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Soterios Anastasse
S. Antonopoulos S. Antonopoulos
Son of Anastasse Soterios "Tasso" Antonopoulos, BSc, MRINA (1893-1976), and Cecilia Lavinia Hildreth (1894-1984).
From Kew, Surrey.
Married ((12?).1953, West Cheshire district) Renee S. Jones.
Sout Shields district, Durham / Tyne and Wear
Cpl. ? [1608391]
Acting Sergeant ?
Air Force Medal AFM 11.11.1943 Operation Turkey Buzzard (Sicily 05-06.43)
(1943)     Glider Pilot Regiment, Army Air Corps (Sicily)
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Arthur Samuel
A.S. Bemment
Son (with three sisters and one
brother) of William Bemment, and
Florence Edith M. Mortishire (1883-),
from ... Mrs Day.
Grimsby, Lincolnshire
Grimsby, Lincolnshire
Warrant Officer Class I ? [4800625]
Mentioned in Despatches MID 05.04.1945 Burma / Eastern Frontier of India
      served, The Lincolnshire Regiment (attached Indian Army Corps of Clerks)
Dennis Arthur Harrison
D.A.H. Bounsall D.A.H. Bounsall
D.A.H. Bounsall D.A.H. Bounsall
Married 1st ((06?).1944, Poole district, Dorset)Doreen A. "Cherry" Neville; one daughter.
Married 2nd (1955, New Zealand) Sarah Alice "Sadie" Turner (?-2006).
Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol, Gloucestershire
Auckland, New Zealand
Bandsman ? [5725602]
L/Cpl. ? (demobilised 1948)
Distinguished Conduct Medal DCM 04.11.1943 Sicily [investiture 16.03.1945] *
Malta George Cross 50th Anniversary Commemorative Medal
Légion d’honneur

* (1) On 19 Jul 43 during the advance towards AGIRA two rifle companies came under very heavy mortar fire and machine gun fire from some high ground to the front and flank of their positions. They were pinned to the ground and any further movement became impossible. Under this heavy fire p Private BOUNSALL, one of the Battalion Stretcher Bearers, with absolute disregard to his own personal safety, walked about amongst the Companies, dressing and collecting casualties, and brought them back a short distance to the rear, Where he placed them under cover of a small bank. He then called in the assistance of more stretcher bearers and personally took control of this small party of stretcher bearers which he had by then collected. Several times he came forward collecting casualties and each time he was subjected to heavy fire. Having seen the last of these casualties evacuated to the Regimental Air Post he finally returned to his company.
(2) SECOND OCCASION; On 23 Jul 43 Private BOUNSALL accompanied a platoon who were sent out on patrol. During the course of this patrol the platoon came under heavy mortar and automatic fire from positions to the flank, and were forced to withdraw; Private BOUNSALL with the assistance of a volunteer went forward across the bullet swept ground and bought back at least four casualties. There was then only one casualty remaining out and unaccounted for. Private BDUNSALL went out by himself for this man whom he did not find until late that evening; He stayed out with him until late that night, dressing his wounds, and eventually carried him back two miles before dawn the following morning when he handed him over to the Regimental Aid Post.
11.05.1936     enlisted as boy soldier, Dorsetshire Regiment
1938 - 1945 1st Battalion The Dorsetshire Regiment (NW Frontier of India, Malta, Sicily/Italy, UK, NW Europe, UK)
Emigrated to Auckland, New Zealand, 1952. Worked in insurance business.
John Vincent
J.V. Byrne
Son (with one brother) of ... Byrne, and ... Cornwell.
Married (1955; marriage dissolved) Mary Hayes; three daughters.

