30th US Infantry Regiment

Divisional information

Commanding Officer (CO)

15.08.1944 Col. Lionel G. McGarr
13.12.1944 Lt. Col. Richard H. Nedderson
08.01.1945 Col. Lionel G. McGarr


Mindoro 1901 in the Philippine Insurrection
Aisne in WWI
Champagne-Marne in WWI
Aisne-Marne in WWI
St. Mihiel in WWI
Meuse-Argonne in WWI
Champagne 1918 in WWI
Algeria-French Morocco in WWII
Tunisia in WWII
Sicily in WWII
Naples-Foggia in WWII
Anzio in WWII
Rome-Arno in WWII
Southern France in WWII
Rhineland in WWII
Ardennes-Alsace in WWII
Central Europe in WWII
Defense of Kosovo in Kosovo


00.00.0000-00.00.0000 3rd Infantry Division


Unit Attached to  
30th Infantry Regiment 36th Division 15.12.1944-18.12.1944
30th Infantry Regiment (less L Company) 36th Division 18.12.1944-21.12.1944

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