115th Infantry - After Action Report
                             C O N F I D E N T I A L

                    AFTER ACTION REPORT FOR MONTH OF JULY 1944

I.  Summary of Operations.

    A.  Phase #1.

        1.  Active Defense North of ST. LO.

            During the period from 1 July 1944 to 10 July 1944, the 115th Infantry
Regiment was engaged in active defense north of ST. LO (4862).  It was evident 
that the enemy had reinforced his artillery with all calibres of mortars for enemy
shelling was increasing day by day.  Night patrolling continued, also maintaining
contact with the enemy and units to our flanks.

            During this period, each Battalion was, successively, placed in Regi-
mental reserve for 48 hours, about three (3) miles behind the front lines for a
much needed rest.

    B.  Phase #2.

        1.  Attack on ST. LO.

            On the morning of 11 July 1944, the 115th Infantry launched a coordi-
nated attack towards ST. LO (4862), during which some bitter fighting took place.

            At about 0100 the morning of 11 July, 1st Bn was heavily counterattacked
by the enemy, causing heavy casualties and delaying the attack of the 1st Bn about
6 hours.  1st Bn jumped off at 1100 under the protective fire of the 3rd Bn and with
BELLE FONTAINE (5365) as its objective.  Fierce resistance was met by the 1st Bn and
by 2200 hours an advance of 500 yards was made.  At 0800 hours the following morning,
the Bn continued the attack and captured BELLE FONTAINE (5365) at 1600 hours.

            2nd Bn jumped off at 2000 hours.  It ran into severe artillery and mortar
fire which caused heavy casualties and disorganization, and for three (3) days no
progress was made.  This necessitated its relief by 3rd Bn, 134th Inf. Regt., 35th
Inf. Div. and the 3rd Bn was placed in Division reserve in the vicinity of LA
FOSSARDIESE (5366) for reorganization.  On 15 July at 0500 hours the 2nd Bn attacked
through the 1st Bn.

            3rd Bn attacked at 1700 with LA LUZERNE (5265) as its objective.  Heavy
fighting and slow progress was made from 12 July to 18 July and on 18 July battle
weary troops of the 1st Bn entered ST. LO (4862).  On the morning of 19 July ST. LO
was secure.

            At 0200 hours 20 July, the 115th Infantry was relieved by the 35th Inf.
Div. and moved to Corps reserve in the vicinity of ST. MARGERITE (5578) - ST. CLAIR

    C.  Phase #3.

        1.  Corps Reserve.

            From 21 July to 27 July the 115th Infantry was in Corps reserve training
its replacements which it received during this period.  During this time entertainment
was furnished for the troops in the form of motion pictures and U.S.O. shows.

    D.  Phase #4.

        1.  Attack South of ST. LO.

            On 28 July the 115th Infantry received orders to move by motor to
exploit the breakthrough of the 2nd and 3rd Armored Divisions southwest of ST. LO.
By 0300 29 July 1944 the movement was completed and all Bns dug in in a defensive
position about five (5) miles south of ST. LO.
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                            C O N F I D E N T I A L

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