Preston district, Lancashire
Corporal ? [2060658] (reld 1947)
Distinguished Conduct Medal DCM 07.10.1943 gallant & distinguished services in the field (escape from German POW camp) [recommendation available upon request]
Education: Army Apprentices College, Chepstow.
(1940)     1st Battalion The Gordon Highlanders (France; wounded)
      No. 11 (Scottish) Commando (Syria)
? - 12.1941 "L" Detachment, 1st Special Service Brigade (attached HQ 8th Army) (Libya; captured)
12.1941 - 1943 POW in German captivity (Stalag Luft III; escaped)
1943 - 1944? training, Commando Depot (Achnacarry, Inverness-shire)
1944? - 1945 No. 6 Commando (Normandy; wounded in the knee; Holland)
1945? - 1946? 4th Battalion the Royal Norfolk Regiment (Greece)
1946? - 1947 HQ 179 Infantry Brigade
Served with the Kenya Police for a spell before moving to Kulai Police District, Johor, on internal security duties at the outset of the Malaya "Emergency". In 1953 a terrorist fired his revolver into Byrne's stomach at point-blank range. After being discharged from hospital he returned to Kenya to work in the prison service before retiring in 1958. He settled in Shropshire, and built up a drapery business until he finally retired in 1986.
Published: The general salutes a soldier (1986; war memoirs)
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Thomas Joseph *
T.J. Chandler (Photo courtesy of Mr Eddie Chandler)
* In Army records shown as Joseph
Thomas Chandler.
Sheerness, Sheppey
district, Kent

Bexley, Kent
Sgt. ? [4861085]
Distinguished Conduct Medal DCM 27.07.1944 Burma [full citation]
Gardener. Member of Royal Horticultural Society.
WW I     served, Royal Garrison Artillery
(1944)     Platoon Sergeant, 15 Platoon, 2nd Battalion The Leicestershire Regiment (71 Column, Chindits) (Burma) (DCM) [wounded in action 12.04.1944 at Hill 602]
T. Cheesebrough
Son (with one brother?) of ...
Cheesebrough, and ... Jackson.

From Middlesborough.
district, Durham

Private ? [13043350]
British Empire Medal (Military Division) BEM 18.09.1942 Baedeker raid, Paragon, Bath 29.04.42 [investiture 24.11.42] *
1939-1945 Star 39|45 St - -
France and Germany Star Fr&G St - -
Defence Medal Def M - -
War Medal 1939-1945 WM 39|45 - -
* Buildings were damaged and set on fire by enemy action and Private
Cheeseborough gave voluntary assistance to rescue parties on the site. The
operations had been going on under adverse conditions for three days. By that
time, the fire, which had been burning in the debris near the site had been
subdued, and on a report that signs from someone alive had been heard, Private
Cheeseborough tunnelled under the debris which was in a very dangerous
condition. After working for 5 hours in a very confined place he succeeded
in extracting a woman. Private Cheeseborough, who had showed courage and
persistence collapsed on completion of this work.
      served, Pioneer Corps
W. Cook
From Leeds.
Surrey South-Eastern district, Surrey
Company Quartermaster Sergeant (Colour Sergeant) ? [4543011]
Distinguished Conduct Medal DCM 21.09.1943 escape & evasion *
Brewery traveller.
13.06.1940     enlisted
      served 1st Battalion The Parachute Regiment - Army Air Corps
24.11.1942     captured near Medjez-El-Bab (Tunisia)
14.04.1943     escaped from Celio Military Hospital, Rome [detailed escape report available]
(09.1944)     served at Arnhem (injured whilst in a glider; as a result had a metal plate in his head and some epilepsy after the injury and walked with a stick)
* For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. Company Quartermaster Sergeant (CQMS) Cook of 1st Battalion Parachute Regiment was a member of a fighting patrol about 40 strong which proceeded from Oued-Zanga in direction of Medjez-El-Bab on 24 Nov 1942. The patrol was ambushed and pinned down by a strong force of Germans supported by heavy machine guns, mortars and field artillery. The patrol commander decided to fight it out. CQMS Cook was wounded during the initial German concentration, but was able to move out to a flank with a light automatic weapon. The patrol commander was killed, so CQMS Cook took over command. The Germans then made three assaults on the position held by the patrol, all of which were preceded by a mortar and artillery barrage. Owing to the magnificent leadership displayed by CQMS Cook these were beaten off after hard hand to hand fighting. The patrol was eventually over-run by the fourth attack when only five men were left on their feet to repel it. The patrol had accounted for more than three times their number in dead alone. CQMS Cook was made prisoner and taken to Italy where he was handed over to the Italians. He recovered from his wounds, and on his second attempt to get away, escaped and is now serving with the 9th Parachute Battalion in this country.
[Proposed 01.08.1943 by Brig. S.J.L. Hill, Commander 3rd Parachute Brigade (1942 Commanding Officer 1st Parachute Battalion), approved by Brig. E.W.C. Flavell, Deputy Commander Major-General Airborne Forces (1942 Commander 1st Parachute Brigade), and Lt.Gen. K.A.N. Anderson, Commander-in-Chief First Army]
G. Coulson
Rifleman ? [6896935]
MM 03.08.1944 gallant and distinguished services in the field
      served 1st Battalion King's Royal Rifle Corps
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Leslie George
L.G. Davies
Son of ... Davies, and ... George.
Married Kay ...; one son, three

