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Royal Marine (RM) Officers


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Note. In naval circles it is custom to refer to the commander of a vessel as Captain. The Navy List bears the phrase "in command". Strictly out of practical considerations CO (Commanding Officer) is used here on this site. Abbreviations and explanations can be found at the help page.

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Orbell Ray
O.R. Oakes
Bury St Edmunds district, Suffolk
T/2nd Lt.
1944?, seniority 10.04.1941 (reld > 04.1946)
Distinguished Service Cross DSC
Operations Veritas & Ridge (air strikes on German shipping off Norway, 04.44)
31st RM Howitzer Battery
HMS St Vincent (boys' training establishment, Forton, Gosport, Hampshire)
HMS Daedalus (RN Air Station, Lee-on-Solent) (for posting to Kingston, Ontario, Canada)
pilot, HMS Heron (RN Air Station, Yeovilton, Somerset)
pilot, 804 Squadron FAA [04.1944 at HMS Emperor (escort carrier)] (07.1943 temporarily in command)
[took part in operations off Norway (04.1944)] 

pilot, 800 Squadron FAA
[Operation Dragoon (invasion of southern France (08.1944))]
pilot, 759 Squadron FAA [HMS Heron (RN Air Station, Yeovilton, Somerset)]
Portsmouth Division, RM
Albert Peter
A.P. O'Brien A.P. O'Brien
A.P. O'Brien
Son of Maj. Albert William O'Brien (1894-1970), MBE, RM, and Violet D. Gunney (?-1960).
Married 1st ((09?).1954) Eva E. 'Eve' Stevens (?-1968), daughter of Mr Barney Stevens, of Barnaloft, St Ives, Cornwall, and the late Mrs Stevens; one son, one daughter.
Married 2nd (1993; divorced 1997) Sheila Gilleney.

Plymouth district, Devon
Oliva, Spain
Prob. 2nd Lt. 01.09.1940
Prob. Lt. 11.01.1942
Lt. 17.02.1943, seniority 11.01.1942
A/Capt. 15.02.1944-15.05.1944,
Capt. 11.01.1950 (retd 1950)
Military Cross (immediate award) MC 19.12.1944 services NW Europe (raiding patrol at Salenelles 23.07.44) *
* Lt O'Brien was leading a patrol in a "silent" raid on the enemy's FDLs east of Sallenelles early in the morning of 23 July. When about 50 yds from the enemy position, one man of the patrol trod on an anti-personnel mine. Surprise was lost. The enemy opened heavy automatic fire aided by flares. For a moment it looked as if the patrol would fail in their task but Lt O'Brien by his total disregard of danger, by his personal example and by his determination, got the patrol together again and led them into the enemy position. When the patrol had returned to our own lines with an officer prisoner, Lt O'Brien, hearing that some of the patrol were missing, returned to the enemy minefield, moving through our defensive fire and stayed there, in the fast-growing light, until all the wounded had been removed.
01.09.1940     commissioned, RM
1940 - (10.1940) RM course, Plymouth
? - (02.)1941 RM course, Chatham
1941 - (12.1941) RM course, RM Military School (Thurlestone)
02.06.1942 - (10).1943 HMS Anson (battleship)
1943 - (12.1943) RM Training Group Dalditch
1944 - (07.)1944 Officer Commanding, 'Y' Troop, 47 RM Commando (UK, Normandy)
1944 - (10.1944) RM Holding Commando
? - (01.)1945 44 RM Commando (Far East; seriously wounded in the Battle of Hill 170 at Kangaw in Burma)
1945 - (07.1945) RM Holding Commando
? - (04.1946) HOC (Lt) [= Holding Company ??]
(07.1948) - (05.1949) climbing instructor, Commando Cliff Assault Wing
? - (05.)1950 Commando School RM
Trainee manager, Sutcliffe Catering, 1954, later to become managing director and chairman, until retirement in 1973. Moved successively to Australia, Cyprus, Florida, Costa Rica, Malta, Majorca and finally Oliva, in Spain.
Patrick John
P.J. Ovens
Son of late Edward Alec Ovens and Mary Linsell Ovens, Cirencester.
Married (1952), Margaret Mary White; one son, two daughters.
Southampton district, Hampshire
... ...
Lt. 04.01.1943
... ...
Maj.Gen. ? (retd 1979)
Officer of the Order of the British Empire (Military Division) OBE 08.06.1968 HM's birthday 68 [investiture 26.11.68]
Military Cross MC 18.05.1951 Korea 11.50
Education: King's School, Bruton.
1941     commissioned into Royal Marines
1942 - 1943 HMS Illustrious
? - (07.1945) RM Holding Commando
1945     46 RM Commando
      HQ 3rd Commando Bde, 1946-48; 41 Independent Commando, Korea, 1950-52; HQ Portsmouth Gp, 1952-55; psa 1955-56; Staff of CGRM, 1959-61; Amphibious Warfare Sqdn, 1961-62; 41 Commando, 1963-65, CO 1965-67; C­in­C Fleet Staff, 1968-69; Comdr 3 Commando Bde, 1970-72; RCDS 1973; COS to Comdt Gen., RM, MoD, 1974-76. Commandant, Joint Warfare Establishment, 1976-79
H. Ozanne (Courtesy of Mr Colin McKenzie)
Son (with one sister) of John Henry Ozanne, CMG (1851-1902), and Mary Lennox Searle (1850-1928).
Married (08.12.1909, Churh of St Michael and All Angels, Depôt Royal Marines, Deal, Eastry district, Kent) Mary Elizabeth Mitchell Wylde (27.02.1890 - 11.05.1976), youngest daughter (with two sisters) of Gen. Edward André Wylde, RMLI (1858-1925), and Theresa Mary Mitchell (1859-1955); three daughters, one son.

West Demerera, West Indies (Guyana)
Bishops Stortford Hospital, Hertfordshire (formerly of Sheering Mill House, Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire)
2nd Lt. 01.09.1897
Lt. 01.07.1898
Capt. 05.04.1904
Maj. 23.09.1915
T/Lt.Col. 03.04.1917-01.02.1918
Bt. Lt.Col. 03.06.1918 (for distinguished service in the prosecution of the war)
Lt.Col. 05.04.1925 (retd 10.05.1929; own request)
Col. (retd) 10.05.1929
Lt.Col. (retd) > 04.1940, < 05.1940
Col. 2nd Commandant (retd) > 08.1941, < 10.1941 (reverted to retd > 12.1943, < 02.1944)
Distinguished Service Order DSO 17.04.1917 *
Order of St. Stanislas, 2nd Class (with Swords), 05.06.1917 (for Battle of Jutland).
* For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He directed the consolidation of the position with marked ability, and was largely responsible for holding the position against subsequent enemy counter-attacks. He displayed great courage and determination throughout the operations.
Education: Elizabeth College, Guernsey.
01.09.1897     commissioned, Royal Marine Light Infantry
30.04.1917     commanding a battalion
26.02.1918 - ? Brigade Major, ....
10.05.1929     Territorial Army Reserve of Officers
19.10.1929 - 31.07.1933 attached for duty with and to command Harrow School Contingent, Junior Division, Officers Training Corps
(05.1940) - (08.)1941 Commanding Officer, RM Engineer Battalion
(10.)1941 - (12.1943) Depot RM Lympstone

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