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 Women's Royal Naval Service (WRNS) Officers


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Note. In naval circles it is custom to refer to the commander of a vessel as Captain. The Navy List bears the phrase "in command". Strictly out of practical considerations CO (Commanding Officer) is used here on this site.
Some abbreviations:
Dir = Director, Supt. = Superintendent,C/O = Chief Officer, 1/O = First Officer, 2/O = Second Officer, 3/O = Third Officer. More explanation & other abbreviations can be found at the help page

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E.R. Bamber   to  H.M.A. Buckmaster
Elizabeth Reid (née Halliday)
Mrs. E.R. Bamber
Married (27.03.1943, Cathedral Church of All Saints, Cairo) Lt. Alexander Thomson Bamber, RM.
1944?, seniority 01.12.1943 (reld < 04.1946)
HMS Ferret (RN base, Londonderry)
HMS Nile (RN Base, Alexandria, Egypt)
HMS Moreta (RN base, Haifa)
no appointment listed
no appointment listed
Miss M. Barclay
Born as Madeleine Victorine Bayard.
Daughter of Adele Suzanne Bayard, of Santeny, France.

Paris, France
(KIA) [age 31]
[Portsmouth Naval Memorial, panel 80, column 2]
was on the French merchant vessel "Le Rhin" with which she escaped to the UK, being renamed HMS Fidelity (special service vessel) and serving on SOE operations; she was commissioned in the WRNS and was killed when the ship was topedoed & sunk by U-435 off the Azores
Joy May
see: Lough,
Joy May (née Becquet)
Grace [Ellen Effingham] (née Laughton)
Mrs. G.L. Bell (Photo courtesy of Rosemary Hodge) G.L. Bell (© Imperial War Museum (A 29197))
Youngest daughter (with three brothers and one sister) of Sir John Knox Laughton, KCB (1830-1915), and his 2nd wife Maria Josepha de Los Angeles de Alberti (1863?-1946).
Sister of Dir. Dame Vera Laugton Mathews, DBE, WRNS.
Married 1st (1915) John Russell Little (1893-1917; killed in action).
Married 2nd (26.08.1918, Broxwood, Herefordshire) Harry Graham Bell (20.10.1888 - 02.1950), eldest son of Maj. & Mrs Bell, of Chepstow; three sons (Maj. Hubert Graham Bell, MBE).
Hammersmith, London
Fuengirola, Spain
[English Cemetery, Malaga] (died following a fall when her walking stick broke)
1/O 07.09.1939
C/O 29.04.1940
Supt. 03.04.1942
Commander of the Order of the British Empire (Military Division) CBE 01.01.1946 New Year 46 [investiture 23.07.46]
Education: Convent Schools; King's College, London University.
1915 - 1919 Women's Forestry Corps (Travelling Officer for Wales and West of England)
09.1939 - 01.1946 Women's Royal Naval Service:
(04.1940) - (02.)1941 HMS President III (HQ for personnel serving at defensively equipped merchant ships)
1941 - (12.1941) HMS Lucifer (RN base, Swansea)
03.04.1942 - (10.)1944 on Staff of Commander-in-Chief, The Nore [HMS Pembroke (RN base, Chatham)]
17.11.1944 - (07.1945) on Staff of Commander-in-Chief, Western Approaches [HMS Eaglet (RN base, Liverpool)]
Margaret Ruth
Miss. M.R. Bell
Daughter of Capt. Charles Courtenay Bell, DSO, RN (1883-1966), and Margaret Pattinson.
Married 1st (26.08.1943, Gibraltar Cathedral; divorced 16.12.1949) Maj. Charles Ormond Loggie Salvesen, RA (24.03.1918 - 13.04.1989), son of Maj. Charles Emil Salvesen, RA (1891-1973), and Juliet Loggie (1893-1977).
Married 2nd (24.12.1949, Westminster, London) Lt.Cdr. George Hammond Evans, RN, son of William A. Evans, and Edith Evans; one son.
Weymouth, Dorset
A/3/O 11.10.1942
2/O 19.09.1944, seniority 31.07.1944
11.10.1942 - 20.06.1943 HMS Victory III (accounting section, Wantage, Berkshire)
21.06.1943 - 08.07.1944 HMS Hannibal (RN base, Algiers, Algeria, later Taranto, Italy)
09.07.1944 - (10.1945) HMS Byrsa (RN base, Naples, Italy)
(04.1946) - (01.1947) no appointment listed
13.05.1947 - (10.1948) HMS Cochrane (RN base, Rosyth)


Dorothy Perkins
(née Tayler)
Mrs D.P. Binyon, née Tayler (Photo courtesy of Mr Bob Gerritsen)

Youngest daughter of Dr. Frederic Ernest Tayler, JP, and Mary Louisa Crisford, of Trowbridge, Wiltshire.