Newbridge, Newport

Leatherhead ?
Corporal ? [7934015]
Lance-Sergeant ?
Officer of the Order of the British Empire (Civil Division) OBE 1973 ?
Military Medal MM 31.08.1944 Normandy 06.44 [immediate award]
Education: Newbridge School, Monmouthshire.
Worked a few years as a miner.
1940 - 1945 served with the Hussars (Royal Armoured Corps) in North Africa, Italy, France (wounded) & Germany
(06.1944)     11th Hussars (Normandy)
Post-war career in oil in Kuwait.
J. Dickson
Lance-Bombardier ? [884436]
Military Medal MM 09.11.1944 Arnhem 09.44
      Royal Regiment of Artillery
(09.1944)     2nd Airlanding Light Battery RA (Arnhem)
Thomas Frank
T.F. Durrant
Son of ... Durrant, and ... Lee.
Lived at Green Street Green, Farnborough, Kent.

Farnborough, Bromley district, Kent
St Nazaire, France
(DOW) [age 23]
[Escoublac-La Baule War Cemetery, France, I.D.11]
Sapper ? 01.02.1937 [1874047]
Sergeant 04.1940?
Victoria Crossl VC 19.06.1945 St Nazaire 27/28.03.42 [posthumously] [investiture to his mother 29.10.46] [VC held by RE Museum, Gillingham] *
Worked as a butcher’s boy, then as a builder’s labourer.
01.02.1937     enlisted, Corps of Royal Engineers
05.1940     volunteered for service with No. 2 Special Independent Company (Norway; field promotion to Sgt.), reorganized as:
1940 - 28.03.1942 No. 1 Commando (training in Scotland; St Nazaire raid; died of wound in German military hospital)
* For great gallantry, skill and devotion to duty when in charge of a Lewis gun in HM Motor Launch 306 in the St Nazaire raid on 28 March 1942. Motor Launch 306 came under heavy fire while proceeding up the River Loire towards the port. Sergeant Durrant, in his position abaft the bridge, where he had no cover or protection, engaged enemy gun positions and searchlights ashore. During this engagement he was severely wounded in the arm but refused to leave his gun. The Motor Launch subsequently went down the river and was attacked by a German destroyer at 50 to 60 yards range, and often closer. In this action Sergeant Durrant continued to fire at the destroyer's bridge with the greatest of coolness and with complete disregard of the enemy's fire. The Motor Launch was illuminated by the enemy searchlight, and Sergeant Durrant drew on himself the individual attention of the enemy guns, and was again wounded in many places. Despite these further wounds he stayed in his exposed position, still firing his gun, although after a time only able to support himself by holding on to the gun mounting. After a running fight, the Commander of the German destroyer called on the Motor Launch to surrender. Sergeant Durrant's answer was a further burst of fire at the destroyer's bridge. Although now very weak, he went on firing, using drums of ammunition as fast as they could be replaced. A renewed attack by the enemy vessel eventually silenced the fire of the Motor Launch, but Sergeant Durrant refused to give up until the destroyer came alongside, grappled the Motor Launch and took prisoner those who remained alive. Sergeant Durrant's gallant fight was commended by the German officers on boarding the Motor Launch. This very gallant non-commissioned officer later died of the many wounds received in action.
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R. Gilmour (Photo courtesy of Mr Iain Miskimmin)
Son of Sgt. Robert Gilmour, The Royal Scots Fusiliers (died 02.08.1915, aged 37).
His brother Sgt. James Smith Gilmour (01.12.1914-30.05.1940) was killed in action serving in the same battalion (2nd Bn RSF).
Married Margaret McGaffney.
Hamilton, Ayr, Scotland
1974 ?
Sgt.Maj. ? [3122737]
Regimental Sgt.Maj. (Wt.Offr. Cl. I) ?
Distinguished Conduct Medal DCM 24.01.1946 NW Europe [citation available upon request]
- Ntce 23.07.1937 Palestine 04-10.36
(1936)     1st Battalion The Royal Scots Fusiliers (Palestine) (name brought to notice)
? - 05.1940 Platoon Sergeant-Major (& acting Officer Commanding),  18 Platoon "D" Company, 2nd Battalion The Royal Scots Fusiliers (France & Belgium) (returned to UK; injured)
1944 - 1945 4th/5th Battalion Royal Scots Fusiliers (NW Europe) (DCM)
Arthur Edward
A.E. Gough
Son (with one brother?) of ... Gough, and ... Holmes.
From Olton, Warwickshire.
Aston district, Warwickshire
Solihull South district, West Midlands
Lance-Sergeant ? [2660438]
Military Medal MM 01.03.1945 Molenbeek Canal (Holland) 14.10.44 [presented in the field by Field Marshal B.L. Montgomery 05.45]
      Coldstream Guards
(1944) - (1945) 2 Squadron, 4th Battalion Coldstream Guards
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Denis Arthur
D.A. Hall D.A. Hall
Son of ... Hall, and ... Collins.

