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Charles William
C.W. Oakes
Married Clair Oakes (née ...) (died 23.02.2007, aged 83).
Poole, Dorset
2nd Lt.
02.02.1933 [62363]
? (retd 16.04.1951)

commissioned, Unattached List (for Indian Army)

commissioned, Indian Army
Regular Army Reserve of Officers - Royal Armoured Corps [age limit]
Gerald Godfrey
Portrait, c. 1943/44. (Photo courtesy of Mr M.G. O'Brien)
Married; at least one son.
Portsmouth, Hamsphire

2nd Lt.
WS/Capt. ?
? (reld 1946; disability due to TB)
served in the Royal Indian Army Service Corps

commissioned, Indian Army [emergency commission]
Rudolph Montague
R.M. O'Dowd (Photo courtesy of Jenny Spiers)
Son (with one sister and two brothers) of Thomas Emmett O'Dowd (1866-), and Esther Charlotte Tondorff (1875-).
Married (15.11.1930, Cawnpore, Bengal, India) ...; one daughter, one son.
Jamalpur, Monghyr District, Bengal, India
North Sydney, NSW, Australia
2nd Lt. 01.08.1941
WS/Lt. ?
WS/Capt. 01.07.1943
T/Maj. 01.07.1943-21.04.1945
T/Lt.Col. 22.04.1945-(04.1947)
Member of the Order of the British Empire (Military Division)? MBE? ? ?
01.08.1941     commissioned, Indian Army [emergency commission]
29.12.1943 - 21.04.1945 a Staff Officer, Royal Engineers, 2nd grade (SORE2), Directorate of Works, Engineer-in-Chief's Branch, India Headquarters Staff
22.04.1945 - (04.1947) a Staff Officer, Royal Engineers, 1st grade (SORE1), Directorate of Works, Engineer-in-Chief's Branch, India Headquarters Staff
John Marcus
J.M. Ofverberg
Son of Jakob Evald Ofverberg (1892-1927), and Maggie Breckin (1891-1981).
Married Karin Birgitta Svensson (30.07.1925 - 18.06.1991), daughter of Karl Emil Svensson (1879-1938), and Emilia Katarina Nordström (1885-1979); one son, one daughter.
Epsom, Surrey
Mid Warwickshire district, Warwickshire
Pte. ?
2nd Lt. 10.09.1941
WS/Lt. 01.04.1942
T/Capt. 01.04.1942-(07.1944)
Lt. 30.01.1946, seniority 28.02.1943 [359555] [CANCELLED]
Sgt. ? [22222000]
Lt. 15.03.1951, seniority 13.10.1944 [359555]
Hon. Maj. 11.11.1953
10.09.1941     commissioned, Indian Army [emergency commission]
30.01.1946     commissioned, The York and Lancaster Regiment [permanent commission] [according to London Gazette notification cancelled 24.05.1946]
15.03.1951     commissioned, Infantry Battalion, Honourable Artillery Company - Territorial Army
11.11.1953     Territorial Army Reserve of Officers
Brian John Neville
B.J.N. Ogden (Photo courtesy of Sqn Ldr R W Bridge MBE AFC)
Son (with one sister) of Sir Alwyne George Neville Ogden, KBE, CMG, BA, FRSA (1889-1981), and Jessie Vera Bridge (1900-1969).
Married (13.09.1958, Winchester district, Hampshire) June Patricia Anne Buck.
Tianjin, China
Ross on Wye district, Herefordshire
Pte. 18.06.1943
2nd Lt. 03.09.1944 [EC 14619]
WS/Lt. 03.03.1945 (reld > 12.1946, < 04.1947)
A/Capt. 25.05.1945?
T/Capt. (1946?)
Lt. 01.01.1949 [410710]
Hon. Capt. 01.01.1949
Mentioned in Despatches MID 07.11.1946 special operations in SE Asia
Education: Dulwich College (1938-1940 & 09.1942-1943).
Tientsin Volunteer Corps, 04-12.1941. He was captured on 8 Dec 1941 in Tianjin China where his father was British Consul General. He was exchanged in Sep 1942 to complete his education in England. Home Guard Anti-Aircraft 1942-1943.
18.06.1943     enlisted service, Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey) (embodied 08.1943)
09.1943     embarked for passage to India
10.1943 - 10.1944 Officer Training School, Bangalore
22.10.1944     commissioned, Indian Army [emergency commission]
10.1944 - 11.1944 4th Bombay Grenadiers
11.1944 - 02.1945 34 TU, 9th Battalion 7th Rajput Regiment
02.02.1945 - 15.12.1945 served Special Operations Executive (SOE) with Force 136:
02.02.1945 - 24.05.1945 Operation Remorse (China)
25.05.1945 - 15.12.1945 ME 74
01.01.1949     Brigade of Gurkhas - Regular Army Reserve of Officers
He had left the army in 1947 and joined the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) and served in various ports in the Far East. He retired from HSBC as the Bank Secretary in 1972 and joined the Hong Kong Stock Exchange as General Manager. Retiring completely ten years later to England.
Robert William [Arthur]
R.W. Oldham
Married ...; ... children.
Nottingham district, Nottinghamshire
South East Hampshire district, Hampshire
Assistant Commissary (with rank of Lt.) 04.07.1939 [CC/11]
Deputy Commissary (with rank of Capt.) 15.05.1941
A/Commissary (with rank of A/Maj.) 15.02.1942-14.05.1942
T/Commissary (with rank of T/Maj.) 15.05.1942-06.07.1943
Commissary (with rank of Maj.) 07.07.1943 (retd 22.10.1947)
T/Lt.Col. 04.1947?
Hon. Lt.Col. 22.10.1947
04.07.1939     commissioned, Indian Army Departments
      Assistant Adjutant-General (Organisation), GHQ 2nd Echelon India Command
F. Oliffe

