenby at 18.35 hrs for an operation against Berlin; believed to have crashed while homebound, coming down some 3 km north of Harzgerode]
Sidney George
S.G. Stevens S.G. Stevens
S.G. Stevens S.G. Stevens
S.G. Stevens S.G. Stevens
Son of ... Stevens, and ... Rew.
Married (04.12.1943, Norwich, Norfolk) Maud E. "Maureen" Miller (1919? - 03.12.2017); one son.

Torrington district, Devonshire
care home, Saxlingham Nethergate, Norfolk
F/Sgt. ? [1387665]
P/O (prob) 04.07.1943 [149614]
(WS) F/O (prob) 04.01.1944
(WS) F/Lt. 04.07.1945
F/O 31.10.1947
20.05.1954, seniority 04.03.1954
F/Lt. 01.03.1951, seniority 06.09.1948 (reld 25.7.1961)
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 19.11.1943 *
* This officer has displayed great skill and determination throughout his tour of operations. One night in October, 1943, he piloted an aircraft detailed to attack Leipzig. On the outward flight violent electrical storms were encountered. Although the air speed indicator became useless and other equipment was rendered temporarily unserviceable, Pilot Officer Stevens went on to complete his mission. His persistence in the face of trying circumstances was most praiseworthy.
04.07.1943     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
(1943)     57 Squadron RAF (DFC)
31.10.1947 - 20.05.1954 commissioned, RAFVR (Reconstituted Section) (General Duties Branch)
20.05.1954 - 15.03.1956 commissioned, Royal Auxiliary Air Force (Reconstituted) (Fighter Control Branch)
15.03.1956 - 25.07.1956 Royal Auxiliary Air Force Reserve of Officers
25.07.1956 - 25.07.1961 commissioned, RAFVR (Reconstituted Section) (Secretarial Branch)
President of the Lakenham branch of the British Legion for 25 years.
Harold Marcus
H.M. Stevenson (Photo courtesy of Mr Richard Stevenson)
Son of Marcus Shillabeer Stevenson (1872-), and Caroline Mary Pursley (1876-).
Married; two sons.
Chatham, Medway dsitrict, Kent

Plymouth district, Devon
P/O (prob) 26.05.1940 [79449]
F/O (prob) ?
F/O 26.05.1941
(T) F/Lt. 01.06.1942
(WS) F/Lt. 01.04.1946
(A) Sq.Ldr. ? 06.1943 ?
(T) Sq.Ldr. 01.01.1946 (Emgcy List) (reld 10.02.1954; retaining rank of Sq.Ldr.)
Mention in Despatches MID 14.06.1945 probably for continuing to transmit whilst in charge of a mobile intercept unit at the top of a cliff at Chapel Le Ferne just east of Folkstone during bombardments of doodle bugs from Pas de Calais
01.1940     recalled from Malta to the UK to be commissioned and posted to the “Y” force station at Cheadle, Staffordshire
26.05.1940     commissioned, RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
26.05.1940     transferred, RAFVR (Technical Branch)
      served in the secret “Y” service, the Air Ministry signals intelligence Service
Charles Duncan
C.D. Stewart (Photo courtesy of Mr Philip Cleland) C.D. Stewart
C.D. Stewart
Derby, Derbyshire
Basford district, Nottinghamshire
Sq.Ldr. 07.11.1944 [140459]
W/Cdr. (07.1945)
07.11.1944     commissioned, RAFVR (Meteorological Branch) [emergency commission]
(04.1945)     Senior Meteorological Officer, Fighter Command RAF
(07.1945)     Supreme HQ Allied Expeditionary Force/Air (Rear)
Wilfred Arthur
W.A. Stewart-Jones
Lived in Surrey.
? [1933288]
(A) P/O (prob)
18.01.1943 [161273]
(WS) F/O
(WS) F/Lt.
18.01.1945 (reld 20.01.1946; retaining rank of F/Lt.; on account of medical unfitness for Air Force service)

commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch)
Jack Hubert *
J.H. Stigner (Photo courtesy of Mr Jonathan Stigner) J.H. Stigner (Photo courtesy of Mr Jonathan Stigner)
J.H. Stigner (Photo courtesy of Mr Jonathan Stigner) J.H. Stigner (Photo courtesy of Mr Jonathan Stigner)
J.H. Stigner (Photo courtesy of Mr Jonathan Stigner)
* in full: Jacobus Hubertus Aldegondus Lienard Stigner.
Son of Jean Michel Stigner (1887-1961) (originally of Swalmen, Limburg, the Netherlands), and Maria Josephina Francisca Paulina Lienard (1879-1962) (of Belgium).
Married 1st ((12?).1943, Folkestone district, Kent; marriage dissolved) 3rd Officer Betty Angell Money, WRNS (08.03.1920-01.1992), widow of F/Lt. Desmond Victor Varian, RAFVR, and only daughter of Cdr. Norman Angel Kyrle Money, OBE, RN, and Gladys Gransmore, of Paignton; two sons. She remarried ((12?).1959) Maj. Melville Hope McLaren Dynes.
Married 2nd (20.09.1952, Epsom, Surrey Mid Eastern district) Jillian Sinclair Peet (10.05.1932-28.10.2001), daughter of Herbert Stanley Peet and Daisy Mary Jane Cotterell Martin; two sons.
Eastbourne, Sussex
Auckland, New Zealand
Ldg.Acm. ? [906269]
P/O (prob) 14.12.1940, seniority 24.11.1940 [89334]
(WS) F/O 14.12.1941, seniority 24.11.1941
(WS) F/Lt. 14.12.1942, seniority 24.11.1942 (reld 14.05.1946) (reld 16.12.1949; on appointment to Territorial Army)
Lt. 16.12.1949, seniority 07.10.1943
Capt. 01.06.1951
Gained aviator's certificate (No. 163437) taken on a B.A. Swallow - Cirrus Minor 82 at the Cinque Ports Flying Club, 27.10.1938.
09.1939     enlisted RAFVR (Uxbridge)
14.12.1940     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
14.12.1940     No. 2 School of Army Co-operation (Andover) (for army co-operation course)
30.04.1941     pilot, 53 Squadron RAF (for flying duties)
27.02.1943     HQ No.15 Group RAF (Liverpool) (as training F/Lt.)
26.10.1943     Junior Commander's Course, RAF Station Banff (No. 21 Group RAF)
28.03.1944     No. 9 Operational Training Unit RAF (for course) (No. 17 Group RAF)
11.08.1944     RAF Station Haverfordwest (No.17 Group RAF) (for ground instructor duties) [date possibly 11.05.1944]
31.08.1944     School of Air Sea Rescue RAF (Calshot) (No. 17 Group RAF, from 14.09.1944 No. 25 Group RAF)
01.10.1944     RAF Station Haverfordwest (No.17 Group RAF) (for administrative duties; supernumerary)
31.10.1944     No. 132 (Coastal) Operational Training Unit (East Fortune) (No. 17 Group RAF) (for ground instructor duties; supernumerary) (from 11.05.1945 as President of Board & Camp Commandant)
07.06.1945     RAF Station East Fortune (No. 17 Group RAF) (supernumerary; under training, flying continued)
08.06.1945     transferred, RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch)
14.05.1946     No. 100 Personnel Despatch Centre (No. 28 Group RAF) (for Class 'A' release)
16.12.1949     commissioned, Royal Regiment of Artillery - Territorial Army
08.12.1952     Territorial Army Reserve of Officers
Jeweller (retired from the firm of Stigner's in 1950).
Robert John Telford
R.J.T. Stirling (Photo courtesy of Mr Chris Stirling)
Son of Thomas D. Stirling, and Elsie Telford.
Married (31.05.1941, Hampstead district, London) Jean Catherine Stewart, of Douglas, Isle of Man; one son.
St Marylebone district, London
(MPK) [age 26]
[Runnymede Memorial, panel 129]
Sgt. ? [1392174]
P/O (prob) 10.10.1942 [130875]
(WS) F/O (prob) 10.04.1943
Member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (MPS).
10.10.1942     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
? - 26.11.1943 navigator, 21 Squadron RAF
[Mosquito Mk. VI HX906, taken off from Sculthorpe, was lost during attacks on targets in NW Germany. Lost over the Waddenzee due to fire from anti-aircraft guns. Both navigator & pilot (F/O T.J.B. Shearer, RAFVR) were killed.]
Arthur Edward
A.E. Stocks (Photo courtesy of Mr Simon Holdsworth) A.E. Stocks (Photo courtesy of Mr Simon Holdsworth)
A.E. Stocks (Photo courtesy of Mr Simon Holdsworth) A.E. Stocks (Photo courtesy of Mr Simon Holdsworth)
A.E. Stocks (Photo courtesy of Mr Simon Holdsworth)
Son of James Stocks, and Gladys Haigh.
Married ((12?).1945, Chelmsford district, Essex) Jean Marion "Jane" Hudson.
Shireoaks, Worksop district, West Riding of Yorkshire
Mid Warwickshire district, Warwickshire
Ldg.Acm. ? [1425684]
P/O (prob) 05.06.1942 [132324]
(WS) F/O (prob) 05.12.1942
(WS) F/Lt. 05.06.1944
(A) Sq.Ldr. (1945)
15.05.1940     joined the RAF at Lord's where he spent 6 weeks doing basic training
07.1940     initial flying training at Torquay
      No. 31 Bombing and Gunnery School, Picton, Ontario, Canada
05.06.1942     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
Michael John
M.J. Stokes
Son of ... Stokes, and ... Raim.
Married ...; ... children (one daughter?).
Leicester district, Leicestershire

