1st British Airborne Division
Arnhem, September 1944
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The service number of each person is (when known) given after the date of commissioning. Most officers had only a wartime career, but when no indication is given about a Territorial Army commission or an emergency commission, the officer involved served as a Regular Army officer, with in most cases an active army career before and after the war. For explanations & abbreviations you can look at the help page.

John Whitehead
J.W. Urquhart (Photo courtesy of Mr Simon Urquhart)
Youngest son of Mr & Mrs A. Urquhart, of Glasgow, Scotland.
Married (08.1948, Glasgow, Scotland) Betty Symons (died 07.04.2001), daughter of Capt. Maurice Symons, OBE, Commodore of the Haine Steamship Co.; two sons.
Partick district, Glasgow, Scotland
Plymouth, Devon
Cadet ? [1442770]
2nd Lt. 15.01.1944 [304465]
WS/Lt. 15.07.1944 (reld > 04.1946, < 08.1946)
T/Capt. 01.03.1945-(04.1946)
Hon. Capt. > 04.1946, < 08.1946
Efficiency Medal (Territorial) EM 11.06.1948 -
15.01.1944     commissioned, Royal Regiment of Artillery [emergency commission]
30.03.1944 - 02.04.1946 transferred, Glider Pilot Regiment - Army Air Corps
(09.1944)     Section Commander, A Squadron (No. 1 Wing), The Glider Pilot Regiment (Arnhem)
Robert Elliot

Eldest son of Alexander Urquhart, MD. Mmarried 1939, Pamela Condon (died 05.2006); one son, three daughters.

Interview at IWM (1)
Interview at IWM (2)
Photographs at IWM
Shepperton, Middlesex
Port of Menteith, Perthshire
2nd Lt. 24.12.1920 [17550]
Lt. 24.12.1922
Capt. 26.03.1929
Maj. 01.08.1938
A/Lt.Col. 28.12.1940-27.03.1941
T/Lt.Col. 28.03.1941-18.11.1943
WS/Lt.Col. 19.11.1943
A/Col. 19.05.1943-18.11.1943
T/Col. 19.11.1943-09.01.1945
WS/Col. 10.01.1945
A/Brig. 19.05.1943-18.11.1943
T/Brig. 19.11.1943-09.01.1945
A/Maj.Gen. 10.01.1944-09.01.1945
T/Maj.Gen. 10.01.1945
Maj.Gen. 17.11.1947, seniority 20.01.1946 (retd 20.12.1955)
Companion of the Order of the Bath CB 10.10.1944 Arnhem 09.44
Distinguished Service Order DSO 23.09.1943 ?
Distinguished Service Order DSO 14.10.1943 ?
Order of the Bronze Lion (Netherlands) BL 31.07.1945 Arnhem 09.44 *
Order of St Olav (Norway) StOlav 1945 ?
* date of Dutch Royal Decree
Education: St Paul's, West Kensington; RMC Sandhurst.
24.12.1920     commissioned into the Highland Light Infantry (1st Battalion (1921-1925), Depot (1925-1927), 1st Battalion (1927-1933))
01.05.1933 - 20.01.1936 Adjutant, 1st Battalion Highland Light Infantry
01.1936 - 12.1937 Staff College, Camberley (psc)
03.1938 - 10.1938 2nd Battalion Highland Light Infantry
16.10.1938 - 14.05.1939 Staff Captain, India
15.05.1939 - 15.10.1940 Deputy Assistant Quartermaster-General (DAQMG), Army HQ, India
16.10.1940 - 27.12.1940 Deputy Assistant Adjutant-General (DAAG), 3rd Division
28.12.1940 - 27.03.1941 Assistant Adjutant & Quartermaster-General (AA&QMG), 3rd Division
28.03.1941 - 03.1942 Commanding Officer, 2nd Battalion The Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
04.1942 - 18.05.1943 General Staff Officer 1st grade (GSO1), 51st Highland Division (North Africa)
19.05.1943 - 30.09.1943 Commander, 231st (Malta) Infantry Brigade (Egypt, Sicily, Italy) [till 24.9.1943  Independent Brigade Group]
01.10.1943 - 09.12.1943 Brigadier General Staff, XII Corps
10.12.1943 - 31.08.1945 General Officer Commanding, 1st Airborne Division (UK, Arnhem, UK, Norway, UK) [from 21.5-24.8.1945 designated: HQ Norway Command]
01.11.1945 - 12.1946 Director, Territorial Army & Army Cadet Force, War Office
07.01.1947 - 09.12.1948 General Officer Commanding 16th Airborne Division (TA)
20.12.1948 - 02.1950 General Officer Commanding, Lowland District
03.1950 - 08.1950 General Officer Commanding, Malaya District & General Officer Commanding, 17th Ghurkha Division (Malaya)
08.1950 - 06.1952 General Officer Commanding, Malaya
23.07.1952 - 20.12.1955 General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, British Troops Austria
Colonel, Highland Light Infantry, 1954-58. Director, Davy and United Engineering Co. Ltd, 1957-70.
Arnhem (1958)
Literature: John Baynes, Urquhart of Arnhem : the life of Major General RE Urquhart, CB, DSO (1993)

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