Son of William and Mary Agness Oliffe
Married Hypatia Balfour (14.03.1892 - 15.01.1988); one daughter.
Musgrove Hospital, Taunton, Taunton Deane district, Somerset
2nd Lt. (prob) 27.03.1915 [11598]
2nd Lt. 23.10.1915
Lt. 27.12.1916
A/Capt. 09.05.1919-26.12.1919
Capt. 27.12.1919
Maj. 27.12.1933
A/Lt.Col. 11.09.1940-10.12.1940
T/Lt.Col. 11.12.1940-28.01.1941
Lt.Col. 29.01.1941
T/Col. ?
Col. 16.04.1944, seniority 29.01.1944 (retd 03.04.1948)
A/Brig. 22.10.1945?-21.01.1946
T/Brig. 22.01.1946-(04.1947)
Hon Brig. 03.04.1948
Officer of the Order of the British Empire (Military Division) OBE 28.10.1942 Burma 12.41-05.42 [recommendation available upon request]
27.03.1915 - 12.06.1917 commissioned, 4th Battalion Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers - Special Reserve of Officers [mobilized for 2 years, 78 days]
13.06.1917     commissioned, Indian Army (76th Punjab Regiment))
?     transferred, Royal Indian Army Service Corps
11.09.1940 - 25.12.1940 Assistant Director of Transport, India
      Commander, Burma Army Service Corps, HQ 1st Burma Division (OBE)
08.12.1945 - (04.1947) Deputy Director of Supplies and Transport, Quarter-Master-General's Branch, India Headquarters Staff
Alfred Arthur
A.A. Ollis (Photo courtesy of Mrs Angela Drew)
Birmingham, Warwickshire
Birmingham, Warwickshire
Sub-Conductor ?
Assistant Commissary (with rank of Lt.) 10.05.1940
10.05.1940     commissioned, Indian Army Departments [emergency commission]
      captured at Singapore, spending the rest of the war in Japanese captivity
Robert Michael Farquharson
R.M.F. Oliver
Married ((03?).1959, Truro district, Cornwall) Ruby E. Hoskins; two daughters, one son.
St Austell district, Cornwall
2nd Lt. 25.08.1938 [78035]
15.09.1939, seniority 25.08.1938 [AI 972]
WS/Lt. 03.08.1940
Lt. 25.11.1940
A/Capt. 03.05.1940-02.08.1940
T/Capt. 03.08.1940-06.03.1944
WS/Capt. 07.03.1944
Capt. 25.08.1946 (retd 05.12.1948)
T/Maj. 07.03.1944-(04.1946)
WS/Maj. 1947/48?
T/Lt.Col. 1947/48?
Hon. Lt.Col. 05.12.1948
Mentioned in Despatches MID 28.10.1942 Burma 12.41-05.42
      served in the ranks for 6 years, 141 days
25.08.1938     commissioned, Unattached List (for Indian Army)
15.09.1939     commissioned, Indian Army
(1942)     18th Royal Garhwal Rifles (despatches)
16.02.1949 - 13.12.1951 restored to Special List (ex-Indian Army) while employed with Pakistan Armed Forces
Roland Brian
R.B. Oliver
Sapper ?
2nd Lt. 22.10.1944 [EC15185] (reld > 04.1947)
A?/Capt. ?
      served in the ranks, Corps of Royal Engineers
22.10.1944     commissioned, Indian Army [emergency commission]
      served with the 4th & 6th Battalions (3rd) Madras Regiment
      served in Burma & ended up at Fort Sandeman on the North West Frontier of India
Andrew Joseph
A.J. O'Marah (Photo courtesy of Mr Kevin O'Marah) A.J. O'Marah (Photo courtesy of Mr Kevin O'Marah)
Married; ... children (one son?).
Dolgelly, Merionethshire / Montgomeryshire
2nd Lt.
12.12.1943 [EC 12018]
21.12.1943 [353122]
A/Capt. ?