Sgt. ? [1432328]
P/O (prob) 21.06.1943 [161660]
(WS) F/O 21.12.1943
(WS) F/Lt. 21.06.1945
21.06.1943     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
Gerald Philip
D. Strachan
Son of Claude Reginald Stone (1895-1956), and Isobel Hunt.
Married ((06?).1940, Windsor distrct, Berkshire) Freda Helen Ward, of Windsor, Berkshire.
St Pancras district, London
(KIA) [age 25]
[Tabarka Ras Rajel War Cemetery, Tunisia, 2.D.12]
(T) F/Sgt. ? [745561]
(A) P/O (prob) 27.12.1941 [116810]
(WS) F/O (prob) 01.10.1942
Mention in Despatches MID 01.01.1943 ?
Education: Slough Secondary School.
27.12.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
? - 26.01.1943 pilot, 72 Squadron RAF
James Frederick Guy
J.F.G. Stonham
Son of James Walter Stonham (1903-1982), and Ethel May Butler (1901-1989).
Married ((12?).1945, Hastings district, Sussex) Barbara Joan Wheeler (19.01.1922 - 11.2000).
Hastings district, Sussex
St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex
Acm. 2nd cl. ? [1803385]
P/O (prob) 20.11.1943 [159398]
(WS) F/O 20.05.1944
(WS) F.Lt. 20.11.1945
F/Lt. 01.11.1947, seniority 20.05.1947 (reld 01.9.1948)
(T) F/Lt. RAF 01.09.1948, seniority 20.05.1947
F/Lt. RAF 01.10.1952, seniority 20.05.1947
17.08.1954, seniority 20.05.1948 (forfeiture of seniority)
Sq.Ldr. 01.07.1958 (retd 05.11.1971)
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 22.09.1944 *
* One night in July, 1944, this officer was captain of an aircraft detailed for mining operations in the Danube. This involved very difficult flying along a predetermined course and against extremely heavy ground defences. Nevertheless, Pilot Officer Stonham determinedly pressed home his attack and successfully laid his mines in the correct position. In so doing he received severe wounds in the head from anti-aircraft fire and his navigator and wireless operator were also injured. The aircraft sustained considerable damage and much equipment was destroyed. The undercarriage and flaps were rendered inoperative and many navigational aids were lost. Despite his own injuries and almost complete lack of flying instruments, Pilot Officer Stonham successfully flew his damaged aircraft over the Jugoslav mountains and reached the enemy coast. He then set a new course for base where he effected a masterly landing. This officer has completed numerous sorties and he has invariably displayed coura'ge, determination and devotion to duty of a high order.
20.11.1943     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
(1944)     pilot, 150 Squadron RAF (DFC)
01.09.1948     temporary commission, RAF (General Duties Branch)
15.02.1949     short service commission, RAF (General Duties Branch)
01.10.1952     permanent commission, RAF (General Duties Branch)
Henry Sergius
H.S. Stott (Photo courtesy of Mrs Diana Davies)
Acm. 2nd cl. ? [1229363]
(A) P/O (prob) 31.12.1941, seniority 01.10.1941 [114959]
31.12.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (Accountant Branch) [emergency commission]
J. Stott
Son of Joseph and Elizabeth Stott.
Married ((12?).1942, Liverpool South district, Lancashire) Hilda Davies, of Wavertree, Liverpool.
1918 ?
(MPK) [age 25]
[Runnymede Memorial, panel 129]
Ldg.Acm. ? [656528]
P/O (prob) 11.09.1942 [130569]
(WS) F/O (prob) 11.03.1943
11.09.1942     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
? - 04.12.1943 bomb aimer, 76 Squadron RAF
[Halifax LK902 (MP-H) took off 23:51 hrs 03.12.1943 from Holme-on-Spalding Moor for a bombing operation of Leipzig. Shot down by a night-fighter (Ofw Willi Schmale, 3. Staffel / Nachtjagdgeschwader 3), crashing 03:00 hrs at Achteberg. Four are buried in Hamburg Cemetery, Ohlsdorf, and three have no known graves.]
D. Strachan
Ldg.Acm. ? [1365214]
(A) P/O (prob) 28.09.1942 [130148]
P/O (prob) 28.11.1942
(WS) F/O (prob) 28.05.1943
(A) F/Lt. (1944)
Mention in Despatches MID 01.01.1945 ?
28.09.1942     commissioned, RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
      served in North Africa & Italy
Louis Arbon
L.A. Strange L.A. Strange