Lambeth district, London
Cpl. ? [1779297]
Acting Sergeant ?
Air Force Medal AFM 11.11.1943 Operation Turkey Buzzard (Sicily 05-06.43)
(1943) - (1944) Glider Pilot Regiment, Army Air Corps (Sicily, Arnhem [wounded; POW])
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Gerald Vivian
G.V. Juggins
Youngest son of George John Juggins (1876-), and Florence Minnie Amy Beale.
Married ((03?).1939, Uxbridge district, Middlesex) Eileen Ethel H. Segrott ((12?).1918 - 21.08.1991), daughter of Robert Francis Segrott (1886-1960), and Hilda Florence C. Charnock (1895-1932); four daughters.
Residence: (1945) Harrow, Middlesex, from 1952 Australia.
Fulford Army Barracks, York, Yorkshire
Mintaro, South Australia
Warrant Officer Class I ? [1068102]
A/Sergeant-Major (1945)
WS/Sergeant-Major 18.04.1945 (reld 1952)
Member of the Order of the British Empire (Military Division) MBE 21.06.1945 NW Europe *
1939-1945 Star 39|45 St - -
France and Germany Star Fr&G St - -
Defence Medal Def M - -
War Medal 1939-1945 WM 39|45 - -
Long Service Good Conduct Medal LSGCM ? -
      served Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (Armament Artificers (Fitters) Section)
      served in France (Dunkirk 1940), then southern England
(1944) - (1945) in charge of Light Aid Detachment REME attached to 59th (Newfoundland) Regiment RA (NW Europe) (MBE)
1952     transferred to Australian Army (Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers at Keswick; retired 1960s due to ill-health)
* [Recommendation for the appointment as Member of the Order of the British Empire of Wt.Offr.I G.V. Juggins] This Warrant Officer is in charge of the Light Aid Detachment attached to this Regiment. Both he and his detachment have done excellent work throughout the campaign and have been of the greatest assistance in keeping the vehicles on the road. Acting Sergeant-Major Juggins has been indefatiguable and always displayed great keenness and energy which has been an inspiration to his men. His job has been the more difficult in that frequent changes of command have necessitated getting stores and spares from services unknown to him personally and often far from the unit.
[Recommended 19.01.1945 by Lt.Col. R.C. Longfield, Commanding Officer 59th (Newfoundland) Heavy Regiment RA, approved 26.01.1945 by Brig. F.C.F. Cleeve, Commander 3rd Army Group RA, 04.02.1945 by Lt.Gen. B.G. Horrocks, Commander 30 Corps, and finally 20.02.1945 by Lt.Gen. M.C. Dempsey, Commanding 2nd Army.]
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A. Lyons
Son of Anthony Arthur Lyons (1893-), and Kathleen Harrington (1896-).
From Leeds.
Partner to Joan, father and step-father.
Ripon district, Yorkshire
Park Lodge Nursing Home, Leeds
Private ? [4697841]
Military Medal MM 12.04.1945 *
(1944) - (1945) 4th Battalion The King's Own Scottish Borderers (NW Europe)
* [Recommendation for the award of an immediate Military Medal to Pte. Anthony Lyons] On the evening of 24 Jan 45 the Carrier Platoon was ordered to assault an enemy held position immediately West of, and with good observation over, the town of Heinsberg. This assault was preceded by 10 minutes artillery fire and when within 10 yards of the position, came under very heavy small arms fire - this turned out later to be from 6 enemy machine guns. The Platoon Commander was leading but was wounded and fell. Private Lyons made off by himself to the left to try and outflank the position from where the fire was directed. During this action he was hit in the head by machine gun fire, receiving a severe scalp wound. Nevertheless he continued on his task, and eventually when his strength gave out, he carried on by supporting by fire from the ground where he had fallen. What is more he encouraged on his comrades by shouting encouraging remarks to them. There is no doubt that Private Lyons, though seriously wounded, was an inspiration and an example of magnificent determination and encouragement to his comrades during this action. I recommend he be awarded the M.M.
[Recommended by Lt.Col. C.L. Melville, Commanding Officer 4th Battalion The King's Own Scottish Borderers, 28.01.1945, supported by Brig. J.F.S. McLaren, Commander 155th Infantry Brigade, 29.01.1945, Maj.Gen. E. Hakewill Smith, Commander 52nd (Lowland) Division, 05.02.1945, Lt.Gen. N.M. Ritchie, Commander 12 Corps, 10.02.1945, Lt.Gen. M.C. Dempsey, Commander Second Army, 14.02.1945, and finally Field Marshal B.L. Montgomery, Commander-in-Chief 21 Army Group]
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Cornelius Theodorus
C.T. Mostert
Vryheid, South Africa
? [104964] (reld 06.02.1946)
British Empire Medal BEM
* [presented 14.11.47]
1939-1945 Star 39|45 St
Africa Star Afr St
British War Medal 1939-1945 BWM 39|45
Afr SM
* Escaped from Bergarmo on 7 Nov 1943. Joined a partisan band and was engaged in active work with them.  Was wounded in one action.  Recovered and rejoined them.  Later left for Switzerland to try to get help for the partisans (food, money etc), reached Switzerland and later crossed into France and made his way to Lyon.