served in the ranks

commissioned, Indian Army [emergency commission]

transferred, Royal Army Ordnance Corps (Administrative Branch)
Norman Peter George
N.P.G. O'Neal (Photo courtesy of Mr Alan O'Neal)
Son (with two brothers) of Rev. Lionel Nurse O'Neal (1883-1940), vicar, and Dorothy Harriet Garrard (1886-1974).
Married 1st ((03?).1946, Bedford, Bedfordshire) Ursula Garrard (02.10.1924 - 09.1998), youngest daughter of the Rev. Oswald Norman Garrard (1892-1961), and Mrs Garrard, of Bedford; two sons, one daughter.
Married 2nd Veronica ....; one son.

Forres, Moray, Scotland
Tonbridge district, Kent
Cadet ?
2nd Lt. 31.01.1935 [464 AI]
Lt. 30.04.1937
Capt. 31.01.1943
Maj. 31.01.1948 (retd 11.10.1948)
Maj. RARO 29.11.1950 [388665]
Education: Royal Military College, Sandhurst.
31.01.1935     commissioned, Unattached List (for Indian Army [left for India on HMT Neuralia from Southampton 15.02.1935]
17.03.1936     commissioned, Indian Army
? - 1942 Adjutant, 2nd Battalion, 1st King George V Own Gurkha Rifles
1942 - 1945 POW in Japanese captivity (some time at Changi)
1946/47?     Special List (ex-Indian Army)
29.11.1950 - 23.04.1965 Brigade of Gurkhas - Regular Army Reserve of Officers [attained age limit]
Indian rubber plantation manager. Returned from Malaya to the UK (Derby), 1955.
John Hugh Shirley
J.H.S. O'Neill
Son of John O'Neill, of East Indian Railways, and Lucy O'Neill.
Married (31.01.1940) Elsie Gabrielle Page (14.02.1910 - 07.2000), daughter of Cdr. Reginald Ernest Page, RN (1869-1932), and Isobel May Goodman (1875-1952); one daughter. Elsie O'Neill remarried Harry Logan.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaya
[buried in Singapore]
2nd Lt. 01.07.1939 [AI 1070]
WS/Lt. 15.10.1940
Lt. 01.01.1941
A/Capt. 16.07.1940-14.10.1940
T/Capt. 15.10.1940-18.11.1940,
Capt. 01.07.1946 (retd 13.01.1948)
T/Maj. (1945)
Hon. Maj. 13.01.1948
Military Cross MC 20.09.1945 Burma
Education: Saint Joseph’s boarding school, Nanitol, India; Royal Military College, Sandhurst.
01.07.1939     commissioned, Unattached List (for Indian Army)
29.01.1940     commissioned, Indian Army
(1945)     6/15th Punjab Regiment (Burma) (MC)
L. Orman (Photo courtesy of Mr Kimberly Lindsay)
Son (with one sister) of Lt.Col. Frank Leslie Orman (1869-1943), and Mary Norton.
