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David Leonard
D.L. Oakenfold
Son (with one brother) of David Charles Oakenfold (1881-1945), and Jane Eliza Woodbury (1885-1959).
Married (24.12.1939, Paddington, London) Clarissa Agnes Maud Howe (02.06.1915 - 30.03.2009), of Bayswater, London, daughter (with two sisters) of Albert Frank Howe (1893-1958), and Clarissa Brocklehurst (1897-1985). She remarried (1951) Thomas Victor Renzetti.
St Marylebone district, London
Kimble, Buckinghamshire
(air accident) [age 29]
[Marlow Cemetery, Buckinghamshire, section F, row H, grave 95]
Ldg.Acm. ? [1396538]
P/O (prob) 02.01.1943 [136474]
(WS) F/O (prob) 02.07.1943
(WS) F/Lt. 02.01.1945
02.01.1943     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]

Training Moth In Flames At Kimble

Flight-Lieut. D.L. Oakenfield (sic) and Flying-Officer W.G. Reeve, of the Royal Air Force, stationed at Booker, were killed on Tuesday afternoon when the Tiger Moth training machine [T6196] which they were flying crashed in a field in Little Kimble. Farm employees of Colonel W.C. Devereux, at Roundhill Farm, Little Kimble, were working in the fields when their attention was attracted to a 'plane flying low over the farm. The machine struck some high tension electric cables and came hurtling upside-down to the ground, where it burst into flames. The farm workers hurriedly went to the scene and one of them, Mr. James Hicks, made an attempt to rescue the occupants of the machine, but was driven back by the fierce flames. The explosion of the petrol tank of the 'plane was heard for some miles. The machine burnt out before fire fighting apparatus could be brought into action. The bodies of the two airmen were badly burned when ultimately recovered from the wreckage.

Edward Gerald
E.G. Oakley-Beuttler

Married ((06?).1908, Kensington, Greater London).

Newton Abbot district, Devon
Bovey Tracey, North Devon
01.04.1918 (Unemployed List 06.10.1919)
[Hon.?] W/Cdr.
P/O (prob)
21.03.1939 [72904]
22.07.1939 (reld 28.02.1946)
Officer of the Order of the British Empire (Military Division) OBE
Mention in Despatches MID
Officer, Order of the Crown (Italy) Crwn

served RNVR

served RAF (Administrative Branch, from 23.05.1918 Technical Branch)

commissioned, RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch)
transferred, Training Branch
Michael William
M.W. O'Brien (Photo courtesy of Mr Egbert M. Theune) M.W. O'Brien (Photo courtesy of Mr Egbert M. Theune)
Son of George William O'Brien, and Enid Mary Perry.
Hyderabad, Sind, India
(KIA) [age 23]
[initially buried at Waldfriedhof Lauheide, later re-interred at Reichswald Forest War Cemetery, Germany, 18.E.17]
Aircraftman 2nd class 12.08.1940 [1375476]
Sgt. 1941?
P/O (prob) 26.06.1941 [69497]
(WS) F/O 26.06.1942
(WS) F/Lt. 26.06.1943
(A) Sq.Ldr. 14.08.1944
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 13.10.1944 ?
12.08.1940     enlisted, RAFVR (for pilot duties)
26.06.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch)
26.06.1941     No. 14 Service Flying Training School RAF (Twinwood Farm, Bedfordshire)
05.07.1941     No. 2 School of Air Navigation RAF (RAF Cranage, Cheshire)
18.08.1941     No. 9 Service Flying Training School RAF (Hullavington, Wiltshire)
30.03.1942     No. 2 (Pilot) Advanced Flying Unit RAF (RAF Brize Norton, Oxfordshire)
21.07.1942     No. 3 Glider Training School RAF (Stoke Orchard, Gloucestershire)
18.11.1942     No. 1 Glider Training School RAF (RAF Croughton, Northamptonshire)
18.02.1943     HQ No. 51 Group RAF (Moorfield House, Leeds)
28.06.1943     HQ Flight Training Centre RAF (Shinfield Park, Reading, Berkshire)
02.09.1943     165 SCU [= 1655 Mosquito Training Unit] RAF
21.10.1943     pilot, 139 Squadron RAF (Wyton, Cambridgeshire) (flying Mosquitos)
28.01.1944     pilot, 192 Squadron RAF (Foulsham, Norfolk) (DFC)
14.08.1944     instructor, 1692 Bomber Support Training Unit (Great Massingham, Norfolk)
05.02.1945 - 22.03.1945 pilot, 23 Squadron RAF (Little Snoring, Norfolk) (B Flight commander)
[Airborne 19:35 hrs from Little Snoring for Intruder operations (bomber support) in the Handorf and Münster area in Mosquito RS577 (YP-T). Cause of loss and crash-site not established.]
Leslie Curtis
L.C. Ockenden (Photo courtesy of Mr David F. Boath)
Son (with four brothers) of Herbert Fruin Ockenden (1862-1951), and Mary Ann Curtis (1864-1946).
Married ((06?).1930, Battersea district, London) Gladys Ada Wright (03.06.1904 - 04.1994), daughter (with three sisters and one brother) of Albert Wright (1870-1948), and Alice Amelia Rumble (1873-1962); two sons.
Wandsworth district, London
Oxford district, Oxfordshire
P/O (prob) 14.11.1940 [87281]
P/O 1941?, seniority 04.11.1940 (reld 05.12.1945)
(A) F/Lt. (1945?)
Mention in Despatches MID 01.01.1946 ?
Education: University College, University of London (BSc (2nd Class Honours Physics) 1926).
14.11.1940     commissioned, RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
? - 08.1941 No. 76 Course, Officers' School RAF
Senior Lecturer in science and education, Eastbourne Training College for Teachers. Late Senior Lecturer in science, Wimpole Park College. Late Senior Science Master, Sloane School, Chelsea.
: The Sloane School Scientific Society (1935); Batteries of the London Institution 1821 (In: Annals of Science 1937); Mr. Bumbletoes of Bimbleton : some jolly tales of Bimbleton (1948)