enlisted with Union Defence Force (Driver Mechanic "A" Class)

arrived at Suez 13.09.1941, being attached to the Technical Service Corps, captured at tobruk at 20.06.1942
POW in Italian captivity (Camp 65 from 18.11.1942); escaped
joined a Partisan Band in Northern Italy and worked with them; reached Switzerland 24.03.1944, arriving in Egypt on 15.09.1944
Military College
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Bruce Walter
B.W. Ogden-Smith
Brother of Maj. Colin Malcolm Ogden-Smith.
From Barry, nr. Rugby.
Manchester distri, Lancashire
? [6826651]
Distinguished Conduct Medal DCM
gallant & distinguished services in the field (Operation Bell Push Able, Normandy reconnaissance)
gallant & distinguished services in the field (Operation KJH, Normandy reconnaissance,  43-44)

Honourable Artillery Company

2nd Battalion The East Surrey Regiment

2 Special Boat Squadron & Combined Operations Pilotage Party 1
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George Pearson
G.P. Redpath
From Bishop Auckland.
Company Sergeant-Major
? [3238549]
Regimental Sergeant-Major
Member of the Order of the British Empire (Military Division) MBE
Mentioned in Despatches MID
Name Brought to Notice Ntce

name has been brought to notice in recognition of distinguished services in connection with operations in the field, March-June, 1940

served, 2nd Battalion The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles):
served in France & Belgium and the UK [as Warrant Officer, Class II]
served in Madagascar, India, Persia & the Middle East
served in Sicily & Italy [as Warrant Officer, Class I]
served in NW Europe
William Walter
W. Regan

Son of Hanorah Regan, and Ellen Mary Greatwood.
St Marylebone district, London
Gunner ? [11268648]
Lance-Bombardier ?
Soldier's Medal (USA) SM 15.02.1944 for gallantry in saving a US pilot from a burning plane at Pantellaria 10.07.43 [presented by Lt.Gen. M.W. Clark 25.12.43] [citation avaiable upon request]