Married (07.01.1936, Jubbulpore, India) Rachel Mary Pope (07.08.1912 - 22.09.1999), second daughter of Maj. Maurice Edward Weston Pope (1879-1945), and Dorothy Alice Warre (1884-1961), of Marshfield, Chippenham; ... children (one son?). Rachel Orman remarried (05.02.1944, Christ Church, Lucknow) Maj. Philip Edward Salkeld (1911-1976).
Maymyo, Burma
Racecourse Walk, Lahore, Punjab
(gunshot wound in head) [age 38]
[buried at Lahore, later transferred Karachi War Cemetery, 6.C.7]
2nd Lt. 30.08.1924 [IA 221]
Lt. 30.11.1926
Capt. 30.08.1933
A/Maj. ...-31.05.1941
T/Maj. 01.06.1941-29.08.1941
Maj. 30.08.1941
30.08.1924     commissioned, Unattached List (for Indian Army)
14.10.1925     commissioned, Indian Army
(1932)     Sam Browne's Cavalry (12th Frontier Force)
      Probyn's Horse, Indian Cavalry
George Ross
G.R. Ormiston (Photo courtesy of Mr Sunil Menon) G.R. Ormiston (Photo courtesy of Helen Ormiston Smith, via Mr Winson Saw)

Elder son of George Alfred Ormiston (1875-), and Beatrice Hockley, of Bath, Somerset.
Married (23.08.1938, St Matthias Church, Plymouth, Devon) Margaret Catherine Hannah Bill (? - 08.08.2000), daughter (with two brothers) of Rt.Rev. Sydney Alfred Bill (1884-1964), and Margaret Ford (?-1955); two daughters.
Asanol, India

St Andrews district, Fife, Scotland
2nd Lt. 29.01.1931 [IA 377]
Lt. 29.04.1933
Capt. 29.01.1939
A/Maj. 10.04.1944-(01.1946)
Maj. ? (retd 21.09.1948)
Sq.Ldr. 04.09.1950, seniority 01.09.1947 [501256] (transferred to reserve 04.09.1946; retaining rank of W/Cdr.)
29.01.1931     commissioned, Unattached List (for Indian Army)
02.04.1932     commissioned, Indian Army
(1938)     2nd/4th Punjab Regiment
(1945)     4/5 Mahratta Light Infantry
[took the surrender of the Japanese troops in Malacca (Southern Malaya) and was the first military commander of the town]
(1947)     2nd Punjab Regiment
01.01.1949 - 04.09.1950 commissioned, Dorsetshire Regiment - Regular Army Reserve of Officers [399815]
04.09.1950 - 04.09.1956 short service commission, Royal Air Force Regiment
Montague Albert
M.A. Ormsby (Photo courtesy of Mr Frank de Planta)
Son of Montague Henry Ormsby (1877-1955), and Marian Wallace Green (?-1936), of Woodbridge.
Married (1945) Diana (Beanie) Warnford (14.03.1923 - 1995); one son.