David Walter
D.W. Oddy (Photo courtesy of Mrs Carolynne Mycock)
Son of Ernest Oddy, and Ada Maud Bonfield.
Married (07.06.1947, Bournemouth, Hampshire) Mercy Agnes Kingston (10.02.1927 - 08.2002), daughter of William Thomas Kingston, and Mercy Ruth L. Bullard; two daughters.
Bournemouth, Christchurch district, Hampshire
Bournemouth, Hampshire
F/Sgt. ? [1321186]
P/O (prob) 01.04.1944 [175329]
(WS) F/O 01.10.1944
(WS) F/Lt. 01.04.1946
01.04.1944     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
      149 Squadron RAF (Bomber Command) (Mildenhall)
Finance company executive. Joined Bowmaker Ltd. 1939. Regional manager Bowmaker Ltd. from 1970.
Philip Hoyles
P.H. Ogden
Son of Joseph Zerah Ogden (1883-1965), and Florence Hoyles.
Married ((03?).1945, Thirsk district, North Riding of Yorkshire) Vivienne Muriel Stead ((09?).1927 - 10.2010), daughter of Edmund T. Stead, and Muriel Stainthorp; two daughters, one son.
Keighley district, Yorkshire
North Yorkshire
Ldg.Acm. ? [1623523]
P/O (prob) 01.10.1943 [153608]
(WS) F/O 01.04.1944
(WS) F/Lt. 01.10.1945
01.10.1943     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
      finished the war in a Photograph Reconnaissance Unit
Charles Alexander
C.A. Ogilvy
Kelso district, Roxburghshire, Scotland
Chichester distirict, West Sussex
? [745745]
P/O (prob)
29.09.1940 [85681]
(WS) F/O
(WS) F/Lt.

commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
Leonard William
L.W. O'Hara (Photo courtesy of Mr Tom Lowe)
Son (with two sisters) of Leonard Francis O'Hara (1879-1946), and Catherine Friel (1889-1968).
Des Moines, Iowa, USA
[Runnymede Memorial, panel 71]
P/O (prob) 13.12.1941 [112290]
Printing clerk, Government Printing Office, Washington, DC.
13.12.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
13.12.1941 - 11.01.1942 No. 3 Personnel Reception Centre (PRC) RAF
12.01.1942 - 08.02.1942 No. 13 Service Flying Training School (SFTS) RAF
09.02.1942 - 23.02.1942 1511 Beam Approach Training Flight (BATF) RAF
24.02.1942 - 27.06.1942 12 Operational Training Unit (OTU) RAF
28.06.1942 - 07.08.1942 1651 Conversion Unit (CU) RAF
08.08.1942 - 16.09.1942 15 Squadron RAF
[Flew operations against Silverthorn (Samsĝ Island) 10.08 (abandoned), Mainz 11.08, Frankfurt 24.08, Kassel 27.08, Nürnberg 28.08 (abandoned), Saarbrücken 01.09, Karlsruhe 02.09, Bremen 04.09, Duisburg 06.09, "Gardening" operation 09.09, Düsseldorf 10.09, Wilhelmshaven 14.09.
Stirling I (BF353 LS-E) took off 20:25 hrs 16.09.1942 from Bourn for a bombing operation on Essen. The aircraft cashed in the IJsselmeer, the Netherlands, 10 km NW of Harderwijk.]
Literature: Tom Lowe, Finding Leonard : the discovery of Leonard William O'Hara, RAF-VR (2005); The quest to find Leonard : Pilot Officer Leonard O'Hara, in: Martyn R. Ford-Jones, Bomber Squadron : men who flew with XV Squadron (2019; not in original edition of 1987).
Reginald Beverley
R.H. Orton
Son of the Revd. Reginald Samuel Edward Oliver, B.A. and Mrs. Oliver.
Husband of Elsie Kendall Oliver of Edingthorpe.
Dedham, Lexden district, Essex
Bromley district, Greater London / Kent
[age 49]
[Bacton (St Andrew) Churchyard, Norfolk, grave A33]
P/O (prob) 09.11.1940 [87934]
(WS) F/O (prob) 09.08.1941
(WS) F/O 09.11.1941
(A) F/Lt. ?
      served in WWI, initially in the Border Regiment (Sgt.), then in the Intelligence Corps (T/Capt.)
09.11.1940     commissioned, RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
Eric Thomas
E.T. Orringe E.T. Orringe
E.T. Orringe
P/O (prob) ? [127170]
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 04.1944 *
* As observer, this officer has participated in very many sorties at night. He has displayed exceptional skill and has assisted in the destruction of 4 enemy aircraft, 3 of which were shot down in one sortie. He has at all times displayed great keenness and devotion to duty and his example has been most commendable.
?     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
(1944)     observer, 605 Squadron RAF (DFC)
Ronald Henry
R.H. Orton
Son of Luke Henry Orton (1887-1952), and Eva Ruth Fairchild (1893-1990).
Peterborough district, Northamptonshire
Ely district, Cambridgeshire / Norfolk
[age 19]
[Peterborough (Eastfield)  Cemetery, Northamptonshire, div. 1, block 11, grave 4198]
Ldg.Acm. ? [928512]
P/O (prob) 09.03.1941 [62313]
09.03.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
? - 26.06.1941 pilot, 11 Operational Training Unit RAF
[Wellington IC R1292 had taken off from Bassingbourn on 21.06.1941 for a night flying detail. While in the circuit, the port engine failed, thus necessitating a forced-landing at 02:15 hrs, in which the aircraft hit some trees to the West of Wendy, a little over 10 miles SW of Cambridge. Five days after the accident, P/O Orton died from his injuries. Two others died as well from their wounds.]
Roger William
R.W. Osborn
Elder son of William Stanley Osborn (1884-1952), and Winifred Caroline Wadman (1886-1951), of Petts Wood, Kent.
Married ((09?).1936, Chelsea district, London) Patricia J. Brierley, daughter of Mr & Mrs R.E. Brierley, of London W4.
Colmworth, Battle district, Sussex
Bedford district, Bedfordshire
(A) P/O (prob) 14.03.1941 [62203]
P/O (prob) 30.05.1941
(WS) F/O 30.05.1942
P/O 30.12.1942
(WS) F/Lt. 30.12.1944 (emgcy) (reld 14.08.1955)
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 23.03.1945 ? [decoration posted]
1939-1945 Star 39|45 St - -
Aircrew Europe Star AircEur - & clasp France & Germany
War Medal 1939-1945 WM 39|45 - -
14.03.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (Equipment Branch)
30.12.1942     transferred, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [at own request]
(1945)     141 Squadron RAF (DFC)
Philip Norman
P.N. Osborne
Son of Philip Valentine & Alice Maud Osborne (deid 1927), Chincona Planters.
Mungpoo, North Bengal, India
[Jakarta War Cemetery, Indonesia, 5.F.1]
Ldg.Acm. ? [1395070]
P/O (prob) 23.04.1943 [151968]
(WS) F/O (prob) 23.10.1943
(WS) F/Lt. 23.04.1945
1939-1945 Star 39|45 St - -
Burma Star Bur St - -
Defence Medal Def M - -
War Medal 1939-1945 WM 39|45 - -
General Service Medal GSM - & clasp South Asia 1945-46
Education: Gordon Boys' School, Bisley, Surrey.
1941     enlisted, RAFVR
      after training at Hatfield he was sent to Canada with the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan as a Flying Instructor; based at 37 Service Flying Training School in Calgary, Alberta 1942-44
23.04.1943     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
? - 10.11.1945 110 (Hyderabad) Squadron RAF (Seletar, Singapore)
[On attachment to Batavia and detailed for a reconnaissance flight with an army Brigadier as passenger. Eyewitnesses stated that the aircraft failed to become airborne and crashed at the end of runway. Both occupants were killed instantly.]
Ossulston, Baron;
Charles Augustus Grey Bennet;
since 1971:
9th Earl of Tankerville

