A reconstructed frontline monologue of January, 1945

By Mitchell Kaidy

"Don't shoot. For crissakes, I don't know the password."

"Don't shoot, I'm a GI."

"I think I can see your M-1"

"Look, Babe Ruth was Number 3 and Gehrig was Number 4."

"Let's see... DiMaggio was five... or maybe Gehrig was five."

"Even though the numbers are wrong, do I sound like a goddamn Kraut?"

"I can see your gun. Put your gun down. Look, the Dodgers play in Brooklyn. Americans eat ham and eggs."

"For crissake, I told you that the Dodgers play in Ebbetts Field for crissake. The Dodgers play in Ebbetts Field. The Dodgers play... in Ebbetts Field"

"Does that sound like I'm a goddam Heinie? I was born in New York, and I have a New York accent. So do I sound like a goddam Heinie? I just never got the password last night. I just wasn't around. That's all. I just wasn't around."

"I can hear your gun moving in those bushes, and I'm scared as hell because I can't see you too well."

"Can you put down the gun, please, and I'll come ahead, and you'll see my uniform."

"I'm American, and I'm in D Co. 345th for crissakes. 87th Division.Your division. 87th Division"

"You and I are in the same Army. Third Army. Patton's army. Just don't shoot. Third Army. Patton's army."

"I know Krauts have infiltrated, and I know they're wearing our uniforms. But they don't have New York accents, do they? Do they? They don't know all I told you about baseball."

"Would they know the Dodgers play in Ebbetts Field? Look, the Giants play in the Polo Grounds, who else would know that?

"Does that convince you?"

"Can I come through there now? Can I come past... or are you gonna shoot me?"

"Just bring it down, and I'll walk through, okay? Bring it down, bring it down. My rifle has the safety catch on. I can't hurt you. Okay? Will you drop it? Will you drop it?"

"Look, I'll sing the Star Spangled Banner if you want. I'm patriotic as the next guy."

"Which verse? Tell me which verse, and I'll sing it, if you'll just drop that goddam sonofabitchin weapon."

"How about the second verse? You want me to sing the second verse? Jeeezuz, now I forget. Something like, oh thus be it ever... Jesus I forget it."

"OK. The Star Spangled Banner begins 'Oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light.' That's all I can remember now. 'By the dawn's early light... what so proudly we hail. At the twilight's last gleaming'".

"I'm in D Company. My company commander is Captain Muir. My colonel is Colonel Sugg. I was up there passing out some mail, and I'm coming back to the company, okay? Does that sound like I'm a goddamn Heinie?"

"Oh, so you're a recent replacement in Company D? When did you get here?"

"What do you mean you don't have any shells? You scared me to hell, and you don't have any shells in that rifle? None? None at all? You know I'm 10 years older now than when you challenged me for the password? Come with me and I'll get you some shells. Don't ever forget to keep shells in your rifle. Don't forget... you're on the frontlines now."

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