87th Infantry Division
Personal Message from Commanding General

11 July 1945
SUBJECT: Personal Message. TO : All Members of this Command Aboard the "West Point". 1. As we leave the "West Point" to go our various ways to all sections of America I want to take this opportunity to personally commend each member of the 87th "Golden Acorn" Infantry Division for the superior job he performed as an individual member of thus great fighting team. Our 154 days of combat in Europe were days of comrade- ship that will live long in the hearts of the men of the "Golden Acorn" Division. The part we played, as a hard-hitting fast-driving team will be recorded in its proper place in the pages of American History. 2. I am pleased to note that your superior soldierly conduct in combat has been maintained and reflected while you have been passengers aboard the "West Point". 3. As we leave our organizations and return to our homes for a hard-earned and well deserved furlough, I hope that every man who wears the "Golden Acorn", while enjoying his rest to the fullest extent, will, at the same time, maintain a proud and soldierly bearing that will reflect high credit upon himself and his organ- isation. 4. After furloughs are over we will meet again at Fort Benning, Georgia, to begin a brief but strenuous period of training before we once again sail to foreign lands to aid in the final defeat of our remaining enemies. Until then, soldier, I wish you a very pleasant and enjoyable furlough with your family and friends. FRANK L. CULIN, JR., Major General, U.S. Army, Commanding.

Sources & links: Personal Archive of Mr. Mitchell Kaidy (Cpl. D Company, 345th Infantry Regiment, 87th Infantry Division)
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