Youngest son of Walter John Strange (died 1934).
Married (05.11.1915) Marjorie ...; one son, one daughter.
Blandford, Dorset
[London ?]
[St. Nicholas Churchyard, Worth Matravers, Dorset]
Army / RFC:

2nd Lt. (prob)
? (reld 01.08.1919)

(T) W/Cdr.
01.11.1919 (half-pay for 6 months from 17.03.1920) (retd 24.02.1921; ill-health; retaining the rank of Lt.Col.)

P/O (prob)
18.04.1940 [78522]
(WS) F/Lt. (prob)
24.09.1940 [01107]
(WS) F/Lt.
(A) Sq.Ldr.
(T) Sq.Ldr.
28.10.1942-..., seniority 01.09.1942
(WS) Sq.Ldr.
03.1943 (reld from active service 19.09.1945; reld 10.02.1954; retaining the rank of W/Cdr.)
(A) W/Cdr.
(A) W/Cdr.
(A) Gp.Capt.
Distinguished Service Order DSO
Officer of the Order of the British Empire OBE
New Year 45 *2
Military Cross MC
reconnaissance / bombing Courtrai *3
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC
Mention in Despatches MID
Mention in Despatches MID
Mention in Despatches MID
Bronze Star Medal (US) BSM
*1 For his exceptional services in organising his wing and his brilliant leadership on low bombing raids this officer was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross not long ago. Since then, by his fine example and inspiring personal influence, he has raised his wing to still higher efficiency and morale, the enthusiasm displayed by the various squadrons for low-flying raids being most marked. On 30th October he accompanied one of these raids against an aerodrome; watching the work of his machines, he waited until they had finished and then dropped his bombs from one hundred feet altitude on hangars that were undamaged; he then attacked troops and transport in the vicinity of the aerodrome. While thus engaged he saw eight Fokkers flying above him ; at once he climbed and attacked them single-handed; having driven one down out of control he was fiercely engaged by the other seven, but he maintained the combat until rescued by a patrol of our scouts.
*2 Awarded for his work in helping to develop the British Airborne Forces and Hurricats in 1940 and 1941.
*3 For gallantry and ability on reconnaissance and other duties on numerous occasions, especially on the occasion when he dropped three bombs from a height of only 200 feet on the railway junction at Courtrai, whilst being assailed by heavy rifle fire.
*4 To this officer must be given the main credit of the complete success attained in two recent bombing raids on important enemy aerodromes. In organising these raids his careful attention to detail and well-thought-out plans were most creditable. During the operations themselves his gallantry in attack and fine leadership inspired all those taking part.
*5 Pilot Officer Strange was detailed to proceed from Hendon to Merville to act as ground control officer during the arrival and departure of various aircraft carrying food supplies. He displayed great skill and determination whilst under heavy bombing attacks and machine-gun fire at Merville, where he was responsible for the repair and successful despatch of two aircraft to England. In the last remaining aircraft, which was repaired under his supervision, he returned to Hendon, in spite of being repeatedly attacked by Messerschmitts until well out to sea. He had no guns in action and had never flown this type of aircraft previously, but his brilliant piloting enabled him to return with this much needed aircraft.
*6 [Awarded 06.1945] Through his tireless energy, devotion to duty, technical and practical knowledge of aircraft and wide experience in the operational employment of aircraft and airborne troops, Wing Commander Strange rendered a major contribution to the successful accomplishment of airborne operations against the enemy during the period 14 December 1944 until the cessation of hostilities.
Education: Cliff House Preparatory School; St. Edward’s School, Oxford

