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Front information

The 1st Ukrainian Front was formed on 20.10.1943 as a result of renaming the Voronezh Front. It took part in the Kiev and Zhitomir-Berdichev offensive operations in the autumn of 1943. During the winter of 1943-1944 the left flank of the 1st Ukrainian Front participated in the Korsun-Chevchenkovsky operation (Battle of Cherkassy), while the right flank conducted the Rovno-Lutsk operation. During the Soviet summeroffensive the 1st Ukrainian Front liberated the Ukraine and managed to seize a bridgehead on the leftbank of the River Weichsel (Lvov-Sandomierz operation). In the autumn of 1944 the left flank of the 1st Ukrainian Front assisted in the Czechoslowak Uprising. In the opening months of 1945 the 1st Ukrainian Front advanced to the river Oder and cleared their left flank by seizing Upper and Lower Silesia. During April and May 1945 forces of the 1st Ukrainian Front took part in the Battle of Berlin, the advance to Leipzig and Dresden and finally the Prague operation. On 10.06.1945 the 1st Ukrainian Front was disbanded and parts were deployed in the Soviet Occupation Zone (East-Germany).
Activated 20.10.1943
Disbanded 10.06.1945

Kiev in WWII
Zhitomir-Berdichev in WWII
Rovno-Lutsk in WWII
Korsun-Shevchenkovsky in WWII
Lvov-Sandomierz in WWII
Dukla Pass-Carpathians in WWII
Weichsel-Oder in WWII
Silesia in WWII
Berlin in WWII
Dresden-Leipzig in WWII
Prague in WWII

Commanding Officer (CO)
20.10.1943-02.03.1944 General of the Army N.F. Vatutin
02.03.1944-24.05.1944 Marshal of the Soviet Union G.K. Zhukov
24.05.1944-10.06.1945 Marshal of the Soviet Union I.S. Koniev

Chief of Staff
20.10.1943-00.11.1943 Lt.-Gen. S.P. Ivanov
00.11.1943-00.04.1944 Lt.-Gen. A.N. Bogolubov
00.04.1944-00.04.1945 General of the Army V.D. Sokolovsky
00.04.1945-10.06.1945 General of the Army I.Y. Petrov

20.10.1943-10.06.1945 Lt.-Gen. K.V. Kranukov

Front troops


3th Guards Tank Army 20.10.1943-10.06.1945
13th Army 20.10.1943-10.06.1945
60th Army 20.10.1943-10.06.1945


2nd Army 00.00.0000-10.06.1945

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