Divisional information
Divisional troops
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Divisional information

Activated 02.10.1939
Arrived Iceland (First Elements) 16.09.1941
Arrived UK 09.08.1943
Arrived Continent 09.07.1944
Entered Combat (First Elements) 14.07.1944
Entered Combat (Entire Division) 16.07.1944

Days in Combat 270
Prisoners of War Taken 71603

Casualties (Tentative)
Killed 2083
Wouded 9278
Missing 1073
Captured 101
Battle Casualties 12475
Non Battle Casualties 11012
Total Casualties 23487
Percent of T/O Strength 166.7%

Individual Awards


Commanding General (CG)

15.12.1943 Maj.-Gen. S. Leroy Irwin
20.04.1945 Maj.-Gen. Albert E. Brown

Assistant Division Commander
15.12.1943 Brig.-Gen. Alan D. Warnock

Artillery Commander
15.12.1943 Brig.-Gen. Harnold C. Vanderveer

Chief of Staff
15.12.1943 Col. Paul O. Franson

Assistant Chief of Staff G-1
15.12.1943 Lt.-Col. Hugh J. Socks
06.02.1944 Maj. Clayton E. Crafts
01.07.1944 Lt.-Col. Clayton E. Crafts

Assistant Chief of Staff G-2
15.12.1943 Lt.-Col. Donald W. Thackery

Assistant Chief of Staff G-3
15.12.1943 Lt.-Col. Randolph C. Dickens

Assistant Chief of Staff G-4
15.12.1943 Lt.-Col. Richard L. McKee

Assistant Chief of Staff G-5
13.05.1944 Maj. George E.B. Peddy
01.11.1944 Lt.-Col. George E.B. Peddy

Adjutant General
15.12.1943 Maj. Charles H. Conway
01.02.1944 Lt.-Col. Charles H. Conway

Divisional troops


2nd Infantry Regiment 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
10th Infantry Regiment 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
11th Infantry Regiment 00.00.0000-00.00.0000

Field Artillery (FA)
19th FA Battalion (105mm Howizter) 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
46th FA Battalion (105mm Howizter) 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
50th FA Battalion (105mm Howizter) 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
21st FA Battalion (155mm Howizter) 00.00.0000-00.00.0000

Other troops
5th Reconnaissance Troop (Mechanized) 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
5th Quartermaster Company 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
7th Engineer Combat Battalion 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
5th Medical Battalion 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
5th Signal Company 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
705th Ordnance Light Maintenance Company 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
Band 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
Headquarters Company 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
Military Police Platoon 00.00.0000-00.00.0000


Anti-Aircraft Artillery (AAA)
449th AAA AW Battalion (Mobile) 13.07.1944-23.11.1944 & 29.11.1944-31.03.1945
D Batterym 116th AAA Gun Battalion (Mobile) 30.07.1944-01.08.1944

735th Tank Battalion 13.07.1944-20.10.1944 & 01.11.1944-20.12.1944
CC B, 7th Armored Division 09.09.1944-15.09.1944
Task Force Riley, 10th Armored Division 22.12.1944-23.12.1944
737th Tank Battalion 23.12.1944-11.06.1945
748th Tank Battalion 22.03.1945-23.03.1945
B Company, 17th Tank Battalion, 7th Armored Division 08.04.1945-10.04.1945

38th Cavalry Recon. Squadron (less B Troop) 14.07.1944-18.07.1944
B Troop, 38th Cavalry Recon. Squadron 14.07.1944-30.07.1944
C Troop, 3rd Cavalry Recon. Squadron 07.09.1944-11.09.1944
3rd Cavalry Recon. Squadron 11.09.1944-14.09.1944
6th Cavalry Group 01.12.1944-16.12.1944
6th Cavalry Recon. Squadron 01.12.1944-16.12.1944
E Troop, 28th Cavalry Recon. Squadron 01.12.1944-16.12.1944
C Troop, 2nd Cavalry Recon. Squadron 26.03.1945-28.03.1945
32nd Cavalry Recon. Squadron 08.04.1945-13.04.1945
F Troop, 18th Cavalry Recon. Squadron 08.04.1945-13.04.1945


D Company, 81st Chemical Mortar Battalion 13.07.1944-01.08.1944
84th Chemical SG Company 07.09.1944-20.09.1944 & 12.02.1945-28.02.1945 & 02.03.1945-05.03.1945
C & D Companies, 81st Chemical Mortar Battalion 19.09.1944-20.10.1944
C Company, 81st Chemical Mortar Battalion 01.11.1944-10.11.1944
D Company, 81st Chemical Mortar Battalion 01.11.1944-22.11.1944
A Company, 81st Chemical Mortar Battalion 16.12.1944-21.12.1944
C Company, 91st Chemical Mortar Battalion 22.12.1944-15.01.1945 & 04.02.1945-22.02.1945
D Company, 91st Chemical Mortar Battalion 22.12.1944-01.02.1945
2 Sections, 81st Chemical Mortar Battalion 06.02.1945-12.02.1945
2 Sections, 84th SG Company 13.03.1945-24.03.1945
84th Chemical SG Company (less 2 Sections) 21.03.1945-24.03.1945
B Company, 90th Chemical Mortar Battalion 08.04.1945-15.04.1945
C Company, 90th Chemical Mortar Battalion 12.04.1945-15.04.1945