joined Queen’s Own Dorsetshire Yeomanry
The Dorsetshire Regiment

seconded, Royal Flying Corps (Military Wing), No. 6 Course at the Central Flying School
5 Squadron RFC
12 Squadron RFC

ordered home by Trenchard for rest
Commandant, School of Aerial Gunnery
Assistant Commander Central Flying School [01.04.1918 first commission, RAF]
commanded 80th Wing
commanded 31st Wing
commanded the Flying Wing at RAF Cranwell
24 Squadron RAF
Parachute Training School (Ringway)
Chief Flying Instructor at Merchant Shipping Fighter Unit (Speke)

Commanding Officer, RAF Valley [Illness prevented him from fulfilling the post]
Group HQ (Uxbridge)
Commanding Officer, RAF Hawkinge
HQ No. 12 Group RAF (supplementary Sq.Ldr.)
No 46 Transport Group as Wing Commander Operations, British Airborne Forces
HQ 1st Allied Airborne Army
Forward HQ, Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force
A director of Spartan Aircraft.
: Recollections of an airman (1933)
: Peter Hearn, Flying rebel : the story of Louis Strange (1994)
Louis Strange was a true pioneer of early 20th Century flight. After taking a bet, Louis gained Royal Aero Club Certificate No 575 on 5th August 1913.  In January 1914 he became one of the first aviators in Britain to “loop the loop.”  With the outbreak of World War One, Louis, now a Lieutenant in 5 Squadron RFC, was one of the 37 aviators who on the 4th August 1914 flew the English Channel to fight Germany. He quickly demonstrated that he was both a courageous and inventive pioneer of aerial combat. On the 22 August 1914 against all the rules Louis took a machine gun into the air with the express intention of shooting down an enemy aircraft. Six days later he became the first British pilot to drop bombs from his Henry Farman F20 bi-plane. Sadly the strains of 1,000 hours of wartime flying, more than half of them in combat conditions, combined with illness resulted in him leaving the RAF in 1922.  Once he had regained his health from working on his farm, Louis became a prominent figure in civil aviation. “Colonel Strange”, as he was generally known was a familiar and popular presence at aerodromes throughout the British Isles and Europe. At the age of 49 Louis found his way back into the cockpit and to serve with distinction in the RAFVR during the Second World War.  It is said that only those who served alongside him truly recognised the tremendous work that he did in the genesis of British Airborne Forces.
Laurence Patrick
L.P. Stuart-Smith
Son of ... Stuart-Smith, and ... Cooke.
Married ((12?).1943, Chelmsford district, Essex) Marienne Mary Josephine Hone; ... children (one daughter?).
Epping district, Essex

(died in an air crash at Mount Suphan, Eastern Turkey) (formerly of Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex)
Sgt. ? [1332517]
P/O (prob) 22.04.1943 [147588]
(WS) F/O 22.10.1943
(WS) F/Lt. 22.04.1945 (reld 11.06.1947)
F/O 11.06.1947
F/Lt. 01.03.1951, seniority 16.06.1949 (reld 12.06.1952)
F/Lt. 12.06.1952 (retd 15.08.1956)
22.04.1943     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
11.06.1947     commissioned, RAFVR (Reconstituted Section) (General Duties Branch)
12.06.1952     commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch) [short service commission]
01.04.1953     commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch) [permanent commission]
Joined the RAF in 1940, and flew in Middle East and UK, finishing the war in the Pathfinders on Mosquitoes. He was recalled to the RAF in 1951, and flew Meteors. He attended the ETPS in 1954,and was a test pilot at Boscombe Down in 1955. He joined Aviation Traders Ltd in 1956 as Chief Test Pilot. He made the maiden flight of the Aviation Traders Accountant and has flown over 55 types.
Ian Murray
I.M. Sturges (Photo courtesy of Fiona Freni) I.M. Sturges (Photo courtesy of Fiona Freni)
I.M. Sturges (Photo courtesy of Fiona Freni) I.M. Sturges (Photo courtesy of Fiona Freni)