Madras, India
Salisbury ?
2nd Lt. 26.08.1938 [69271]
Lt. 26.11.1940
A/Capt. 14.02.1941-13.05.1941
T/Capt. 14.05.1941-25.10.1943
WS/Capt. 26.10.1943
Capt. (Special List) 01.07.1946
A/Maj. 26.07.1948-25.10.1943
T/Maj. 26.10.1943-13.03.1948,
Maj. 26.08.1951
A/Lt.Col. 15.12.1944-09.01.1945
T/Lt.Col. 26.04.1950-03.02.1951,
local Lt.Col. 01.04.1958-30.04.1958
Lt.Col. 21.05.1958 (supernumerary 21.05.1961) (Special List 01.10.1966) (retd 01.05.1970)
Member of the Order of the British Empire (Military Division) MBE 13.06.1981 HM's birthday 81
Military Cross MC 20.07.1944 Italy
Military Cross MC 19.05.1950 ?
Education: Uppingham School (1930.3-1935.2).
1938?     from Supplementary Reserve of Officers
26.08.1938     commissioned, Unattached List (for Indian Army)
13.09.1939     commissioned, Indian Army
(1942)     1st Battalion 2nd King Edward VII's Own Gurkha Rifles (The Sirmoor Rifles) (North Africa, Italy)
05.1943 - 07.1943 Instructor, Brigade Malta
26.07.1943 - 05.02.1944 Chief Instructor, Indian Reinforcement Camp
27.07.1945 - 11.1946 Chief Instructor, 2nd Gurkha Rifles Regimental Centre
14.03.1948     commissioned, 2nd Gurkha Rifles [permanent commission]
26.04.1952 - 30.08.1952 General Staff Officer, 3rd grade (GSO3), Gurkha Infantry Brigade
15.11.1952 - 14.02.1953 IQ, HQ Gurkha Infantry Brigade
11.07.1953 - 06.04.1955 Deputy Assistant Adjutant General (DAAG), Malay
01.04.1963 - 06.09.1966 Commandant, Army Method of Instr. Centre
Jack Dashwood Breton
J.D.B. Osborn (Photo courtesy of Mr Nigel Osborn) J.D.B. Osborn (Photo courtesy of Mr Nigel Osborn)
J.D.B. Osborn (Photo courtesy of Mr Nigel Osborn) J.D.B. Osborn (Photo courtesy of Mr Nigel Osborn)
Son of Francis Burton Osborn (1872-1942), and Beatrice De Courcie Goldie (1867-1955).
Married Evlyn Elizabeth ... (1898? - 24.06.1933); one son, one daughter.
Staines district, Middlesex
Marown, Isle of Man
[buried 03.11.1962]
2nd Lt. 04.06.1942 [EC 11195]
WS/Capt. 01.11.1942 (reld 01.12.1945)
T/Maj. (1944)
Hon. Maj. 01.12.1945
Appointed Assistant Superintendent Traffic Department, Indian State Railway Establishment Secretary of State, 10.12.1925.
04.06.1942     commissioned, Indian Army [emergency commission]
      served Indian Engineers
Muhammad Ataul Ghani
M.A.G. Osmany (Photo courtesy of Mrs Linda Smith) M.A.G. Osmany (Photo courtesy of Mrs Linda Smith)