150th Engineer Combat Battalion 09.08.1944-13.08.1944
1 Platoon, 994th Engineer Treadway Bridge Company 09.08.1944-13.08.1944
537th Engineer Light Ponton Company 09.08.1944-13.08.1944
1 Platoon, 537th Engineer Light Ponton Company 24.08.1944-27.08.1944
160th Engineer Combat Battalion 25.08.1944-27.08.1944 & 29.08.1944-30.08.1944
989th Engineer Treadway Bridge Company 25.08.1944-27.08.1944 & 29.08.1944-30.08.1944
509th Engineer Light Ponton Company 29.08.1944-30.08.1944
B Company, 293rd Engineer Combat Battalion 01.12.1944-16.12.1944

Field Artillery (FA)

187th FA Battalion (155mm Howitzer) 30.07.1944-01.08.1944
204th FA Battalion (155mm Howitzer) 09.08.1944-13.08.1944
B Battery, 7th FA Obsn. Battalion 10.08.1944-13.08.1944
282nd FA Battalion (105mm Howitzer) 25.08.1944-05.09.1944
241st FA Battalion (105mm Howitzer) 25.08.1944-29.09.1944
284th FA Battalion (105mm Howitzer) 25.08.1944-21.10.1944 & 08.11.1944-22.11.1944 & 16.12.1944-21.12.1944
434th FA Battalion 10.09.1944-15.09.1944
244th FA Battalion (155mm Gun) 22.11.1944-07.12.1944
1 Section, B Battery, 558th FA Battalion (155mm Gun) 28.11.1944-07.12.1944
B Battery, 558th FA Battalion (155mm Gun) 16.12.1944-21.12.1944
1 Platoon, B Battery, 558th FA Battalion (155mm Gun) 11.02.1945-21.02.1945


5th Ranger Infantry Battalion 01.12.1944-16.12.1944
3rd Battalion, 8th Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Division 15.01.1945-17.01.1945
417th CT, 76th Infantry Division 04.02.1945-11.02.1945
2nd Battalion, 101st Infantry Regiment, 26th Infantry Division 23.03.1945-21.03.1945
357th Infantry Regiment, 90th Infantry Division 23.03.1945-24.03.1945
Task Force Satt 02.04.1945-04.04.1945
16th Fusilliers Battalion (Belgium) 18.04.1945-19.04.1945

Tank Destroyer (TD)

818th TD Battalion (SP) 13.07.1944-20.12.1944
774th TD Battalion (T) 14.09.1944-24.09.1944
B Company, 774th TD Battalion (T) 26.09.1944-15.10.1944
A Company, 774th TD Battalion (T) 26.09.1944-22.10.1944
705th TD Battalion (SP) 01.11.1944-02.11.1944
773rd TD Battalion (SP) 01.11.1944-02.11.1944
774th TD Battalion (T) 05.11.1944-22.11.1944
C Company, 602nd TD Battalion (SP) 01.12.1944-16.12.1944
807th TD Battalion (SP) 17.12.1944-21.12.1944
C Company, 808th TD Battalion (SP) 21.12.1944-28.12.1944
654th TD Battalion (SP) 22.12.1944-25.12.1944
803rd TD Battalion (SP) 25.12.1944-13.06.1945
1 Platoon, B Company, 808th TD Battalion (SP) 10.02.1945-16.02.1945
B Company, 691st TD Battalion (T) 23.03.1945-24.03.1945


Date Assigned to Corps Assigned to Army Attached to Army Assigned to Army Group Attached to Army Group
11.05.1942 V Corps     Iceland Base Command  
22.10.1943     First Army ETOUSA  
24.12.1943 XV Corps   First Army    
31.01.1944 XV Corps       ETOUSA
13.07.1944 V Corps First Army   ETOUSA  
01.08.1944   Third Army First Army 12th Army Group  
04.08.1944 XX Corps Third Army   12th Army Group  
21.12.1944 XII Corps Third Army   12th Army Group  
28.03.1945 XX Corps Third Army   12th Army Group  
07.04.1945 III Corps Third Army First Army 12th Army Group  
18.04.1945   Third Army First Army 12th Army Group  
22.04.1945 XVI Corps Third Army Ninth Army 12th Army Group  
25.04.1945 III Corps Third Army First Army 12th Army Group  
29.04.1945 XII Corps Third Army First Army 12th Army Group  