Son (with three brothers and two sisters) of Francis William Murray Sturges (1865-1945), and Nina Banbury (1879-1952).
Brother of Capt. Edward Murray Sturges, RM. Cousin of Lt.Gen. Sir Robert Grice Sturges, RM.
Married (26.04.1947, Westminster district, London) Elizabeth Mary Troup (29.06.1920 - ), daughter of Capt. Hugh Rose Troup, RN (1885-1968), and Noëline Mary Milne-Thomson (1894-1984); one son, one daughter.
Kensington district, London

High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
F/Sgt. ? [1802915]
P/O (prob) 04.02.1945 [190967]
(WS) F/O 04.08.1945
04.02.1945     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
 (1945)     pilot, 149 Squadron RAF
(flew Lancaster bombing operations over Germany & food supply droppings over the Netherlands [Operation Manna])
Kenneth Terence
K.T. Sturgess (Photo courtesy of Mrs Diana Davies)
Ldg.Acm. ? [1245212]
(A) P/O (prob) 31.12.1941, seniority 10.10.1941 [114960]
31.12.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (Accountant Branch) [emergency commission]
Claude Somerset
D.J. Sutton

Son of Sidney Richard Style, and Jane Whitaker.
Married (1928?) Agnes McQuistan Alexander McChlery (19.01.1906 - 1972); one daughter, one son.

Umtata, Eastern Cape, South Africa

(T) 2nd Lt. (prob) 11.10.1917
F/O 08.01.1918
(T) Lt. ? (Unemployed List 05.06.1919)
F/O 12.05.1938 [72333]
(WS) F/Lt. 16.09.1941
(WS) Sq.Ldr. 01.07.1944 (Emgcy List) (reld 10.02.1954; retaining rank of W/Cdr.)
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 03.06.1919 Italy
11.10.1917     commissioned, Royal Flying Corps, later RAF (Flying Branch) [temporary commission]
12.05.1938     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch)
A grandson writes: "
Was a Rhodesian. Was (we think) Hurricane pilot, flew in both wars. Was a Squadron Leader in WW2 in North Africa."
G. Such

Son of George Such, and Elizabeth Rabone, of Olton, Birmingham.
Aston district, Warwickshire
[age 21]
[Hamburg Cemetery, Germany, collective grave 4A. H. 1-7]
Ldg.Acm. ? [969043]
P/O (prob) 07.08.1942 [127923]
(WS) F/O (prob) 07.02.1943
      pilot training, Ponca City, USA
07.08.1942     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
? - 25.07.1943 76 Squadron RAF (Holme-on-Spalding Moor)
[Halifax V DK187 MP-M took off 22:39 hrs for a bombing operation against Hamburg. Presumed lost over the North Sea with crew of eight. Only two bodies were eventually washed ashore and buried in Tönning Evangelical Lutheran Friedhof. Since 1945, F/O Such has beem taken to Hamburg Cemetery, Ohlsdorf, While Sgt. F.J. Jackson now lies at Kiel War Cemetery. The rest are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial.]
John Mortimer
J.M. Sudbury (Photo courtesy of Mr Simon Sudbury)
Son (with two brothers) of John Elliott Sudbury (1876-1929), and Emma Mortimer (1880-1939).
Brother of Capt. Edward Herbert Sudbury, Royal Engineers, and Lt. Richard Arnold Sudbury, RNVR.
Eye, Suffolk
Sheffield, Yorkshire
Cpl. ? [998138]
(A) P/O (prob) 22.07.1942, seniority 30.04.1942 [125406]
P/O (prob) 22.09.1942, seniority 30.06.1942
(WS) F/O (prob) 22.03.1943 (Emgcy) (reld 07.07.1954; retaining rank of F/Lt.)
(A) F/Lt. ?
22.07.1942     commissioned, RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
Commercial traveller.
William Gilbert Sevier
W.G.S. Summers (Photo courtesy of Mr Philip Cleland)
Portsmouth district, Hampshire

