243rd Field Artillery Battalion - After Action Report
                    243RD FIELD ARTILLERY BATTALION

                                                     APO 403
                                                     1 May 1945

SUBJECT:  After Action Report for April 1945.

TO     :  Commanding General, Third Army, APO 403, U.S. Army.
          (Attn:  Historical Officer)

     1.  On 1 April 1945, this battalion was working in operational
conjunction with the 503d MP Bn.  Headquarters Battery, Service Battery
and Battery A were bivouaced in Simmern, Germany.  Battery B was
at Keidelheim, Germany and Battery C at Kumbdehn, Germany.

     2.  On 2 April, Battery A moved to Morbach, Germany.  Detachments
were established in Bernkastel Gues, Kirchberg, Wittlich and Tries.
Battery C with attached men from the other firing batteries moved to
Simmern and established a gun park where all the guns, cranes and prime
movers of the battalion were stored and serviced.  On 3 April, Battery B
moved from Keidelheim to Trier, Germany and established detachments at
Birkenfeld and Kirn.  On 4 April, TUSA Order No A-128, dated 1 Apr 45
relieved this battalion from attachment XX Corps and reverted it to Army
control for duty with the Provost Marshal, effective 29 March, 45.  On
6 April, this battalion assumed control of the areas released by move-
ment of the 503d MP Bn and part of the area of the 512th MP Bn.  On 16
April, this battalion was relieved from these areas by the 671st FA Bn.
as per verbal order, Provost Marshal TUSA.  Battery B moved to Bad
Homburg, Germany with detachments in Limburg and Hanau.  Headquarters
Battery moved to Friedberg, Germany.  Battery A moved to Bad Nauheim,
Germany with detachments in Gedern and Grunberg.  Service Battery and
Battery C moved to Bad Nauheim.  Battery B moved to Haibach with
detachments at Laufach and Markt-Heidenfeld on 21 April.  On 22 April
Battery A moved to Bad Orb with a detachment in Schluctern.  On 23
April, Headquarters Battery moved to Lohr, Germany and Service Battery
moved to Haibach.  Battery C moved to Ruckingen, Germany with a
detachment in Gedern.  On 28 April, Battery C moved to Bad Kissingen,
Germany with a detachment at Bad Neustadt.  Battery A moved to Bayreuth,
Germany with a detachment in Kulmbach.  On 29 April, Battery B and 
Headquarters Battery moved to Bamburg, Germany.  On 30 April, Service
Battery moved to Bamburg.

     3.  The duties of this battalion during the month of April were
Traffic Information, Traffic Control and Maintenance of Law and Order in
the Army rear areas.

                                             For the Commanding Officer

                                                  FRANK E. SMITH
                                                  Capt. FA
                                                  Asst S-3

     Incl #1  Unit Journal
     Incl #2  Journal File

cc XX Corps. Attn Historical Officer

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