Sunamganj, Sylhet, British India
London City
buried near the Shrine of Hazrat Shah Jalal (R), in Sylhet, Bangladesh]
Maj. (1945)
      served Royal Indian Army Service Corps
16.08.1945 - 23.10.1945 15th Advanced Course, RIASC School, Kakul
Literature: Dewan Mohammad Tasawwar Raja, O General My General : Bangabir General Mohammad Ataul Ghani Osmany, Commander-in-chief Liberation War of Bangladesh, 1971 (2010).
Popularly known as: Banga-Bir [= Brave of Bengal / Warrior of Bengal], General M.A.G. Osmany was the Commander-in-Chief of Bangladesh Forces during the Bangladesh Liberation War.  An officer with the British Indian Army since 1939, he saw service in Burma as part of the Army Service Corps, rising to the rank of Major by 1942. He joined the Pakistan Army after partition of India in 1947 as a Lt. Colonel. His career was checkered, he clashed with his superiors over issues regarding the recruitment and treatment of Bengali soldiers, earned a reputation as a hard nosed, stubborn officer, and retired as a Colonel in 1967 as the DDMO in GHQ Pakistan. A legend among Bengali servicemen for his willingness to butt heads with the brass, he joined the Awami League and was elected MNA in the 1970 Pakistan general elections. He was "elected" as Commander-in-Chief of all Bangladesh forces in 1971 by Bengali officers (on 4th April 1971 at Teliapara Conference, Sylhet), a choice ratified by Bangladesh Government in exile (on 10th April 1971). After nine months of softening up of the Pakistan Forces in occupied Bangladesh by the Mukti Bahini through guerilla warfare, a Joint Forces agreement was signed by the Government of Bangladesh and Government of India. And on 16th December 1971 after 12 days of conventional conflict, Bangladesh was liberated by the Joint Allied Forces of Bangladesh and India. Colonel Osmani headed the Bangladesh Forces and General SAM Manekshaw led the Indians. The Allied Forces theatre commander was Lt General Jagjit Singh Aurora who accepted the surrender of the Pakistanis from their theatre commander, Lt General AAK Niazi. In April 1972, Osmani retired as the first full General of Bangladesh Army. He served as shipping minister during 1972-1975 in the Awami League government. He was active in politics during 1977-1984 as the head of his own Jatya Janata Party until his death.
John Francis Shibley
J.F.S. Ottley (Photo courtesy of Mrs Julia Boak)
Son of Col. William John Ottley, 32nd Sikh Pioneers.
2nd Lt. 28.01.1932 [AI 17]
Lt. 28.04.1934
Capt. 28.01.1940
Maj. 01.07.1946 (retd 16.06.1948)
T/Lt.Col. ?
Hon. Lt.Col. 16.06.1948
28.01.1932     commissioned, Unattached List (for Indian Army)
13.03.1933     commissioned, Indian Army
? - ? ?
(1947)     Commanding Officer, 5th Battalion 1st Punjab Regiment
Denis Raymond
D.R. Otway
Youngest son of Harry Francis Otway (1872-1948), and Matilda Emma Sheppard (1871-1957), of London SE26.
Married ((03?).1948, Chanctonbury district, Sussex) Eileen Theresa Dodd (16.09.1923 - 04.2001), formerly married to Arthur Ogilvie Easton (1913-1998), and younger daughter of Walter J, Dodd, and Winifred Jessie Warde (1893-), of West Chiltington, Sussex; two daughters, one son.
Camberwell district, London
Maidstone district, Kent
2nd Lt. 21.06.1941
WS/Capt. 24.11.1943
T/Maj. 24.11.1943-(04.1946)
01.05.1940     enlisted service
21.06.1941     commissioned, Indian Army [emergency commission]
(1945)     1st Batallion 1st Punjab Regiment (Burma)
Edmund Charles
E.C. Outten
Also known as: E.C. Van Outten, or C.E. Outten.
Rochford district, Essex
North Dorset
2nd Lt.
A/Capt. ?

commissioned, Indian Army [emergency commission]
Gwynne Vivian
G.V. Owen
Son of ... Owen, and ... Jones.
Married ((03?).1947, Portsmouth district, Hampshire) Patricia J. Collins; ... children.
Willesden district, Middlesex
Brighton district, Sussex
Pte. ?
2nd Lt. 10.09.1941
10.09.1941     commissioned, Indian Army [emergency commission]
? - 02.1942 served Rajputana Rifles (captured at Singapore)
1942 - 1945 POW in Japanese capitivity (River Kwai)
Emigrated to Rhodesia 1947, returned to UK 1964.

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