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Guards Armoured Division
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General Officer Commanding (GOC)
17.06.1941  Maj.Gen. Sir O.W.H. Leese
12.09.1942 (acting) Brig. A.H.S. Adair
21.09.1942 Maj.Gen. A.H.S. Adair

General Staff Officer 1st grade (GSO1)
(01.07.1942) Lt.Col. D.S. Schreiber
(06.06.1944) Lt.Col. P.R.C. Hobart
(03.09.1944-05.05.1945) Lt.Col. J.D. Hornung

Assistant Adjutant & Quartermaster-General (AA&QMG)
(01.07.1942) Lt.Col. R.G. Feilden
(06.06.1944-03.09.1944) Lt.Col. W.M. Sale
(05.05.1945) Lt.Col. H.P.T. Prideaux


Divisional troops

Royal Armoured Corps (RAC)
2nd Battalion Household Cavalry Regiment 15.09.1941-27.02.1943
2nd Battalion Welsh Guards 13.04.1943-11.06.1945


Royal Engineers (RE)

Commander Royal Engineers (CRE)
(01.07.1942) Lt.Col. A. Dove
(06.06.1944-03.09.1945) Lt.Col. C.P. Jones
(05.05.1945) Lt.Col. J.N. Thomas

14th Field Squadron RE 04.08.1941-11.06.1945
15th Field Squadron RE 04.08.1941-28.02.1943
615th Field Squadron RE 01.03.1943-11.06.1945
148th Field Park Squadron RE 04.08.1941-11.06.1945
11th Bridging Troop RE 01.10.1943-11.06.1945


Royal Signals (Sigs)
Guards Armoured Divisional Signals  18.06.1941-11.06.1945


Royal Artillery (RA)

Commander Royal Artillery (CRA)
(01.07.1942) Brig. L.C. Manners-Smith
(06.06.1944-05.05.1945) Brig. H.C. Phipps

Brigade Major Royal Artillery (BM RA)
(01.07.1942) Maj. F.A. Bibra
(06.06.1944-05.05.1944) Maj. G.E. Maitland

153rd Field Regiment RA  01.06.1942-11.06.1945
55th Field Regiment RA  08.06.1942-11.06.1945
21st Anti-Tank Regiment RA 01.06.1942-29.05.1945
75th Anti-Tank Regiment RA 01.06.1945-11.06.1945
94th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment RA 01.06.1942-11.06.1945



Machine Gun Company
No. 1 Independent Machine Gun Company (Northumberland Fusiliers) 23.04.1944-11.06.1945


5th Guards Armoured Brigade 15.09.1941-11.06.1945

6th Guards Armoured Brigade  17.09.1941-03.01.1943

Guards Support Group 16.09.1941-31.05.1942
32nd Guards Infantry Brigade  01.06.1942-11.06.1945


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