Bournemouth district, Hampshire
Wt.Offr. ? [366416]
F/O (prob) 26.07.1941, seniority 05.06.1941 [46259]
(T) F/Lt. 01.09.1942
(WS) F/Lt. 18.02.1945
(A) Sq.Ldr. (07.1945)
26.07.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (Technical Branch) (Signals) [emergency commission]
(07.1945)     Supreme HQ Allied Expeditionary Force/Air (Rear)
Douglas John
D.J. Sutton
19.01.1924 ?
10.1998 ?
Brentwood district, Essex ?
F/Sgt. ? [1459002]
P/O (prob) 27.09.1944 [185720]
(WS) F/O 27.03.1945
Education: Southampton University (Air Squadron 10.1941).
27.09.1944     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
John Mervyn Rhydderch
J.M.R. Sutton
Newport district, Monmouthshire
Tunbridge Wells district, Kent
P/O (prob) 28.09.1939 [74782]
P/O 28.09.1940
(WS) F/O 18.04.1941, seniority 11.06.1940
F/Lt. (prob) ?, seniority 10.10.1939
(T) F/Lt. 01.12.1940
(A) Sq.Ldr. (1942)
(T) Sq.Ldr. 01.01.1945
Sq.Ldr. ? (retd 31.05.1954)
Mention in Despatches MID 01.01.1943 ?
28.09.1939     commissioned, RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
24.04.1940     transferred, RAFVR (Technical Branch)
1940 - 1942 served with radar on Malta
Published: Magnetism and electricity for students in technical and secondary schools (1956).
Joseph Philippe
J.P. Suzor (Photo courtesy of Willy Suzor) J.P. Suzor (Photo courtesy of Willy Suzor)
J.P. Suzor (Photo courtesy of Willy Suzor) J.P. Suzor (Photo courtesy of Willy Suzor)

Île du Coin, Peros Banos, British Indian Ocean Territory
Johannesburg, South Africa
Ldg.Acm. ? [1396320]
P/O (prob) 22.12.1942 [135860]
(WS) F/O (prob) 22.06.1943
(WS) F/Lt. 22.12.1944
22.12.1942     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
 ? - 03.10.1943 76 Squadron RAF
[Halifax V DK201 (MP-P) took off 18:08 hrs from Holme-on-Spalding Moor for a bombing raid on Kassel. The aircraft was shot down by a night-fighter and crashed at Leistrup, 4 km ESE of Detmold.Two of the crew were killed, the other six were captured.]
10.1943 - 04.1945 POW in German captivity (Stalag Luft 3)
Cyril Alfred
C.A. Swaddling
Formerly of Dorking and Middleton.

Blaenavon Hospital, Gwent
[St Paul's Blaenavon]
? [657437]
P/O (prob)
05.06.1942 [124781]
(WS) F/O (prob)
(WS) F/Lt.

commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
N. Swinton (Photo courtesy of Mrs Diana Davies)
Sgt. ? [328837]
(A) P/O (prob) 31.12.1941, seniority 20.10.1941 [114961]
31.12.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (Technical Branch) [emergency commission]
A. Symmons (Photo courtesy of Mr Steve Symmons)
Sgt. ? [1295362]
P/O (prob) 03.06.1943 [148701]
(WS) F/O (prob) 03.12.1943
(WS) F/Lt. 03.06.1945
F/Lt. 01.11.1947, seniority 03.12.1946 (Emgcy List) (reld 21.05.1957; retaining rank of F/Lt.)
Distinguished Flying Medal DFM 13.07.1943 *
* Sorties 20. Flying Hours 129. "This NCO is well advanced in his first operational tour of operations and is an inspired captain of aircraft. He is an airman of exceptional ability, forceful in action, at all times considerate to his crew and by his abundant devotion to duty, a constant source of inspiration. He has taken part in many important sorties against enemy objectives during which his maintenance of aim & attack was pressed home with the utmost vigour and determination. His record to date is an example worthy of the best traditions of the service and it is recommended that this NCO's achievement and sustained operational effort is recognised by an award of the DFM."
(1943)     77 Squadron RAF
03.06.1943     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]

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