Divisional information
Divisional troops

Divisional information

Commanding General (CG)
00.00.0000 Maj.-Gen. Allan H. Turnage
00.00.0000 Maj.-Gen. Graves B. Erskine

Commander, Division Artillery
00.00.0000 Col. John B. Wilson

Other officers
00.00.0000 Col. Robert M. Montague Engineer Officer
00.00.0000 Col. William C. Hall Quartermaster

Divisional troops


3rd Marine Regiment 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
9th Marine Regiment 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
21st Marine Regiment 00.00.0000-00.00.0000


12th Marine Regiment 00.00.0000-00.00.0000

Other Units
19th Marine Regiment (Engineers) 00.00.0000-00.00.1944
3rd Tank Battalion 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
3rd Special Weapons Battalion 00.00.0000-00.00.1944
3rd Service Battalion 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
3rd Medical Battalion 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
CO: Comm. Robert R. Callaway, USN 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
3rd Amtrac Battalion 00.00.0000-00.00.1944
3rd Engineer Battalion 00.00.1944-00.00.0000
3rd Pioneer Battalion 00.00.1944-00.00.0000
3rd Reconnaissance Company 00.00.1944-00.00.0000
3rd Motor Transport Battalion 00.00.1944-00.00.0000

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