C.A.G.B. Ossulston
Elder son of 8th Earl of Tankerville, and of Roberta, daughter of late Percy Mitchell.
Succeeded father, 1971.
Married 1st (15.05.1943) Virginia Diether (from whom he obtained a divorce, 1950), Vancouver; one daughter.
Married 2nd (22.06.1954) Georgiana Lilian Maude, daughter of late Gilbert Wilson, DD, of Vancouver,
Canada; one son, two daughters (of whom one son, one daughter are twins).
San Francisco, Cal., USA
? [1270607]
P/O (prob)
30.07.1941 [103562]
(WS) F/O
(WS) F/Lt.
30.07.1943 (reld 18.07.1946)
served as an officer RAFVR - General Duties Branch
Alan George Alfred
A.G.A. Overall (Photo courtesy of Mr Geoffrey Gillon)
Son (with one brother) of Alfred John William Overall (1882-1951), and Clara Winifred Stephens (1883-1952).
Married ((03?).1940, Southend on Sea district, Essex) Irene Louise Grandison Hill (18.03.1918 - 03.1983), daughter of ... Hill, and ... Grandison, of Southend-on-Sea; one daughter, one son. Irene Overall remarried (1953) Denis H.W. Frith.
Rochford district, Essex
(KIA) [age 26]
[Southend-on-Sea Cemetery, plot R, grave 12101]
Wt.Offr. ? [748234]
P/O (prob) 17.01.1943 [141404]
(WS) F/O (prob) 17.07.1943
17.01.1943     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
? - 18.01.1944 navigator/bomber, Bombing Trials Unit RAF
[Handley Page Hampden Mk. I Ser No P1216 crashed at Braid Fell Ranges, Stranraer. Took off from West Freugh, Wigtowns for low-level bombing trials. During turn to port, aircraft stalled and hit the ground. Crew of three were killed.]
William Albert
W.A. Owen
Sgt. ? [1291385]
P/O (prob) 30.06.1943 [148043]
(WS) F/O (prob) 30.12.1943
(WS) F/Lt. 30.06.1945
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 19.10.1943 ?
30.06.1943     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
(1943)     158 Squadron RAF (DFC)
Douglas Alfred
D.A. Oxby
D.A. Oxby
D.A. Oxby
D.A. Oxby
D.A. Oxby  
Son of William Bramwell Oxby, and Mabel E. Johnson.
Married 1st; two sons.
Married 2nd (she died 2007).

Cardiff, Glamorgan
Toronto, Ont., Canada
? [1254447]
P/O (prob)
31.10.1942 [138413]
(WS) F/O (prob)
(WS) F/Lt.
01.09.1945, seniority 31.10.1943
01.07.1946, seniority 30.04.1946
01.07.1957 (retd 11.03.1969; own request)
Distinguished Service Order DSO
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC
Distinguished Flying Medal DFM
Distinguished Flying Medal DFM

* As observer, this officer has displayed skill of the highest order. He has taken part in a very large number of sorties and has assisted dn the destruction of 21 enemy aircraft. These successes are an outstanding tribute to his great ability, praiseworthy courage and iron determination.
** This officer is a highly efficient, keen and resolute observer. He has participated in a large number of sorties and has assisted in the destruction of 17 enemy aircraft at night, 3 of them in one sortie. His devotion to duty has been unfailing.
*** Flight Sergeant Oxby has displayed exceptional keenness and devotion to duty. He has taken part in the destruction at night of 13 enemy aircraft.

Education: Canton High School, Cardiff; Technical College, Cardiff.
Barrister's clerk.
joined RAF as ground radar operator

trained as radio operator (air)
68 Squadron RAF
89 Squadron RAF

commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch)
spring 1944
instructor at a training unit for radar operators
spring 1944
219 Squadron RAF

instructor at a fighter training unit
permanent commission RAF

serving as an instructor at an air navigation school and at the Central Fighter Establishment and at HQ Fighter Command; in June 1962 he was appointed assistant air adviser to the British high commissioner in Ottawa
Emigrated to Canada (1962) and worked as a civil servant until 1984.

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