243rd Field Artillery Battalion - After Action Report

                                                              APO  403
                                                              1 February 1945

SUBJECT:  After Action Report

TO     :  Commanding General, XX Corps, APO 340, U. S. Army.
          (Att'n: Historical Officer)

     1.  On 1 Jan 1945 Hq Btry, Service Btry and Btry A were in position
in the vicinity of Laumesfeld, France.  Btry B was in the vicinity of St.
Marguerite, France and Btry C in the vicinity of Monneren, France.  All
batteries were under battalion control.  The battalion was attached to the 
195th F. A. Gp. in general support of the 90th Div.

     2.  Btry C was relieved of attachment to XX Corps Arty and attached
to XII Corps Arty effective 13 Jan 45.  Btry C departed position in
vicinity of Monneren 13 Jan 45 and arrived new position in vicinity Bech,
Luxembourg.  Btry C was attached to 177th F. A. Gp. effective upon arrival.

     3.  Gun #27 of Btry A displaced forward to position in vicinity of
Remeling, France on 21 Jan 45.  Gun #18 of Btry A displaced forward to
vicinity of Remeling 22 Jan 45.  Gun #27 was laid on Ca. 225 and #18 on Ca.
1650.  Btry A remained under battalion control.

     4.  This battalion, less Btry C 13-31 Jan, fired a total of 42 missions
expending a total of 574 rds.  These missions included 10 registrations ob-
served from L  4's; 27 unobserved harassing missions; 2 missions with high
performance aircraft, one against CP 11 Pz Div. and one against the town of
Zerf; and 3 missions observed from L  4, two against tanks and one against
the town of Sinz; during the period 13-31 Jan Btry C, attached to XII Corps,
fired 743 rounds.

     5.  This battalion has fired a total of 5262 rounds in combat during the
period 10 Aug 1944  31 Jan 1945.

                                                 JOSEPH G. RUCKS
                                                 Lt.Col., 243d FA Bn.,

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  1. Unit Journal
  2. Unit Journal File
  3. Report of Missions Fired

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