243rd Field Artillery Battalion - After Action Report
                      243RD FIELD ARTILLERY BATTALION

                                                              U. S. ARMY
                                                              1 January 1945

SUBJECT:  After Action Report for December 1944

TO     :  Commanding General, XX Corps, APO 340, U. S. Army.
          (Att'n: Historical Officer)

     1.  On 1 Dec. 44 this battalion less Batteries B and C was in position
near Bizing, France.  Service Battery occupied the town of Waldeistroff, France.
On 5 Dec. 44 this battalion less B, C and Service Batteries displaced by echelon
to positions near Guerstling, France.  One gun of Battery A was located in
France and the other in Germany.  Service Battery displaced from Waldeistroff,
France to Benting, France on 6 Dec. 44.  On 21 Dec. 44 the battalion less Bat-
teries B and C displaced to new positions near Laumesfeld, France.

     2.  Battery B was relieved from attachment to III Corps and attached to 
XX Corps effective 19 Dec. 44.  Battery C was relieved from attachment to XII
Corps and attached to XX Corps effective 19 Dec. 44.  On 23 Dec. 44 Batteries
B and C returned to battalion control.  Battery B went into position in the
vicinity of Ste Marguerite, France and Battery C in the vicinity of Monneron,

     3.  Immediately prior to rejoining this battalion, Battery C received two
new tubes, Serial Numbers 39 and 103.  Tubes No. 55 and 57 were turned in to the
520th Ordnance Battalion 21 Dec. 44.  Tube No. 55 had fired a total of 727.386
full service rounds or 181% of full service life; tube No. 57 had fired a total
of 756.256 full service rounds or 189% of full service life.

     4,  This battalion has fired a total of 3945 rounds since it has been in 
combat.  Batteries under battalion control fired a total of 643 rounds during
the month of December.  Thirteen enemy guns were probably destroyed and one
tank was disabled and one disabled or destroyed.  The majority of fire however
was harassing fire delivered against towns.  All observed fire was observed 
from air CP's.

                                               JOSEPH G. RUCKS
                                               Lt.Col., 243d F. A. Bn.,

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