W. Regan

 (1943)     208th Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery, 58th Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery
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A. Townroe
Son of Sidney Townroe, and Kate Taft.
Married; one daughter.
Mansfield district, Nottinghmashire / Derbyshire
Rotherham, East Midlands
WS/Corporal ? [3 2149276]
Lance Serjeant ?
Croix de Guerre 1940 with palm (Belgium) CdeG 16.01.1947 *
* During the period 16-21 December 1944 this Non-Commissioned Officer commanded his Platoon who constructed and manned forward defences to the RIVER MEUSE crossing at GIVET. Though his Platoon were then fatigued due to lack of sleep and intense cold, it was necessary that they prepared for demolltion the railway bridge crossing the RIEVER MEUSE at NAMUR. This was done under his leadership in about 16 hours through the night 22/23rd December 1944. The steelwork of the bridge was ice-covered and swept by strong winds, which made the task arduous and dangerous. The splendid leadership and example of L/Sjt TOWNROE rallied his tired men and enabled them to maintan their effort under very adverse conditions. In keeping personal contact with every man and constantly checking every detail of a complicated demolition he was completely regardless of personal safety and continued to climb over every part of the frozen steelwork desplte his exhausted oondintion, the loss of skin from both hands and several bad falls which he sustained. Throughout the work his ready wit and cheerful encouragement kept a high standard of morale amongst his men and discountenanced the many alarming rumours which were circulating. The steadfast devotion to duty, personal leaderahip, and technical thoroughness this NCO ensurad that had the GERMAN advance reached the RIVER MEUSE at NAMUR, the bridge for which he was responsible would have been successfully denied to them.
Recommended by Maj. A.J. Lumsden, Acting CRE No. 13 General Headquarters Troops RE 05.10.1945, supported by the Col. Commanding 18 Army Group RE 07.10.1945, the Brig., Chief Engineer 1st Corps District 12.10.1945 and finally by Lt.Gen. G.I. Thomas, Commander 1st Corps District, intended to be published in the London Gazette at 08.12.1945, but eventually published 16.01.1947.
(1944)     556 Field Company Royal Engineers
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E. Waterhouse (Photo & information courtesy of Mr A.G. 'Tony' Mann)
Son of Harry Waterhouse, and Clara
Waterhouse (née Benn).
Married Winifred Waterhouse (née ...).
Halifax, West Yorkshire

Halifax, West Yorkshire

28.12.1941 [48220]
WS/Staff Sergeant
WS/Warrant Officer II
British Empire Medal BEM
North Africa (El Alamein) *
1939-1945 Star 39|45 St
Africa Star Afr St
& clasp 8th Army
Italy Star It St
Defence Medal Def M
British War Medal 1939-1945 BWM 39|45
* For particularly fine work before and during the Battle of El Alamein, when he
was responsible for repairs to all natures of guns, Field, AA and Tank. Since
flying to North Africa he has become responsible for the rapid installation of all
the workshop machinery overcoming by his ingenuity, the difficulties created by
the lack of adequate lifting material. Due to the amount of work this NCO has put
in on the maintenance of machinery during silent hours, workshop output has
never suffered, even during the height of the peak periods.
Worked as a fitter.
enlisted service, Royal Army Service Corps (from 27.08.1941 Royal Army Ordnance Corps, from 01.10.1942 Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers)

10 Corps RAOC [later REME] Workshop (El Alamein, Le Khroub Tank workshops 01.04-30.06.1943)
Director of a Machine Tool Works. Retired 1967.
Albert William
A.W. Wilkinson (Photo courtesy of Mr Keith Scott)
Son of James Albert and Daisy Ellennor Wilkinson, of Hatfield Peverel, Essex.
Married Ethel Jennie Wilkinson, of Hatfield Peverel; one daughter.
(KIA) [age 22]
[Tobruk War Cemetery, Libya, 6.F.8]
Lance Bombardier
? [899673]
Military Medal MM
104th (The Essex Yeomanry) Regiment, Royal Horse Artillery
Stanley Clifford
S.C. Woodward
Son of Isaac Joseph Woodward, and Harriet Elizabeth Stanley.
Acton-Trussell & Bednall, Staffodshire
Stafford, Staffordshire
Corporal ? [557472]
Lance Sergeant ?
Military Medal MM 21.12.1944 NW Europe
Military Medal MM 01.03.1945 NW Europe
      served Royal Tank Regiment - Royal Armoured Corps
(1944)     3rd Battalion Royal Tank Regiment (NW Europe) (MM and Bar)
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