Unit Attached to  
2nd CT 2nd Armored Division 10.09.1944-15.09.1944
5th Divisional Artillery 95th Infantry Division 23.11.1944-27.11.1944
3rd Battalion, 10th Infantry Regiment 95th Infantry Division 26.11.1944-28.11.1944
10th CT 95th Infantry Division 30.11.1944-01.12.1944
3rd Battalion, 2nd Infantry Regiment 95th Infantry Division 12.12.1944-17.12.1944
10th CT 4th Infantry Division 22.12.1944-24.12.1944
46th FA Battalion 4th Infantry Division 22.12.1944-24.12.1944
B Company, 7th Engineer Combat Battalion 4th Infantry Division 22.12.1944-24.12.1944
5th Reconnaissance Troop (Mechanized) 4th Infantry Division 23.12.1944-24.12.1944
11th CT 4th Armored Division 08.03.1945-01.03.1945
1st Battalion, 11th Infantry Regiment 7th Armored Division 15.04.1945-07.04.1945

Command Posts

Date Town Region Country
26.01.1944 Tidworth Barracks Wiltshire England
15.02.1944 Bryansford   Northern Ireland
10.07.1944 Montebourg Manche France
15.07.1944 Balleroy Calvados France
24.07.1944 Corisy-la-Foret Manche France
29.07.1944 Litteau Manche France
01.08.1944 Aux Malles Calvados France
04.08.1944 Cerisy-la-Salle Manche France
05.08.1944 Lafrense Vitry Manche France
11.08.1944 Angers Maine-et-Loire France
13.08.1944 St Calais Sarthe France
14.08.1944 Authon Eure-et-Loire France
15.08.1944 Harville Eure-et-Loire France
17.08.1944 Pezy Eure-et-Loire France
18.08.1944 Levesville Eure-et-Loire France
22.08.1944 Thionville Seine-et-Marne France
23.08.1944 Malesherbes Seine-et-Marne France
23.08.1944 Nemours Seine-et-Marne France
24.08.1944 Villecerf Seine-et-Marne France
26.08.1944 Goumery Seine-et-Marne France
27.08.1944 Suzanne Marne France
29.08.1944 Charmoye Marne France
29.08.1944 Sermier Marne France
30.08.1944 Reims Marne France
31.08.1944 Somme-Suippe Marne France
01.09.1944 Verdun Meuse France
06.09.1944 Vionville Meuse France
13.09.1944 Chambley Meurthe-et-Moselle France
27.09.1944 Villers-sur-le-Preny Meurthe-et-Moselle France
20.10.1944 Piennes Meurthe-et-Moselle France
01.11.1944 Villers-sur-le-Preny Meurthe-et-Moselle France
11.11.1944 Lesmenils Meurthe-et-Moselle France
16.11.1944 Ft Leisne (vic Verny) Moselle France
02.12.1944 Zimming (adv) Moselle France
06.12.1944 Mine de Huille (vic Creutzwald) Moselle France
16.12.1944 Saarlautern Rhineland Germany
21.12.1944 Neudorf   Luxemburg
23.12.1944 Metz Moselle France
24.12.1944 Junglinster   Luxemburg
30.12.1944 Fels   Luxemburg
21.01.1945 Schieren (vic)   Luxemburg
04.02.1945 Junglinster   Luxemburg
06.02.1945 Scheidgen   Luxemburg
18.02.1945 Chateau   Luxemburg
25.02.1945 Nusbaum Rhineland Germany
28.02.1945 Messerich Rhineland Germany
08.03.1945 Dudeldorf Rhineland Germany
10.03.1945 Daun Rhineland Germany
12.03.1945 Kaisersesch Rhineland Germany
16.03.1945 Treis Rhineland Germany
17.03.1945 Kastellaum Rhineland Germany
18.03.1945 Simmern Rhineland Germany
19.03.1945 Winterburg Rhineland Germany
21.03.1945 Wendelsheim Hessen Germany
22.03.1945 Undenheim Hessen Germany
26.03.1945 Trebur Hessen Germany
27.03.1945 Waldorf Hessen Germany
27.03.1945 Frankfurt (adv) Hessen Germany
29.03.1945 Frankfurt Hessen Germany
05.04.1945 Lich Hessen Germany
09.04.1945 Bigge Hessen Germany
11.04.1945 Merschede Westphalia Germany
13.04.1945 Sundern Westphalia Germany
15.04.1945 Menden (adv) Westphalia Germany
16.04.1945 Menden Westphalia Germany
25.04.1945 Langenselvold (adv) Hessen Germany
26.04.1945 Langenselvold Hessen Germany
26.04.1945 Bamberg Bavaria Germany
27.04.1945 Grafenau (adv) Bavaria Germany
29.04.1945 Grafenau Bavaria Germany
02.05.1945 Waldkirchen Bavaria Germany
05.05.1945 Bischofsreut Bavaria Germany

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