243rd Field Artillery Battalion - After Action Report
                     243RD FIELD ARTILLERY BATTALION

                                                    APO   403
                                                    1 November 1944

SUBJECT:  After Action Report.

TO     :  Commanding General, XX Corps, APO 340, U. S. Army.
          (Attention: Historical Officer)

     1.  On 1 Oct. 44 this battalion was enroute from Coetquidan, France to
Onville, France, upon arrival to pass from the control of 9th Army, VIII Corps,
34th FA Brigade, to 3d Army, XX Corps.  Upon arrival 3 Oct. 44 the battalion
was assigned to 33d FA Brigade and 203d FA Gp.

     2.  Upon arrival in the vicinity of Onville, France the battalion went
immediately into position, approximately coor. U 69.0  45.5.

     3.  6 Oct. 44 one section of Btry A was detached to XX Corps Arty and
proceeded to new position near Rombas, France, for the purpose of firing at a 
German railroad gun.  On 7 Oct. 44 the detached section was returned to the 
battalion and was again detached to XX Corps Arty and proceeded to position
near Rombas, France.  8 Oct 44 the remaining section of Btry A was detached
and proceeded to position near Batilly, France.  Btry A was attached to
195th FA Gp.

     4.  On 11 Oct. 44 Btry C was detached from the battalion and departed 
for new position in the vicinity of Mazerulles, approximate coor. U-Q OO-19,
to be attached to XII Corps.  Btry B displaced to new position in vicinity
of Gorze, France Coor. U 73.6  40.3, 11 Oct. 44.

     5.  Headquarters Btry and Service Btry were relieved from assignment to
203d FA Gp and departed for new position in Homecourt, 15 Oct. 44 to be atach-
ed to XX Corps Arty upon arrival.  Btry B remained in position near Gorze,
attached to 203d FA Gp and 739th FA Bn.  Upon arrival in Homecourt the battalion
took command of Btry Adams, located near Batilly and Btry Henderson located near
Rombas.  Batteries Henderson and Adams were each provisional batteries composed
of one 8 gun of Btry A, 243d FA Bn and one 240 How. of Btry C, 270th FA Bn.

     6.  Btry A 270th FA Bn (240 How) in position near Montois la Montaigne,
coor. U 74.6  68.9 and Btry C 736th FA Bn (8 How) in position near Rombas,
coor. U 82.2  73.8 were relieved from attachment to 90th Div. and attached to
243d FA Bn, 30 Oct. 44.  Btry A 270th FA Bn was designated as Btry Perry and
Btry C of the 736th FA Bn as Btry Ball.  243d FA Bn was attached to 195th FA
Gp. 30 Oct. 44.

- 2 - 7. The primary mission of this battalion until 15 Oct 44 was one of long range destruction, interdiction and harassing fires. Observation was maintained from coor U 76.3 52.2 upon the North and South Forts of the Verdun Group, the Moselle Battery southeast of Fort Drient and upon Metz and the approaches thereto. Observation was coordinated with the other battalions of the 203d FA Gp. 8. After 15 Oct. 44 when the Battalion Headquarters moved to Homecourt, the primary mission became that of destruction of German Railroad guns. In order to facilitate the performance of this mission, contact was made with the 7th FA Obsn Bn., 343d FA Bn., 345th FA Bn., and the 282d FA Bn. Permission was secured to useall of their OP's, some twelve in number and communication was established with them. An arrangement was made whereby all reports of enemy activity which might be of interest to us were telephoned directly to us. 9. On 29 Oct. 44 this battalion received instructions to the effect that it would reinforce the fires of the 90th Div Arty for the attack on Maiziares Les Metz. A total of 27 missions using 124 rounds were fired on call from 90th Div Arty. The great preponderance of the fire was unobserved, however, three enemy guns were destroyed on an observed mission by an Air OP of the 345th FA Bn. For the Battalion Commander: RICHARD G. BANKS Major, 243d FA Bn., S 3 4 Incls: 1 Unit Journal 2 Unit Journal File 3 Report of Missions Fired 4 Fire possibility overlay of Batteries Adams, Henderson, Ball and Perry. - 2 -

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