Married 1st (30.01.1943, Parish Church, Trowbridge) Lt. Roger Basil Binyon, Royal Engineers (08.12.1914 - 24.09.1944); one son. Married 2nd (26.06.1953, Parish Church, Hayes, Bromley district, Kent) Eric W. Huggins (1918? - ).
Melksham district, Dorset
Southwold district, Suffolk
A/3/O 14.12.1942
3/O 1943?, seniority 14.12.1942 (reld 06.06.1945; compassionate grounds)
(02.1943)     HMS Blackcap (RN Air Station, Stretton, Warrington, Lancashire)
28.02.1943 - (04.)1944 HMS Victory III (accounting section, Wantage, Berkshire)
(06.1944) - (04.1945) no appointment listed
Marguerite Ruth
(née Macnair-Smith)
see: Macnair-Smith,
Marguerite Ruth
Edith Gordon
(née Lowe)
Mrs. E.G. Blagrove (Photo courtesy of Capt. Mark Dickens, RN (retd), via Rory Hammond)
Daughter of William Duncan Lowe, writer to the signet, of Edinburgh.
Married 1st
 (06.04.1921) Cdr. (later R.Adm.) Henry Evelyn Charles Blagrove, RN (1887-1939); two daughters (one of whom, Mary A. Blagrove, married Lt. Sir Anthony R.D. Twysden, Bt., and later Capt. Peter G.C. Dickens, RN).
Married 2nd (21.01.1948, Chapel of RN College, Greenwich) Adm. Sir Eric James Patrick Brind, RN (1892-1963).

St George district, Edinburgh, Scotland
Tonbridge district, Kent
[St Michael and All Angels Churchyard
Withyham, East Sussex
1/O 23.11.1939
C/O 15.11.1940
Supt. 05.02.1945 (reld 25.01.1947)
(04.1940) - (06.)1941 HMS Cochrane II (supply & accounting base for tenders, Rosyth)
21.07.1941 - (08.)1943 Chief Officer WRNS, West of Scotland [HMS St Andrew (RN base, Oban)]
06.10.1943 - (04.)1944 in charge WRNS, HMS Beaver (RN base, Hull) & on staff of Flag Officer-in-Charge, Humber
02.05.1944 - (07.1945) in charge WRNS, HMS Pembroke V (secret base WRNS, Bletchley Park, London)
18.10.1945 - (04.1946) in charge WRNS, HMS Drake (RN base, Devonport)
Daphne Mary
Miss D.M. Blundell
Northwood, Middlesex
Watford, Hertfordshire
1970 (retd 1973)
  CB 1972  
Education: St Helen's School, Northwood; Bedford College, London.
      worked for LCC as Child Care Organiser
11.1942     joined WRNS
1943     commissioned
      served in Orkneys, HMS Lanka Ceylon, E Africa
1954 - 1956 Malta
1964 - 1967 Staff of Flag Officer Naval Air Command
1967 - 1969 Staff of Commander-in-Chief Portsmouth
1969 - 1970 Superintendent WRNS Training and
1970 - 1973 Director, Women's Royal Naval Service
1970 - 1973 Hon. ADC to the Queen
Sheila Beatrice
see: Simon,
Sheila Beatrice

Marjorie Gillespy
Miss. M.G. Bois
Youngest daughter (with one sister) of Percy Bois (1856-1946).
Hastings district, Sussex
Verney Cottage, Liss, Hampshire
1/O 19.06.1939
C/O 01.10.1939
A/Supt. 27.03.1946
Officer of the Order of the British Empire (Military Division) OBE 14.06.1945 HM's birthday 45
24.08.1939 - (01.)1945 Staff of Commander-in-Chief, Portsmouth [HMS Victory III (accounting section, Portsmouth)]
(07.1945)     HMS Afrikander (RN base, Simonstown, South Africa) *
27.03.1946 - (04.1946) Superintendent WRNS, The Nore [HMS Pembroke (RN base, Chatham)]
* indexed, but not listed as such
Violet Constance Sophie
Mrs. V.C.S. Boyd
  CBE 01.01.1946 New Year 46
15.11.1944 - (07.1945) Superintendent WRNS, The Nore [HMS Pembroke]
Joan Marie
Miss J.M. Brotherton
Daughter of ... Brotherton, and ... Parker.
Married ((03?).1950, Bromley district, Kent) Edward Wilfrid Heining (28.04.1922 - 03.2006); two sons.
Bromley district, Kent
A/3/O 17.10.1943
3/O 1944?, seniority 17.10.1943 (reld > 10.1945, < 04.1946)
17.10.1943 - (06.)1944 HMS Nile (RN base, Alexandria, Egypt)
25.08.1944 - (04.)1945 HMS Calliope (RN base, Tyne)
(07.1945) - (10.1945) no appointment listed
Margaret Lynette
Miss M.L. Broughton
Daughter of Arthur F. Broughton, and Gladys L. Connolly.
Married ((06?).1947, Yeovil district, Somerset) T/Lt. (Sp.Br.) Mervyn John Morgan Dunscombe, RNVR (20.08.1925 - 02.01.1975);two daughters.
Yeovil district, Somerset
04.2018 still alive
A/3/O 28.01.1945
3/O 28.07.1945 (reld > 04.1946, < 07.1946)
05.03.1945 - (04.1946) HMS Lanka (RN base, Colombo, Ceylon)
Fanny Tudor Imogen Gore
Miss F.T.I.G. Browne Miss F.T.I.G. Browne
Miss F.T.I.G. Browne Miss F.T.I.G. Browne
Daughter (with two brothers and one sister) of Sir Eric Gore Browne, DSO, OBE, TD (1885-1964), and Mary Imogen Booth (1882-1975).
Married  (28.09.1946, Westminster, London) Lt.Cdr. (Sp.Br.) John Antony Crawford Hugill, RNVR (15.01.1916 - 24.01.1987), son of Eng.R.Adm. Rene Charles Hugill, RN (1883-1962), and Winifred Fleming Backwell (1889-1970); three daughters, one son.

