II US Corps

Corps information

01.08.1940 activated as II Army Corps at Fort Jay, New York
19.08.1942 redesignated II Corps
00.07.1942 overseas

Algeria-French Morocco WWII
Tunisia WWII
Sicily WWII
Naples-Foggia WWII
Rome-Arno WWII
North Apennines WWII
Po Valley WWII

Commanding General (CG)
01.07.1942-09.10.1942 Maj.-Gen. Mark W. Clark
10.10.1942-04.03.1943 Maj.-Gen. Lloyd R. Fredendall
05.03.1943-15.04.1943 Maj.-Gen. George S. Patton (Jr.)
16.04.1943-08.09.1943 Maj.-Gen. Omar N. Bradley
09.09.1943-18.09.1943 Maj.-Gen. John P. Lucas
19.09.1943-00.05.1945 Maj.-Gen. Geoffrey Keyes

Deputy Commanding General
00.02.1943-15.04.1943 Maj.-Gen Omar N. Bradley

Chief of Staff
00.00.1940-00.00.1941 Col. Carl A. Baehr
00.00.1943-00.00.1943 Brig.-Gen. William B. Kean

Artillery Commander
00.00.1942-00.00.1943 Col. Charles E. Hart
00.08.1944-00.09.1945 Brig.-Gen. Raleigh R. Hendrix
00.00.1944-00.00.1945 Brig.-Gen. Henry D. Jay

Other information
Codename Speedy

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