His son-in-law writes: "Initially Viceroy commissioned on 1st July 1941 in Royal Indian Army Service Corps ( RIASC ) at Landi Kotal (KHYBER AGENCY), the LAST OUT POST on then INDO-AFGHANISTAN border, was Commissioned from IMA DEHRADUN,on 16th January 1944, IECO - 13th Course, (GC No 13119 of ' D ' COY ) and posted back to ASC Supply Depot, Landi Kotal as 2nd Lt. Later from Chittagong ( now in BANGLADESH ) as 2 I/C 52 Indian Reception Camp ( Transit Camp ) he moved his troops by ship to Port SVETTENHAM ( near QUALALUMPUR ) MALAYA, ( now MALAYSIA ). As his O.C. (MAJOR SHAH of GWALIOR ARMY ) was hospitalized in CHITTAGONG BASE HOSPITAL, he ( Colonel ) commanded this TRANSIT CAMP for Military personnel, embarking/disembarking between INDIA/MALAYA, as O.C. in Acting Major's Rank. there were 400 plus Japanese POW's as Fatigue Party in this TRANSIT CAMP. It was disbanded in AURANGABAD in 1946. On returning to INDIA, Major Tanksale was posted as SSO NASIRABAD. On his personal request to the Station Commander & Commandant Grenadiers Regiment ( Scottish Colonel Ileef and courtesy Colonel of the Regiment, Field Marshal Auchinleck, he got transferred to Infantry, the triumphant Third Grenadiers. Subsequently, during Operation POLO,1948 Hyderabad Police action,as Company Commander, he liberated BIDAR town from Nizam's Forces. He was lucky to be a GRINDER, only up to August 1953. His age came in way of career, and at the age of 37/38,was compulsorily transferred to Army Ordnance Corps. ( Irony of now 88-year old Mrs. Indira Damodar Tanksale was that, she got married to RIASC person in 4 days Match making cum actual wedding leave and became part of the grinder family. At the age of 20,she did not know ABC of Military Career that started in NASIRABAD.). In Ordnance, he served in CAFVD Kirkee as Center Adjutant and Training Battalion Commander in A.O.C. Center at Secunderabad. (1960/64). As Commander Army Ordnance Corps (CAOC) HQ 15 Inf Div( newly raised at Dehradun), his record time contribution in equipping entire Divisioncould enable the formation in getting fully op worthy for 1965 Indo-Pak War,on Amritsar front. While in AOC, during 1957 Colonel Tanksale as Major, had an occasion to serve in International Commission for Supervision and Control ( ICSC ) in LAOS for 10 months. INDIA was Chairman,& Poland & Canada were members. He had an opportunity to play very sensitive role in controlling Cross fire between warring Pathet Lao rebels & Loyal government forces. For periodic briefings, had to shuttle between Vientianne/ Pnom Penh / Saigaon. For his outstanding work, he was awarded VIDESH SEWA MEDAL & ICSC MEDAL WITH CLASP-LAOS. After retirement from Regular Service on 2nd January 1967,on superannuation, Col Tanksale was re-employed for about three years, in N.C.C Group Headquaretrs Bombay ' B ' as Administrative Officer. Jokes apart his last month of retirement salary was Rs 1735/- for December 1966 including 1st & 2nd January of 1967. His financial liability was huge to take care of four glorious daughters studying in school/ college in the Financial Capital of INDIA Mumbai (then BOMBAY) and paralyzed mother with no roof. This WWII Veteran had roughed out since the age of under three having lost his father R K Laxman's Common Man---poor Primary School Teacher. FULL MANY A GEM.....under this head, Late Major General HC Gahlaut, PVSM (also of Triumphant Third Grenadiers) wrote an article in April 1993 issue of ' THE GRINDER ' Magazine how then Captain Saab, during summer of 1950 in the Kausali Hills Pine Tree burning forest saved an infant of a lame woman from totally burnt zuggi-zopadi regardless of personal safety and not worrying about his under two year old daughter and 5-month pregnant wife back at home. General paid a rightly deserved tribute to TANKY (nickname of TANKSALE, given by British Brigade Commander while in Malaya) by saying---TRIUMPHANT THIRD has produced such a kind and brave son. Even after hanging his uniform Col Tanksale remained in Medical Category AYE ONE. (now termed as SHAPE-1). Hope and pray this 5 foot 4 inches tall ' UNSUNG HERO studied under STREET LAMPS remains our TANKSALE FAMILY OFF SHOOTS', ETERNAL LIGHT HOUSE to bless us for ever!