Eaton Square, London
Hyperion House, Fairford
A/3/O 13.02.1944
3/O 06.10.1944, seniority 13.02.1944 (reld 06.04.1946)

1939-1945 Star

39|45 St - -
France and Germany Star Fr&G St - -
Defence Medal Def M - -
War Medal 1939-1945 WM 39|45 - -
Chevalier de l'Ordre National de la Legion d'Honneur (France) LegH 07.09.2016 liberation of France
early 1942 - 02.1944 WRNS Headquarters (London) [HMS Pembroke III]
(04.1944) - (10.1945) no appointment listed
1944 - 1946 Headquarters Allied Naval Commander-in-Chief, Expeditionary Force (ANCXF), as personal assistant to Rear-Admiral Bill Tennant, whose title was “Rear-Admiral Mulberry/Pluto”
(Norfolk House, St James’s Square, London; from 26.04.1944 Southwick House, north of Fareham in Hampshire; from 08.09.1944 Granville, France; from 18.10.1944 Saint-Germain-en-Laye; from 01.1945 Brussels, Belgium; from 05.1945 Minden, Germany)
Catherine Jane Gibb
Miss. C.J.G. Bruce (Photo courtesy of Miss Rosalind John) Miss. C.J.G. Bruce (Photo courtesy of Miss Rosalind John)
Miss. C.J.G. Bruce (Photo courtesy of Miss Rosalind John) Miss. C.J.G. Bruce (Photo courtesy of Miss Rosalind John)
Miss. C.J.G. Bruce (Photo courtesy of Miss Rosalind John) Miss. C.J.G. Bruce (Photo courtesy of Miss Rosalind John)
Miss. C.J.G. Bruce (Photo courtesy of Miss Rosalind John) Miss. C.J.G. Bruce (Photo courtesy of Miss Rosalind John)
Daughter (with one brother and one sister) of William Gibb Bruce (1860-1931), and Jane Fleming Thomson (1873-1948).
Married (21.06.1943, Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Gibraltar) Capt. Thomas John, Army Dental Corps (1911-1979); two daughters, two sons.
Edinburgh, Scotland
Edinburgh, Scotland
3/O 04.07.1941 (reld > 10.1944, < 01.1945)
      WRNS Officers' Training Course, Greenwich
04.07.1941 - (06.)1942 HMS Bacchante (RN base, Aberdeen)
18.06.1942 - (08.)1943 HMS Cormorant (RN base, Gibraltar)
(12.1943) - (10.1944) no appointment listed
Hilda Mary Adela
Miss. H.M.A. Buckmaster
Acton, Middlesex


Peggy Gordon
Mrs. D. Talbot
Daughter of Lt. Eric Ray Burton, Indian Army, and [later Second Officer WRNS] Gladys [Maud] Gordon Burton (née Frazer) (03.11.1896 - 24.02.1975).
Married ((09?).1941, Gosport district, Hampshire) John W. Payne.
Bromley district, London
3/O 01.09.1939
01.09.1939 - (02.)1940 non-administrative officer, Portsmouth
(03.)1940 - (10.)1940 HMS Victory (RN base, Portsmouth)
(12.)1940 - (04.)1941 HMS Victory II (accounting section, Newbury/Portsmouth)
(06.)1941 - (08.)1941 HMS Victory III (accounting section, Wantage, Berkshire)
(10.)1941 - (02.)1942 no appointment listed
(04.)1942 - (06.)1942 HMS Boscawen (RN base, Portland)
(08.)1942 - (10.)1943 no appointment listed
Cicely Etheldreda
Miss. C.E. Butterworth Miss. C.E. Butterworth
Miss. C.E. Butterworth
Daughter (with two brothers) of Joseph Leonard Butterworth (1887-1949), and Cicely Ellen Fenn (1885-1962).
Married (06.05.1953, Bridge district, Kent) Lt. Charles Louis Patrick Swayne Taylor, RNVR (17.03.1920 - 26.12.1992); one daughter.
Lewisham, London
Cottingham, North Humberside
A/3/O 05.03.1944
3/O 1945?, seniority 05.03.1944 (reld 26.06.1946)
Builders clerk & secretary.
19.03.1944 - (04.)1944 HMS Calliope (RN base, Tyne)
29.05.1944 - (10.)1944 HMS Victory III (accounting section, Wantage, Berkshire)
10.11.1944 - (07.1945) HMS Watchful (anti-submarine & minesweeper base, Great Yarmouth)
14.09.1945 - (04.1946) HMS Drake (RN base, Devonport)

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