243rd Field Artillery Battalion - After Action Report

                                                  APO 403
                                                  1 March 1945

SUBJECT:  After Action Report

TO     :  Commanding General, XX Corps, APO 340, U. S. Army.
          (Attn: Historical Officer)

     1.  On 1 Feb. 1945 Btry A was in position in the vicinity
of Remeling, France, Btry B in the vicinity of St. Marguerite,
France and Headquarters and Service Batteries in Laumesfeld, France.
Btry C was attached to XII Corps, in position in the vicinity of 
Bech, Luxembourg.  The battalion less Btry C was attached to the
195th F. A. Gp., XX Corps.

     2.  On 2 Feb. Headquarters and Service Batteries moved to 
Remeling, France and Btry B to the vicinity of Obernauman, France.
On 21 Feb. Btry B displaced to new positions in the vicinity of
Borg, Germany and Headquarters Battery displaced to Hellendorf,
Germany.  On 22 Feb. Service Battery displaced from Remeling, France
to Hellendorf, Germany, Btry A displaced from Remeling, France to 
Rommelfangen, Germany, Btry B from Borg, Germany to Beuren,
Germany and Headquarters Btry from Hellendorf, Germany to Sudlingen,
Germany.  On 26 Feb. Hq. Btry and Btry A displaced to Onsdorf,
Germany and Btry B to Ober Sost, Germany.

     3.  On 24 Feb. Btry C was relieved from attachment XII Corps
and attached to 204th F. A. Gp., XX Corps.  Both guns went out of
action for replacement of tubes.

     4.  This battalion less Btry C fired a total of 71 missions
expending 880 rounds, during the months of February.

                              For the Commanding Officer:

                                           RICHARD G. BANKS
                                           Major, 243d FA Bn.,
                                           S  3

  1. Unit Journal
  2. Unit Journal File
  3. Report of Missions Fired

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