243rd Field Artillery Battalion - After Action Report
                    243RD FIELD ARTILLERY BATTALION

                                                     APO 403
                                                     31 May 45

SUBJECT:  After Action Report for May 1945.

TO     :  Commanding General, Third Army, APO 403, U.S. Army.
          (Attn:  Historical Officer)

     1.  On 1 May, 1945, this battalion was operating as an MP Battalion.
Headquarters Battery, Battery B and Service Battery were in Bamberg, 
Germany.  Battery A was in Bayreuth, Germany with a detachment at Bad

     2.  On 3 May, Battery A moved to Nurnberg, Germany and established
a detachment in Furth, Germany.  On 4 May, Battery C moved from Bad Kissingen
to Lauf.  They established a detachment in Feucht, Germany.  Service Battery
moved to Nurnberg.  On 5 May, Headquarters Battery moved to Furth.  On 6 May,
this battalion was released from MP duties and assigned to Sub-Section,
Provost Marshal's Office for Prisoner of War duties.  Battery B sent a 
detachment of one Officer  and 48 EM to Weiden, Germany to assume control
of V CorpsPWE.  On 8 May, Battery C moved to Langenzenn, Germany to take
charge of TUSA PWE #21.  On 10 May, Battery B moved to Regensburg, Germany
and established TUSA PWE #23.  On 11 May, Battery A moved to PWE #23.  On
18 May, Headquarters Battery moved from Furth to PWE #23.  On 22 May, Battery
C moved to Bad Tolz, Germany to act as guards of a special PW Battalion.

     3.  Lt. Col. Joseph G. Rucks was transferred from this battalion and
assigned to Headquarters, Twelfth Army Group.  Major Garrel Burgoon assumed
command of the battalion on 11 May.

     4.  On 31 May this battalion was in charge of TUSA PWE #23 at Regensburg.
Battery C was guarding a special PW battalion near Bad Tolz.

                                        For the Commanding Officer

                                            FRANK E. SMITH
                                            Capt., FA
                                            Asst S-3

      Incl #1  Unit Journal
      Incl #2  Journal File

cc XX Corps, Attn Historical Officer

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